Police Blotter 03-22-2018

Monday, March 12

Sixty-three 12-footers of Trex were taken between Friday night and Sunday night on Morton Street. A truck pulled into site and stole around $3,800 worth of items.

Hit-and-run accident on Atlantic Street. Party who hit him came back and they exchanged papers.

Report of an abandoned motor vehicle at Hannaford Park. Vehicle may not be able to start. If it is still there tonight, it will get towed for snow removal.

Parking complaint on Pond Street. Manager will tow motor vehicle if it does not move since it is on private property.

A pole in bad condition from storm on Buckthorn Terrace. Both entrances have orange cones around it. National Grid notified and explained it was high priority. Fire dispatched to check pole out also.

Female party on Sunnyside Avenue came to the station to report possible mail theft from a contractor. She was advised to contact U.S. Postal Police. She was also advised to return if she can confirm any of the mail theft.

Caller on Orlando Avenue reports a large tree branch hanging over the sidewalk. It looks like it is about to break. Caller states that it is near the yacht club. 92 standing by until DPW takes down the branch.

Todisco Towing reports trespass tow for vehicle at Seal Harbor.

Female party was driving up Revere Street and saw a male party in an electric car at the top of the hill. She thinks that he may be possibly stuck. Unable to locate party in question.

Party came to the station to report an attempted fraud/larceny using her Citizen’s Bank card.

Calling party has not spoken to her mother in three hours and would like a well being check on her on Putnam Street. Unit states there was no answer at the doorbell. However, the door was cracked open. Unit is investigating to make sure everything is okay. Unit checked in and found the party. Hearing aid was dislodged and she did not hear the doorbell or her daughter’s phone calls. Party will call back her daughter.

Bridgewater PD called to say a vehicle was involved in a chase in their town. Vehicle comes back to Upland Road. They want to know if the party was supposed to have the vehicle. No contact made. However a number was given which was relayed to dispatch via landline.


Tuesday, March 13

Tow for motor vehicle on Fremont Street for snow removal.

Several cars were towed or cited for snow removal around the town.

Party came into the station to report that she lost her Mass identification as well as her citizenship documentation while traveling in New York State yesterday.

Disabled MBTA bus at Revere Street and Sagamore Avenue. Calling party states the area is extremely icy. Officers did not observe bus on the scene.

Transit police received a call from a man stating his friend made suicidal statements on Facebook.. He is concerned for her well being. Officers reported that there is an ongoing issue between boyfriend and girlfriend. Party refused medical.

Party reports that his ex-girlfriend keeps making harassing phone calls and sending harassing text messages despite the face that she has an active restraining order against him. Officer Button spoke with the female party who denied making any calls. Reporting party was advised to document and save any messages and to come in to the station tomorrow to file a harassment report.

Female party on Pleasant Street made Q5 statements. Domestic with her boyfriend last night. She turned the phones off. She was requested to turn her phone on and speak to her father. 92 is clear. Made contact wit the party who declined medical and stated she will turn her phone back on.

Disabled Fallon Ambulance on Washington Avenue which was transporting patient back home but got stuck in the snow. They called back and stated that they were able to get out. No need for police to respond.

Motor vehicle accident on Pleasant Street with no injuries. Unit repots giving a courtesy ride to Crystal Cove to male and female. They tried to call for a taxi but they are closed.


Wednesday, March 14

Worker at 7-11 states there is a truck parked in their lot on the side of the building for a long period of time. Unsure if someone is there or not. Unit reports spoke with the party. He was just napping after snow removal. He was sent on his way.

Plow is locking street and vehicles cannot get by on Bartlett Road.

Caller requested a well-being check on party on Pleasant Park Road. They have not been able to reach this party for over a week. Party lives on a boat. Party is not missing, dealing with court issues. Officer will call the father.

Female knocking on everyone’s doors on Franklin Street. Now heading down to Crescent. Female party is known, not causing any harm.

Motor vehicle towed for repossession at Governors Park.

Caller on Floyd Street states a vehicle is completely blocking her driveway. A citation was issued.

Calling party states that there are vehicles parked blocking the road at Tileston Road and Pleasant Street. Emergency services would not be able to get by. 95 reports motor vehicles have been moved. The snow is preventing people from being able to park close to the curb. 95 will check back periodically to make sure the street is not obstructed.

Alpha Charlie One states he is off investigating a seal in distress at Coughlin Park. A dog is chasing the seal. ACO states he talked to the person who stated he was trying to help the seal. He was informed to next time walk away.

Party states he is broke down near Somerset Avenue. K9 unit states it was the same vehicle as earlier, but it was not a gas issue. He is waiting for AAA to arrive. The vehicle is off to the side of the road and there is room for other vehicles to pass.


Thursday, March 15

Calling party at Governors Park states that a group of people outside yelling and arguing. One man let, but still there are two people there. Nothing showing upon arrival. Units will do a search of the area.

Female party on Sea Foam Avenue came to the station to report a missing persons report. Missing person report filed through NCIC.

Caller at Main and Walden Street reports a disabled trash truck causing a hazard. Officer checked the area, move disabled vehicles. Officer located a Capital Waste truck on Revere Street and spoke with the driver who stated they briefly broke down but managed to get the truck going again.

Party on Walden Street states that a female is shoveling snow into the street and flipping off and yelling at other vehicles driving by. Caller states she is trying to shovel out her vehicle. Officer responded to the area and nothing showing.

Caller reports needles on the snowbank at the corner of Winthrop and Atlantic Street. Caller stated there were at least a dozen needles. Officer responded to vicinity of address with nothing showing.

Assisted Sierra 4 and Delta 6 at high school.

Caller on Chester Avenue reports that her car is disabled in the middle of the road. 94 able to free car from obstruction underneath.

Disturbance at school assembly at high school. Student left high school and was brought to the station in protective custody by 92 car. Student was released to his mother.

Units assisted fire at CVS. They have a JRM trash truck that took wires down. 92 on scene with the fire waiting for cable company.

Report of a fight on Revere Street. No weapons. Calling party was a bystander and reports it was over an accident over who hit who. 92 transported one male into custody for license suspension, operation of vehicle with no license.

Report of a German Shepherd without owner and no leash on Crest Avenue.

Subject came to WPD to request reports regarding prior trespass from the library. He then held up a book and said he was going to return it. W92 dispatched to adult library where subject was located, trespassed verbally and informed to expect written trespass from Board of Trustees. He was escorted from the property.

Party on Winthrop Street reports a needle across the street from the store. Needle retrieved and disposed of property.No other sign of needles in the area.


Friday, March 16

Party on Pond Street stated in the parking garage on the second level, there is a white car playing loud music at the end of the garage and does not belong there. This is an ongoing issue. Units on the scene and nothing showing.

Party on Fremont Street hears yelling from an apartment. He reports there has been arguing for a while. Units were able to make entrance into the building through the back entrance. The building was quiet.

Caller on Bartlett Road reports loud music. Language barrier, Spanish. Transferred her to Spanish interpreter. Units checked both areas with nothing showing.

Citation for a parked motor vehicle in the crosswalk on Shirley Street.

Party came to the station to report that money was taken from her ATM by a known party without the owner’s permission.

91 off with BPD to assist with individual on Winthrop Street. The individual knows there is a Section for him and he is in a motor vehicle with his child. For the safety of the child, they need to break off and will try again when the child is out of the car. The person who filed the section is aware of the situation.

Report of a man passed out behind the wheel on Main and Banks Streets. 92 stated that the subject was cleared by medical.

Caller stated he works for a satellite company and is doing work on a roof at Governors Park. While up on the roof, someone took his ladder and now he is stuck on the roof. He called back to say that he was able to exit the roof.

Well-being check for party on Putnam Street called in by son. He states that the visiting nurse is on the scene. Fire is also on the scene. Fire cleared, PD not needed.

East Boston Court issued a warrant (Section 35) on subject on Winthrop Street. Officers were told subject was not home. The subject has four month child in the car with him. His girlfriend notified us that the child was dropped off at another address. She is going to pick up the child. All Winthrop units informed.

Seabrook NH PD would like a notification done at Winthrop Street. Officer spoke with his son who stated he has not lived there in years, but gave the officer a telephone number and officer will contact Seabrook Police.

Party on River Road states she wants a man removed from the basement apartment. Subject is a tenant’s guest and cannot be removed at this time due to the fact that the tenant has legal control of the area that is rented. Officer will be explaining these rights to the landlord. This is a tenant/landlord dispute, and it was explained that this is a civil matter. Homeowner will be starting the eviction process.

Party on Washington Avenue stated that a driver of a vehicle pulled a female into his car and then struck her. This was put out over the air. Officers pulled the vehicle over. Officer spoke to both the operator of the vehicle and the female party. They both denied anything happening. No arguments or physical altercations.

Chelsea PD requests unit go by Pauline Street and ID female that was in vehicle with owner regarding a simple assault that happened in Chelsea. Vehicle was not in driveway and no one answered the door.


Saturday, March 17

Hanim cab passenger won’t pay fare on Revere Street. Involved party paid $50 from his wallet for a ride from Fenway to 711 in Winthrop. Involved party transported to the Whidden.

Report of loud stereo on Myrtle Avenue. Music has been turned down. If the units have to return, they will create a summons for disorderly conduct.

Assist fire with traffic on Shirley Street. Party refused transport by ambulance. Operator was brought to the Whidden by her father. G&J has the vehicle. G&J attempted to patch damage made to the house. Tenant of the unit refused. Both homeowners have been contacted.

Two motor vehicle accident with no injuries on Shore and Myrtle Avenue. Unit will stay on scene with State to assist with traffic. Tow enroute via State.

Parking complaint on Main Street. The vehicle was moved.

Unit attempted to serve no trespass to subject on Washington Avenue. It was served in hand. He came back to the station to return his trespass notice and stated he did not want it.

Male party on Bowdoin Street came into the station to repot another male party has been harassing him by leaving weird notes at his house and constantly walking by his house. Party just wanted this on record.

Courtesy ride given to female party from WPD headquarters to Bowdoin Street.

Large loose dog was running in the area of Dolphin Avenue. Reporting party states owner found dog and brought him home to Nevada Street. He state that the owner kicked the dog and made it cry. He was concerned for the dog’s well being. ACO will be notified.

Female party on Winthrop Street called about a Warrant of Apprehension for her boyfriend. Court order is only in effect during court hours. Boyfriend is currently not home, and she was advised of the procedures, and will call medical if he returns and it warrants a call.

WPD Auxiliary off with a suspicious vehicle at Hanford Park. Three occupants in the car. Passenger with active license took control of the vehicle. Parties were told to stay clear of the area.


Sunday, March 18

Male party, possibly drunk, swerving from East Boston into Winthrop all the way to the 7-Eleven. Units checked the area and were unable to locate the vehicle in question.

Party on Fremont Street stated that her upstairs neighbors are playing loud music. Units checked the premise. There were four parties at the address and music was not playing loudly. Landlord was present and units cleared.

91 was flagged down by party at Coughlin Park stating a male party passed out in his vehicle. 91 checked on male party’s well being. He was just taking a rest after walking his dog.

Caller on Winthrop Street stated that needles in gutter. 92 reports about 10 needles picked up in the area to be disposed of properly.

Report of a dog barking on Trident Avenue. Units clear. Spoke to the party and she will close the windows. Peace was restored.

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