Police Blotter 08-03-2017

Sunday, 7/23

Pleasant Street, DPW truck took down wires in the middle of the street fire in route.

Broken cable wire coming from Pleasant Street – cable notified.

Nahant Ave., Party calling stating his neighbors have people doing construction inside and outside of their house. Master-floor sanding and repair they are shutting down for the day, no work to be done without permission from the chief.

Revere Street, Male party motorcycle into a fence. Fire en route, male party was not transported/GJ will be towing vehicle to male parties address.

Revere. Street, Owner stated there is 15 min. parking outside her business and a vehicle has been parking there since last night and doesn’t know who the owner is to the grey Lexus.

Governors Park, Party called stating that there are a family of swans behind the building/caller states they look dehydrated and hungry. She also states that they are not moving. With help from citizens they were able to get the swans back in the water.

Strand Way, RP stated construction company working inside and outside house since 8:30 a.m.

Winthrop Street, Female party stated she doesn’t feel safe in her home, three female workers are in her apartment and are not leaving.

Terrace Ave., Reporting party states two males in white truck dumping trash over the cliff.

Veterans Road, Brown Honda Accord, caller stated saw three males two females used baseball bats to smash his driver side window and ran away on foot. Revere found the people involved, they will do their own report.

Winthrop Street, Female states the staff is not treating her well. She said she is on the 2nd floor.

Coral Avenue, caller stated his roommate keeps arguing with him and bothering him, he does not want him living there any more. Units mediated the situation for now and he had the police respond to this location before.

Morton Street, Calling party stated she sees a male party parked at the corner in his vehicle selling drugs to people. Unit reports negative on the vehicle description in the area.

Shore Drive, if anyone gets complaints about construction work being done on Shore Drive, please do not call headquarters call DCR 617-846-1489.

Winthrop Street, 911 hang up floor two toward the back stairs right over Browns Drug Store. Unit reports someone has to come and secure the building.

Crystal Cove, c/p states there is a grey older Honda parked in front of his house. Happens all the time during street sweeping.

Highland Ave., Officer called in with a tree down.

Revere Street, Caller reporting a shoplifter that has left the Market Place but knows who he is and would like to speak with an officer.

Main Street, Motor vehicle accident. No injuries.

Main Street, Motor vehicle accident on front of Ace Hardware two car accident.

Party came into the station to report fraudulent activity on her bank account.

Party called inquiring if anyone had turned in a iPhone since last night. It is a white Iphone 6 plus, if it is recovered, please call.

Shore Dr., at Mermaid Ave., USCG requests assistance in identifying the parties from the catamaran that is stranded on the beach with a broken mast. WFD was obtaining info when they were called away for a fire call.

Winthrop St., 911 hang-up – ongoing problem.

Ocean Ave. 31-year-old female dizzy. Transported to Whidden.

Revere St., 2 M/V’s parked in 15-minute zone both have been there overnight.  Honda HRV blue and Black Honda Civic.

Woodside Ave., MV parked in a construction zone. Will be towed. Many signs posted in the area. After car had been placed on the hook the owner had come out for the MV.

Winthrop St., 911 hang up. Called back busy

Shirley St., Assisting lost driver.

Shirley St., Car parked for several days with tickets place on 72-hour list.

Highland Ave., Front door alarm.

Broadway, Honda civic speeding.

Upland Rd., Caller states that a work truck spilled anti freeze everywhere and is refusing to clean it. The two are going back and forth.

Sea Foam Ave., Car parked there for several days.

Winthrop Market Place, Revere St., follow up with a previous shoplifter. The male party will be back to pay for the belongings they stole.

Winthrop St., Assist fire and traffic.

Metcalf Sq., Officer reported that while outside of the police station directing traffic a white male approached her screaming. He was yelling bout the outside conditions of the building and wanted the department to take pride in cleaning up the surrounding area. The man would not provide his name; he was advised to also report his complaints to the department.

Woodside Ave., 911 hang up.

Walden St., Unit states ongoing issue resident has a malfunctioning smoke alarm.

Court Rd., Front-entry burglar alarm. No answer for key holder. Key holder called and gave pin code stated it was his kids.

River Rd., Caller reports a W/F, long dark hair with a clipboard going house to house asking to see people’s electric bills. Caller wants to make sure party is legit.

Crystal Cove Ave., Party came into station to request an officer to counsel her young son.

Somerset Ave., Caller reports a couple walking down to the beach end of Somerset Ave., she’s afraid that they’re going to drive away.

Winthrop St., Meat Market, 911 hang-up no answer on call back.


Wednesday, 7/26

Forrest St., RP party wants to remain anonymous, but states there is a loud party disturbing the peace.

Governors Park., RP states her hazard lights are on in her car and she believes someone may have gotten into her car and she is too afraid to go outside and look.

Winthrop St., two males sleeping in motor vehicle.

Highland Ave., Caller stated his daughter was drunk last night and fell and hit her head she said she was fine but the father is concerned. Female was transported to Whidden.

Somerset Ave., Female Q5 statements, father was just one the phone with her five minutes ago. No weapons, father stated that she has been mentally ill for a long time. He stated she will say that nothing is wrong. Transported to MGH.

Revere St., Caller stated a silver vehicle was driving erratic and almost hit her while she was crossing the street.

Revere St., Female caller stated she was meaning to call MGH instead.

Ocean Ave., Executing a search warrant.

French Square, Calling party stated two tractor trailers are blocking the street, vehicles are unable to make it around them.

Metcalf Square, Car was illegally parked, owner came out and moved it.

Nevada St., A brown pit bull got loose and tried to attack person.

Washington Ave., Officer states there are orange cones in the road blocking ½ land of traffic. Spoke to party they have permission to have cones for a moving truck.

Bartlett Rd., Driver was lost, verbal only, assisted him in getting to his destination.

Sargent St., RP states there is a raccoon under the car in the driveway. He keeps coming out and falling over possibly sick or rabid.

Governor’s Dr., Caller stated someone vandalized her vehicle. Want to speak with an officer.

Coral Ave., 1 male in party for outstanding warrants.

Falcon St., Warrant arrest – Party came to the station to report being harassed via call phone and online by a male party named who is constantly requesting money from her. Officer spoke with person and advised him to stop contacting the calling party.

Overlook Dr. Transporting an elderly female form the station to her residence.

Summit Ave., alarm company called in entry front door motion.

Perkins St., Assist for picking up a needle.

Irwin ST., dispute between 2 tenants of the residence, parties have been advised of their rights.

Pleasant St., Male claimed to be part of Gas company, when CP asked to see his ID after being in the home he stated it was in his truck and then he never returned. White male had beard wearing baseball hat carrying black bag.

Sewall Ave., Calling party states a female party parked on the wrong side of the street reading a book. He stated emergency apparatus will not be able to get by due to where she is parked.

Sea Foam Ave., Caller states he would like to speak with an officer about an ongoing issue about golf balls hitting his home and becoming a serious safety issue for his children.

Revere St., Owner received a call from his neighbor stating that there is screaming and yelling at said address.

Caller wanted to report a suspicious male that she saw a few nights ago in the area. Caller did not want an officer to go to her house, but she will come into the station and speak with an officer in regards to the male that she saw.

Governors Park, Two female parties came into the station to report that the above reporting party is a victim of fraud pertaining to credit cards. The party with her believes that her adult son may be the culprit.

Upland Rd., Caller reports his son ran away from home after a verbal argument.


Thursday, 7/27

Winthrop St., C/P occupants are throwing out furniture into the backyard and making a lot of noise.

Golden Dr., C/P states burglar alarms are going off at the building. Unit reports housing is secure.

Winthrop Lodge of Elks, General burglar alarm accidental trip.

Fort Heath Apartments, Answered 911 female party stated she dialed the wrong number.

Willow Ave., CP states a large gravel truck parked in the middle of the street. Emergency vehicles cannot pass. CP states she had to back up as she couldn’t pass as well.

Revere St., Material on the ground got out of a dump truck, will notify DPW directly.

A gentleman came to the station to turn in a wallet that he found in the area.

Siren St., Solicitor going door to door discussing clean air.

Female party calls several times a night.

Main St., Citation issued for red light.

Main and Pleasant St., Male yelling throwing barrels.

Putnam Pl., Calling party is stating there are three vehicles unknown color or plates are parked on the street with no residential parking sticker on their vehicles.

Fremont St., Calling party stated a white Jeep Wrangler has been parked in front on his house for three days and has not moved it. – Vehicle is legally parked, and belongs to a resident of Winthrop.

Argyle St., Citation issued for speeding.

Cross St., Driver of scooter no helmet. Driver only had bicycle helm, was advised he must wear motorcycle helmet.

Washington Ave., A neighbor came to the station to ask for a well-being check on her next door neighbor. Everything was fine, and the neighbor was notified.

Jefferson St., A gentleman from Arm Construction called to report that there was a water leak at the above location. DPW was notified.

Gentleman came into the station to report that the traffic light at the intersection of Pauline St., and Lowell Rd., is not functioning at this time. DPW has been notified.

Woodside Ave., Red Dodge mini van is parking in a handicap spot no plaque on it calling party needs to park there.

Cottage Park Yacht Club, Calling party stated a dog bit him, and his wife is driving him to the hospital now. The female that has the dog refuses to give them the rabies paperwork. The calling party needs in case he needs shots.

Cumberland Farms – Revere St., Caller reports a young man sitting up against the wall of Cumberland Farms appearing to be out of it. – Officer spoke with the party, he is fine.

Golden Dr., Silver Ford Escape with no parking sticker has been parked there for two days.

Brookfield Rd., 10-year-old, non-verbal girl broke into shed and pulled axe out threw it on the ground. Girl went into her house. – Spoke to girl’s parents and neighbor; they were able to reconcile.

Bowdoin St., Male party and one female party sitting at the old supply building inside the cemetery smoking marijuana.

Bartlett Rd., Individual walked into station to report a hit and run.

Shirley St., Speaking to someone about moving their car that is parked in front of a hydrant.

Crest Ave., Black Camry and other motor vehicle has Uber sticker were yelling at each other, RP will meet officer to explain.

Sagamore Ave., RP states there is a white Volkswagen Jetta that has been parked in the same spot for several days.

Belcher St., Small red motor vehicle parked in Town Hall parking lot, female driver, was there this afternoon and back tonight. RP want to speak to an officer. Female operator spoke to her today.

Harvard St., Unit requested a WMS check on individual.

Maryland Ave., Retrieve syringe RP will show the officer where it is.

Paine St., Dispute – spoke to both parties, advised them it was a civil matter.

Faun Bar Ave., RP states there is black BMW, tan Chevy Impala parked in the fire lane.

Sewall Ave./Nahant Ave., RP stated loud party in the area, she is trying to sleep. – Music is coming from a fundraiser, using discression at this time.

Short Beach, Caller reporting six young males, possibly intoxicated, walking towards Winthrop, stumbling off the sidewalk into the street.

Bowdoin St., Walk in to report that she paid Commercial Pools to repair her pool. She had paid over $6,000 since then and owner of the company has not finished his work and has stopped working on her pool. It has been almost a year and all she has is a large hole in her yard.

Cross ST., Citation issued.

Expert Auto – Shirley St., Party states a gray car with two people driving it thinks they are breaking into the store.

Revere St., Motor Vehicle accident. Vehicle hit and knocked over National Grid pole. DPW also notified.

Shirley St., Assisting fire with an overturned jet ski. – Jet ski is on beach, no injuries.

Bates Ave., Road rage incident. Both parties told to stay away from each other.

Governors Park, Loud noise coming from the tennis courts. Possible ATV with loud engines disturbing the peace.

Shirley St., – Public Landing, People inside vehicle involved in false HP plaque.

Shirley St. – Public Landing, man passed out at the wheel of a blue BMW.

Main St., Male and female arguing.

Sea Foam Ave., Caller states a white Pontiac is parked too close to the fire hydrant.

Johnson Ave., Homeowner states an evicted tenant is outside the residence. She is afraid she will try to get inside or damage property.

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