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WHAT’S GOING ON, Mr. Vecchia and Mr. Capobianco?

Dear Editor:

I recently learned that the new sports complex, at this current time, will not be available for the spring lacrosse season for Winthrop youth lacrosse. What is more concerning is the fact that both the school committee and the Town Council are unclear as to who has responsibility and what the process is to remedy this situation.

To say that I, and the other parents of these athletes, are disappointed would be an understatement. Both of you were big proponents of the new field and worked hard to help make this a reality. Your efforts for having the Thanksgiving day game at home were impressive and appreciated. The question is, why aren’t you putting that same effort forward now? Your responses to Mr. Cifuni’s comments at the meeting the other evening made it clear that neither of you were sure what is going on and that is deeply concerning.

The town has asked us to step up and pay for a new school, we did it. You again asked us to pay for a new field, we did it. You raised user fees and the community has gone along with that as well. I reach out to you today to implore you to get this done. The two of you lead our respective elected boards, it is up to you to act as leaders, work together, and make this spring season a reality for our children. Keep in mind there were seniors who sacrificed playing home games to make this new and beautiful complex a reality. Please don’t let their sacrifice continue to go to waste.

Thank you for your time and attention.


Todd Sacco


Winthrop’s Got Talent…and so much more.

Dear Editor:

I just want to take a minute to congratulate and applaud all of the students who participated and attended the Winthrop’s Got Talent show.  I was so impressed with the courage and talent that some of kids in this town have and even more so, the genuine love and support that was shown from their fellow classmates. It was really refreshing to see such positivity displayed in this somewhat-troubling climate that the rest of this country seems to be in. I have two little girls, one in first grade and one who will be in kindergarten next year and I just pray that the atmosphere and sense of community this town has never changes. These are great kids, and they should be proud of themselves. The parents and teachers should be proud as well. I moved to this town five years ago – this is why. Great job, Winthrop!

Thank you

Richard Harkins

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