Letters to the Editor

In Support of a Diversity Inclusion and Community Relations Committee for Winthrop

Dear Editor,

On Tuesday, February 19th, our town council will be presented with an option to form a Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Relations Committee (DICRC).  One Winthrop continues to support the creation of this important committee. In this time of increased hate crimes and division, we believe that every town should have an active DICRC. Most of Winthrop’s surrounding towns have had a committee of this nature for years, while we do not have any such resource to address arising issues. The formation of a DICRC would fill this gap in our town government.  One Winthrop envisions the DICRC could serve the town in the following ways:

• Ensure that all town employees receive annual anti-discrimination training

• Promote diversification of our town’s workforce to best reflect our population

• Remove barriers to accessing town services, such as language barriers

• Become a resource for individuals who have experienced acts of discrimination

• Provide town-wide educational opportunities, such as Bystander and Rights trainings

• Create events to further unite all who live in Winthrop through embracing difference

Given that Winthrop has faced multiple gender discrimination law suits recently, wouldn’t it be a wonderful legacy for our current town council to have formed such a committee to say ‘we choose equity and inclusion’?  So, on this Valentine’s Day, let us choose love and kindness for our neighbors, appreciate and respect our differences, and celebrate what unites us. One Winthrop urges you to voice your support for a Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Relations Committee by speaking at the town council meeting on Feb. 19 or emailing our town council members.

Thank you,

One Winthrop

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