Police Blotter 02-14-2019

Monday, Feb. 4

Sagamore Avenue, two-car motor vehicle accident with possible injuries, car going down the wrong way.

Revere Street, tall male, tan jacket bothering people for money.

Fairview Street, report of breaking and entering of motor vehicle.

Atlantic Street, car with alarm going off for two hours.

Upland Road, Officer of the Everett Police Dept., requesting assistance contacting attached party. Everett Police has her wallet at the station.

Tilestone Road white box truck in no parking zone-making it difficult to turn.

Main Street,  calling party states there is a bad traffic build up in area. Unit states the car wash is causing the traffic.

Beach Road  walk-in reports brother made threats a couple of weeks ago. He is worried about his brother. Unit made contact and will contact family.

Crest and Highland avenues, Lost dog, brown pit-bull mix, friendly, tags and collar on, goes by name of River.

Siren Street, female party states that person who no longer lives with her threatened to break into her home. Police have spoken to party multiple times.

Revere Street, unit received a report that there was a unconscious male in front of their address. Unit arrived on scene to confirm this and requested medical.

Tuesday, Feb. 5

Revere Street, report that party came in asking for cigar papers and won’t provide ID. Customer is demanding he be served and will not leave.  Misunderstanding between a new employee and involved party.

Shirley Street, party called when neighbors were making too much noise. Unit spoke to party.

Shirley Street, party came to the station requesting that an officer accompany her to her former residence to stand by and keep the peace while she retrieves some personal belongings. Party will collect belongings at later time per request of resident.

Shirley Street, party came into police headquarters to report harassment by a former employee.

Fremont Street, abandoned motor vehicle for about two weeks. Unit responded it was legally parked.

Bellevue Avenue, person states friend of hers is banging on her front door and will not go away. Disturbance was caused over ownership of property. All parties involved were advised. Units clear.

Siren Street, person states person is at her house with another person trying to gain access, she would live him removed. Units checked property all secure.

Washington Avenue, group of teens inside a dark colored BMW.  Units all  clear.

Washington Ave., Construction crew working with an excavator blocking an entire lane of traffic with no safety officer on scene. Company stating they will hire a detail. Unit clear.
Central Street, calling party states a black pickup with N.H. plates parked up on sidewalk, kids getting out of school have to walk in the street. Vehicle was parked legally in a driveway, unit clear.

Chester Avenue, assist fire with traffic.

Pauline Street two-car car accident. No injuries.

Woodside Avenue calling party states that a red pick-up was parked up on the sidewalk and has since left the scene.

Putnam Street, person states that door seems to be hanging by the hinge and that no one appears to be inside. Units report clear. Everything is empty.

Neptune Avenue, kitchen glass break alarm. Unit responds accidental.

Governors Drive male from Ocean State Recovery walked in with a repossession order. Vehicle was towed.

Wednesday, Feb. 6

Metcalf Square, male party came into station to report threats that he has received via his cell phone after a road rage verbal altercation that occurred.

Cottage Park Road, fire hydrant leaking. DPW notified.

Shirley Street, person states he found a small white poodle with a red collar and Patriots scarf on Yirrell Beach and took him home. Nobody is looking for a dog.  Will take him to Ocean View Kennels in Revere.

Sturgis Street, Truck is blocking street.

Governors Drive, Property manager called stating the tenant called stating her neighbor is poisoning her with gas. She does not smell gas, but she states she knows that they are poisoning her.

Fairview Street, Person states there is a tire iron on her lawn. States it may be involved in the incident from last night involving WPD looking for a fugitive in the marsh.

Coughlin Park, concerned citizen reports a seal in distress at Coughlin Park. WFD notified.

Putnam Street, homeless male long hair/long beard has set up camp under a tarp in the bench are of JW’s. Units cleared, male party was moved along.

Thursday, Feb. 7

Shirley Street person states vehicle is parked in front of her home and hasn’t moved in three days. Owner of MV lives in area.

Main Street, person lost her black-and-gold Steve Madden wallet on drive home from the car wash, credit cards, cash would like to speak to officer.

Shirley Street, minor motor vehicle accident.

Woodside Avenue, Caller states he had an appointment with someone here and has been waiting for a while, the building is open and no one is inside. Caller is afraid someone may be in distress in the back and want an officer to check. Unit searched. All Clear.

Terrace Avenue, caller reports a homeless male is intoxicated and is under her stairs. Male has been camping out on the beach for several days. Party cleared and sent on his way.

Metcalf Square, female party came in to report she was contacted by her bank for some suspicious charges.

Bates Avenue, outdoor odor of gas reported. Fire Department on scene. All clear.

Friday, Feb. 8

Washington Avenue, interior motion detected. Units check all clear.

Pauline Street, male party asking people for money. 6 feet tall, long hair, black jacket, backpack, making people uncomfortable. Male party left prior to officers arrival.

Cutler Street,  person states there is hyperdermic needle on the sidewalk in area on the beach side. Units checked entire area, nothing showing.

Winthrop Street,  Request to assist with motor vehicle, medical aid.

Lincoln St., Man called to report a possible bank fraud regarding his mother’s bank account.

Yirrell Beach, homeless male party with a female drinking alcohol on the beach. Units clear.

Metcalf Square, unit states there is a homeless man sleeping outside the library. Units clear.

Kennedy Road, DPW assisted to move disabled vehicle.

Court Road, person states a raccoon on his front porch. Believes it has rabies. Raccoon has been removed. No rabies. Unit clear.

Cliff and Grovers avenues, Two-car motor vehicle accident . No injuries.

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