Zenith Lodge #42 Odd Fellows of Winthrop Holds Blood Drive in Honor of Josh Cohen

Josh Cohen is a 9-year-old all American boy and a resident of Winthrop. While out playing with his friends at Ingleside Park, he fell and later complained about some pain in his side, that was October of 2017. Several days later he was rushed into the hospital with a lacerated kidney, which was due to tumor. Josh was diagnosed with cancer, the kidney was removed, and he is currently undergoing treatment at the Jimmy Fund Clinic at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

Josh is holding his own, keeping a positive attitude with a strong support group of family and friends behind him. This weekend the Zenith Lodge of Odd Fellows of Winthrop joined that team, hosting a blood drive in honor of this brave young man. The Red Cross crew was at 82 Main St. last Saturday from10 a.m. – 3 p.m., taking donations from almost 50 Winthrop residents that turned out to help by donating blood and in most cases left a monetary donation as well. Blood is constantly needed by the Red Cross for many different kinds of patients, those with rare blood disorders, traumatic injuries and cancer patients, to name a few.

Josh did not attend the event last Saturday morning, for obvious reason, but family members did. His grandmother Rose Mary Kaye and Aunt Nichole Vatcher stopped by to thank the lodge members and those present personally on behalf of Josh and his family. Mrs. Kaye remarked how grateful the entire family is to the community of Winthrop for their support during this very trying time, and how much Josh appreciates his friends keeping him in touch with what is going on in and out of school.

Donations can be made to the Cohen family through Zenith Lodge, by mailing a check to Zenith Lodge C/O the Cohen Family-  82 Main St., Winthrop Ma 02152.

By all standards the event was a huge success and for a great cause, Zenith Lodge of Odd Fellows is dedicated to helping those in and around Winthrop who are in need. Building community ties and helping out whenever possible by whatever means is what makes a strong and flourishing community and sets a good example for the generations to come.

Thanks to all who made the event a success, by volunteering, donating blood, or dropping by a little extra cash. You made a difference and that’s a very nice thing.

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