Police Blotter 10-12-2017

Friday, October 13, 2017
By Transcript Staff

Monday, October 2

Three motor vehicle parking in parking lot at Governors Park playing loud music.

Motor vehicle accident on Cross Street. Unknown injuries.

Reporting party on Pleasant Street states a white van took a sign down. Officer spoke to involved party. He said he did not take the sign down, but would fix it. DPW was on the scene. The sign was secured.

Party on Summit Avenue states that she saw a small dog, loose without a collar or tags, and then entered the porch of a house. The calling party said this was over an hour ago. Nothing showing in the area.

Party on Shirley Street called and stated that she was away over the weekend and when she came back, she realized that her locks to her house were broken. She believes someone must have tried to break in, but did not. Nothing was stolen from the house.

Report of an elderly man hit by a wire on Main Street. Officer called back to assist National Grid. Male transported to MGH.

Caller on Cliff Avenue states that it appears that someone has tampered with her basement window. Damage to the window appears to be weather related.

Party on Main Street states an erratic driver in silver vehicle heading into Winthrop from East Boston. BOLO given out for the vehicle. Officer spoke with the erratic driver.

Three middle-school students were approached at the bus stop at Governors Drive  by an unknown male who asked them, “Do you want to go anywhere but school?” The students reported this to the principal of the school. This was turned over to SRO Armistead.

A woman called earlier stating she was involved in a road-rage in Winthrop. She feels the Winthrop PD took the other person’s complaint to heart over hers, and would like an officer out to hear her side and get more information on the other man involved.

Report of a squirrel who is in distress and injured on Atlantic Street.

Party walked in from Quincy Avenue with a notice of suspension from the massDOT saying that she did to pay a ticket from Aug. 22, 2017. When looking up the ticket, it showed that it was a written warning with no fine.

Reporting party on Revere Street states there is a car parked in the middle of the street. A girl standing on the sidewalk and a male party walking around. She is not sure what it going on. The vehicle is broken down, and they are awaiting a tow.

Party on Woodside Avenue reports he had a shoplifter in his store. He did get the items back, and the party left the store. Units checked the area with nothing showing. The officer spoke to the store manager, and he stated he thinks he may have got into a black truck.

Off-Duty officer prior to shift starting, observed  female party that was previously cited for operating without a license (suspended out of Connecticut) operating the same vehicle on Shore Drive. A check of the RMV indicated that she still does not have a license in Massachusetts and she is still suspended out of Connecticut. The owner/operator of the vehicle will be summoned to court once again.


Tuesday, October 3

Caller on Sunset Road reports an intoxicated male earlier is back again banging on doors. Male has an active no trespass order from this location. He was placed in custody for trespassing.

Calling party on Revere Street states that someone threw a rock and broke the back window on his truck.

Caller on Tewksbury Street states that the girlfriend is home, and there are two men trying to break into the home. Officer spoke with the girlfriend, and she starts they are now in her yard. Officers state that they are two contractors working on the wrong floor. S4 stated it was a misunderstanding and that they knocked on the wrong door. When trying to gain entrance into back yard, the fence was damaged on the right side of the house.

Party came to the station to report that a female had opened a number of credit card accounts in his name. Party does not wish to file charges at this time, but wishes to place it on record. The accounts include $1,100 to Wayfair, $500 to Victoria Secret, $527 to Improvement Store; $96 to Venus, $1,000 Frontgate, $400 Century 21, $350 to Simply B. All of the above accounts have been closed.

Caller states that teens pulled up in a motor vehicle with a pit bull and they appeared suspicious. This happened at Pauline and Pleasant Street. Pitt bull was on a chain. He believes it may be 94C related. Units searched the area with nothing showing.

Report of trucks blocking on Court Road. Emergency vehicles would never be able to get down the street.

Report of a male party on the street staggering. Seems drunk. Walking towards Bowdoin Street. Officer off with male party. Party was checked out by medical, but refused transport. He was sent on his way.

Party came to the station to turn in a firearm that belonged to her deceased husband.

Calling party on Underhill Street wants her husband out of the house. She believes he is going to hit her. Verbal in nature only. The husband left the apartment for a period of time to cool off. They were both advised of their rights.

Female party on Veterans Road threw a bottle at another tenant from her balcony. Verbal argument between two tenants only. They have both been advised. Peace was restored.

Report of a ladder that has been leaning against the pole on Wadsworth Avenue. It is near wires up top as well as the bottom there are wires. Fire has been notified. Fire responded and removed the ladder and placed it on the driveway of the resident having work done by Comcast.

Party on Pleasant Street states another person is threatening him at the Marina, and he feels uncomfortable. Both parties still on the scene. They told the reporting party that they were going to be “his worst nightmare.” Reporting party reports that he was approached very aggressively, but it only verbal at this time.


Wednesday, October 4

Officer in the area of Palmyra Street conducting parking enforcement.

Motor vehicle accident involving a dog on Centre and Williams Streets. The dog is deceased.

Report of a black and white dog running in and out of traffic on Shirley Street. ACO will stay in the area searching for the dog.

On Oct. 4, party came to the police station to report an ongoing harassment from an unknown individual. Specifically, reporting party states that for approximately the last 12 years, people have been screaming at him in traffic and revving their engines; sometimes flashing their high beams. The party does not know who is behind this harassment, but suspects it is connected to the person he has sold a boat to about 12 years ago. He would like this placed on record.

Lost, older Yorkie with no tags on is on Shirley Street. Reporting party is moving and the movers left the doors open. Yorkie took off. If anyone finds the dog, please contact the owner. ACO was also notified and he is looking for the Yorkie.

Party reports there is a dead dog on the rocks of Halford Beach. ACO reports it was not a dog.

Report of a rabid raccoon in front of the skating rink dragging itself on its belly. Officer standing by to keep people away until ACO returns. ACO has the raccoon.

Report of a white male walking his dog with no shirt yelling on River Road. 94 spoke with the calling party who saw the man running. Officer is going to give the area a look for the male, but was unable to locate subject.

Motor vehicle accident on Pleasant Street. Possible injury. G&J is now on the scene and they will be towing the vehicle. A3 reports Smart car came around the corner and clipped a tree, then hit the parked Jeep. Owner of the Jeep will leave it parked for the evening and have it towed in the morning.


Thursday, October 5

Caller reports two people sleeping, and would like to make sure they are okay. This is at Hanford Park. Parties will be leaving the area.

Off with a loose dog on Tafts Avenue. ACO was notified and on their way. Dog was reunited with his owner.

Sierra 4 stated a possum hanging on the fence on Siren Street. ACO was able to release the animal.

Minor motor vehicle accident on Court Road. No injuries. Amazon vehicle struck another vehicle and then took off. Male party will take care of it on his own. It was a minor scrape.

Landlord/tenant dispute on Faun Bar Avenue. It was a civil dispute.

Reporting party states that by the beach by the water tower, there is a green tent with homeless people setting up camp. Officers stated that these parties will be moved along.

Verbal argument between two men over money for a painting job on Revere Street. Officers stated this was a verbal altercation between a contractor and homeowner. Officers advised them of their rights. This is a civil matter, and peace was restored.


Friday, October 6

A party walking her dog at River Road and Cross Street saw a bicycle abandoned near the cemetery entrance. 92 has the item.

Noise complaint at Governors Park. 91 and 93 checked the upstairs apartment and it was quiet.

A disturbance between brother and sister throwing dishes at each other on Main Street.

Four youths came in to drop off a cell phone that they found while walking around town.

Party came to the station to retrieve a cell phone his nephew lost earlier today that was turned in by four male youths.

Report of an altercation at the basketball courts on Walden Street, between 15-20 kids. Unit stated parties were separated upon arrival and no one was injured. The altercation was broken up.

Party on Kennedy Road states that her 80-year-old friend left her a message telling her to call for something important but now she is not answering her phone. She is concerned for her friend’s well-being as her friend is not in good health and lives alone. Unit spoke with the resident, she is fine, and she will call her friend now.

Delivery driver on Bellevue Avenue out front of house and states that the customer refuses to pay for the delivery. The food was paid for and units cleared.

Caller is located outside Blackstrap Restaurant. She stated that two young men jumped on the hood of her car and took off. She has their names. Unit stated there is no damage to the vehicle.

Report of four to five youths throwing apples at homes on Morton Street. Units searched the area and no sign of any youths.

Multiple parties drinking on front porch on Chester Avenue and being very loud. Parties spoken to and will keep it down.


Saturday, October 7

Motor vehicle stop on Main Street. Citation issued for seeing and driver was advised to let his father know that his license is suspended.

Report of loud music on Court Road. Parties asked to keep it down and peace was restored.

Report of a fare evasion on Pleasant Street. Peace was restored and it was a misunderstanding. The taxi driver was paid.

92 called in fire alarm on Crest Avenue. Coming from Governors Garden and smoke coming from old Hot Diggity. It was cooking.

Hit and run with no injuries at Pleasant and Pauline Streets. Papers were exchanged.

Caller reports on Faunbar Avenue at Crystal Cove, and older Corvette parked in a no-parking area. There is also no plate on the vehicle. Delayed response time due to prior motor vehicle accident. Nothing showing at this time.

White male on Morton Street. First seen lying down and then got up and walked into the marsh area.

Youth on a dirt bike going about 70 miles an hour, according to a caller on Ingleside Avenue.

Calling party on Ocean Avenue stated that her aunt who owns the house has thrown her other out and placed her belongings on the front porch. Her mother needs to retrieve a few items. They are asking for police assistance. This is an ongoing issue. The landlord was advised that she is not allowed to take her tenant’s property out of the residence. She was advised to go through the proper channels (court). Parties were also advised to stay away from each other.

Calling party stated people outside of Blackstrap are starting to get very loud.


Sunday, October 8

Drunk female party is on the calling party’s friends’ lawn on Main Street and does not want to leave. Peace was restored and party will be going home.

Report of a party passed out on a wall on Bowdoin Street. One to Whidden.

Off with disabled motor vehicle on Pleasant Street. Officer was able to move the vehicle to the side. G&J has been notified. Clear, officer was able to restart the vehicle.

Calling party on Shirley Street states that he is moving out of his home and as he was clearing some things out, he noticed that the old owner of the home left ammunition in a bag in one of the closets. He would like an officer to come and pick them up. Items were picked up.

Female party came into the station irate that her husband refused to let her son to with her despite it being her visitation day. She also stated that the father would be brining the son to football practice but she did not care as it is “her day”. She was advised to contact Probate Court in regards to the violation of the court order. She was advised to call the police if there are any issues at the football field.

White male in lounge chair sleeping on C Field. There are children showing up for practice.

Party on Revere Street stated that he came out of his house he realized that all four tires of his vehicle had been slashed along with the windshield. Unit repots that all four tires were slashed and the driver side window was smashed. Party will be going to the station to fill out a report.

Caller on Willow Avenue reports a dog has been  barking outside for three or four hours. Unit reports no dogs that are barking in the area.

Calling party reports about 15 kids being loud at Pico Park. Unit reports about 15 youths who are students at the high school. They were advised that there was a complaint about the noise and that the park closes after dark in town. They have been sent home.

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