Winthrop Police Arrest Suspected Drug Dealer

Following a two-month investigation headed up by the Winthrop Police Department detectives and the Winthrop Police Gang Officer, funded through the Shannon Grant, and with the assistance of the regional partners, Revere Police Department Detectives and the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Deputies,  three search warrants were executed that resulted in the arrest of 53-year-old, Paul Dicicco, as well as the seizure of over 600 grams of cocaine and over $47,000 in cash.  Investigators followed Dicicco from his residence, watched him allegedly make  several deals and then arrested him after a car stop.  A total of 17.5 grams of cocaine were allegedly recovered from the motor vehicle, as well as $2,000 in cash.   Detectives then executed the search warrant at 43 Ocean Ave., Apartment 1, Winthrop, and recovered over 600 grams of cocaine, scales, packing materials and $45,000 in cash.  This operation is continuing and more arrest are expected to follow.

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