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VOTE for ron vecchia

Dear Editor,

Current School Committee member Ron Vecchia is running for Winthrop Town Council President.  I first met Ron in 1973 at one of the early Jaycees meetings.  I’ve known him for 44 years, and I wholeheartedly support his candidacy.  Here’s why.

A Vietnam veteran, Ron has served his country.  He’s also served the Town of Winthrop for 45 years as current School Committee member, Selectman (elected 3 times), Licensing Board Member,  School Building Assistance Committeeman for our three schools,  board of health member (two terms), and member of the Winthrop Conservation Committee preserving Belle Isle Marsh from dumping and building.

Ron Vecchia has served the community as founding director and current president of WCAT, past Rotary president, WINARC’s Santa, CASA leader,  United Way chair, Winthrop Jaycees past vice president, and member of Kiwanis, American Legion, Youth Soccer, and Winthrop Lodge of Elks.

I support Ron Vecchia mostly, however, because he has the unique ability to get people talking with each other to solve problems.  My friend Stephen Ruggiero calls Ron “an innovative collaborator and experienced problem-solver.”

Ron noted, “I feel I can use my experience in town government and community service to preserve what is good about Winthrop and take it into the future.  I can act as a bridge between generations to ensure positive, creative initiatives for the town where I was born, raised and educated.”

Please join me in voting for Ron Vecchia for Town Council President on Tuesday, November 7th.


Donna Segreti Reilly


Regarding the future of muffin town location

Dear Editor:

I am responding to Stephen Hines’ letter regarding 15-17 Walden Street.

Although there has been heated debate over the future of the old Muffin Town location, “we” and I emphasize “we” the neighbors as a group have attended the meetings with the Town Council and the Planning board for about two years now.

I don’t’ know how many of those meetings regarding this project Mr. Hines has attended, but if he was at any of the previous meetings he would know that there is not only “ one person” but many people opposing the scope of this project, not the idea of it.

We would all like to see change for the better in this location, but also want to see change according to the Town’s building codes and ordinances. To quote Mr. Hines “The logical conclusion here is to build a visually appealing, responsibly designed residential building on this location.” If Mr. Hines was present at any of the previous meetings he would know that the neighbors, as a group, stated to Mr. Anderson and the board that we are in favor of this project but with units provided under the law, which is 7 units by right and 10 units by special permit from the Planning Board.

The neighbors have voiced their concern, and the town has listened and for that we are very thankful.


Michele Costello

Precinct 1

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