Police Blotter 06-01-2017

Monday, May 22

Follow-up investigation on Siren Street. Attempted to reach parties.

Follow-up investigation on Read Street. Spoke with the parents.

Report that there is a panhandler on Crest Avenue coming in to the hair salon asking customers for money. Officer reported a familiar male party has been told not to panhandle and has been warned several times. Male party stated that he would not let it happen again and is enrollee back home to Shirley Street.

Party from Undine Avenue walked into the station to report an attempted fraud by a subject calling from 1-508-897-9018 today stating that his wife was in an accident and he needed to send money to the caller for the damage. He knew this to be a scam and refused to do so. He wanted this logged in case it continues.

Caller from Ft. Heath Apartments reports someone in an adjoining apartment is playing a loud guitar with an amplifier and it is disturbing the peace of the residents there. Caller tried speaking to the resident and he started shouting and yelling obscenities at her. Both parties were spoken to and peace has been restored.

Walk-in from Buchanan Street states that a female party was sending Q5 statements to a friend. Female party has been transported to the Whidden.

Reporting party on Overlook Drive stated that a male has been threats to kill her and her boyfriend over the phone. Party also stated that the male has a gun. The male lives in New Jersey. Caller wants to speak with an officer.

Juvenile male called and stated he was in the parking lot behind the 7-11 and a male came up to him and his friends and asked if he wanted to buy weed or alcohol. Male then fled up Revere Street toward the cab stand. Spoke to the youths about the male party and checked out the area. Could not locate the subject in question.


Tuesday, May 23

Female caller on Overlook Drive stated a male party keeps calling and harassing her on the phone. She spoke to an officer last night about the same situation.

Party on South Main Street called and stated a National Grid worker was going door to door. Clear, this subject is indeed a National Grid worker. He showed proof of identification.

Parking complaint on Shirley Street. Party on Shirley Street claims vehicles have been parked since 6 a.m. Officer spoke to tenants about the parking situation and they stated they will find a new place to park overnight.

Tried to serve summons on Central Street. Unsuccessful at the time. They will try later.

Party at the Landing reports lost or stolen plate from his boat trailer.

Services rendered with medical on Golden Drive.

Follow-up investigation on Golden Drive. Clear, spoke to aunt about the individual he was looking for and information was left there.

Assisted fire at Bank of America with elderly male, possible mental altered. 80 year old male was a little confused. We were able to assist him with getting money out of the bank. His son picked him up and brought him back home.

Party came in to the station to report being contacted by a former classmate that she has not seen in 20 years. Party reports that she blocked the party four years ago due to inappropriate messages. This male called her on May 20th. Party does not want to be contacted by this male and feels unsafe and uncomfortable as a result of the calls. A call was made to the male regarding this unwanted contact. A message was left for him to call the PD. Subject called back and denied it was him making the calls. He claimed someone was spoofing with his number. Also claimed he knows who it is and will have them knock it off or he will give us the name. Male was told whomever is calling to knock it off.

Caller on Franklin Street reports that there are six kids on bikes that are smashing bottles on the ground. Unit reports there are a couple of kids hitting baseballs with a metal bat at the park and three kids hanging on the bench.

Unit is attempting to serve a summons to party on Central Street. Unit reports she spoke with someone who lives in the apartment and they advised the officer that the person is out of the country until next week.

Report of wires down on the ground at Faun Bar and Beacon street.

Report of a dog barking all day on Buchanan Street. Unit reports it is all quiet as the neighbor brought the dog inside.


Wednesday, May 24

Attempted to serve summons to subject on Shirley Street. Served in hand.

Arrest was made on subject on Enfield Road for default warrant narcotics Class A. He was booked at the station and then transported to Chelsea Court.

Attempt to serve summons for party at Seal Harbor. Person no longer lives at the residence. Spoke to the father and he will advise the son to contact WPD with an updated address.

Female party on River Road called stating she would like a male party removed from her house. He has four outstanding warrants against him.

Caller on Veterans Road state a parking complaint led to a male showing a firearm to scare the female who confronted him about the parking spot.

Attempted to serve warrant to subject on Siren Street. Unable to locate the subject.

Party states there was construction being done earlier and the workers left a sign on Pauline and Pleasant Street causing a hazard. Unit reports the sign was already removed and fixed before unit got there.

Unwanted person came back to Buchanan Street. Party in question left before police arrival. Units are searching the area. Unable to locate the subject at this time.

Party complaining of loud music in the area of Pleasant and Pauline Street. Units checked the area and nothing showing.


Thursday, May 25

Vehicle parked for an extended time at Shore Drive and Neptune Street. Operator working for Meals on Wheels. He checked out.

Boston reports a man on the phone with his sister and the phone dropped and she believes he may be in distress. Boston pinged him near Shirley Street. 93 stated she knocked on several doors at that address, put sirens on. EMS and fire on the scene. Boston EMS pinged this dress and had no other information. 93 will stay in the area. Boston EMS stated his sister said he might have been on the bus, but no other information. 92 and 93 knocked on doors on Shirley Street. Ladder One and ambulance dispatched back to address as Boston EMS confirmed that he lives there. 93 gained access through a window. 93 asking permission from headquarters to do forced entry. Entire house was searched. Searched all grocery stores and up and down Shirley Street and it was unfounded. Party was found on Shirley Street. He had an injury from a fall with a bump on his head. EMS off with the victim. Update: subject is conscious and alert. Roommate spoke with the sister and party was transported to MGH.

Constable came to the station to report that he was going to Ft. Heath Apartments.

Motor vehicle accident involving air bags being deployed. This happened at Main and Walden Street. Paul Revere bus notified about route changes. G&H notified for tow. 10 year old female transported to MGH. DPW notified to pick up debris.

Party on Trident Avenue stated that her 12 year old son goes to Winthrop Middle School and never came home. She went over to a friend’s house, but nobody had seen him. Neighbor did see him at school. He is in the 7th grade. Child went home. He was at a friend’s house without parental permission. Child was spoken to regarding responsibility.

Report of a vehicle that went into a house on Main Street. Unknown injuries. G&J on the scene. An individual was transported to the Whidden.

Follow-up on Buchanan Street. Apartment is in the same condition as it was left earlier. It is an argument over property. Individual was advised that this is a civil process. Also father of the defendant left codes on a note to gain access. He also left on the note that subject is to stay out of the garage.

Twelve youths possible 94C activity on Undine Avenue. Party wants them removed. Area clear upon our arrival.


Friday, May 26

Medical aid on Veterans and Cutler Street. Fire already responding. One party taken to the hospital.

Report that two individual in boat on Shirley Street. Suspicious activity. Private tow coming for the car. Taking party in for driving after suspension.

Party came in to the police station to report that her daughter is missing. Missing Person Report was sent out in Open Fox. Detectives and Off. Petersen have sent information to the B.R.I.C. and other agencies.

92and 93 off with warrant of apprehension. 92 transporting one to East Boston District Court.

Report of a deceased squirrel on Lowell Road. ACO advised homeowner how to properly dispose of animal on his property.

Report of male intoxicated on Golden Drive. Individual is requesting medical. Not feeling well. Medical notified. One transported to MGH.

Report of vandalism on Shirley street. Owner is not on scene to make a report of new spray paintings.

Assisted defendant in getting some belongings out of apartment on Buchanan Street. Plaintiff is there and agreed to defendant about getting some of his belongings. Party has been assisted in getting his belongings.

Calling party on Winthrop Street state a white ale rang his bell and asked to cut down the tree stumps n his yard. Party says he never asked for that nor does he recognize the male. Once party said o the man took off running down Washington Avenue. A BOLO was put out for subject.

Caller reports  disturbance. Three girls were walking down Locust Street and a group of boys were in a car at the end of the street screaming and saying “I’ll kill you.” Caller also stated one of the females was very distraught and crying. 91 reports speaking to all involved parties. They all state this was a verbal argument and parties apologized for disturbing the neighborhood. Peace was restored.


Saturday, May 27

Traffic stop on Walden Street. Tow company called and plates confiscated. G&J has the vehicle. A citation was issued.

Officer sighted a disturbance on Pauline Street. Female was a passenger in vehicle and husband wasn’t happy. She was intoxicated. Female went into the house. Vehicle was towed by G&J. One involved female party highly intoxicated keeps coming out of the house. She was advised if she came out again she would be arrested. Female party was arrested for disorderly conduct.

Report of a dog barking on Sagamore Avenue. ACO states no barking dog in the area. Talked to two neighbors who stated they haven’t hear a dog barking in two days.

Caller on Sea Foam Avenue states that there is a dog that has been barking for a long time. He stated that he is unsure if something is wrong with the dog. ACO states everything is fine.

Party on Shirley Street states there is a car parked in the vicinity sticking out in the street making it very difficult for cars to get by. 93 states no obstruction. All cars parked legally.

Caller on Somerset Avenue states that her car has been hit and the driver drove away.

Party on Jefferson Street stating she is having issues with one of the other store owners in the block about phone issues. 92 states it is a civil matter and they were instructed to keep the peace.

Reports of a disoriented man on Shirley Street. Party cleared by medical. Unit 92 will be giving the party a ride to nearby train station.

Party on Shirley Street states that he wants someone intoxicated removed from the home. Officers talked to both parties. No domestic going on and peace was restored.

Party came in to report that his ex-employee left the beauty salon for good on Bartlett Road. When she was leaving, she took her license off the wall. She also took the business license and two other hair dresser’s licenses. The permit from the Board of Health is also missing.

Mother has not had contact with her son on Locust Street in over a week. She normally speaks to him or his girlfriend daily. She wants to make sure that he is okay. Girlfriend woke him up and officer will speak with him to make sure everything is okay. The individual states that his phones have been broken and he will attempt to fix them and contact his mother.

Caller on Wave Way Avenue reports that a woman with a baby stumbling around. Units checked the area and nothing found. When caller was called back, he stated that the female party possibly was picked up in a motor vehicle by some friends along the way.

Report of a  loud outside party on Pleasant Park Road. Party goers were spoken to and they will take the party inside. They were very cooperative.


Sunday, May 28

Caller on Triton Avenue stated he sees water coming from the sewer and the street is getting flooded. Storm drains topped off and they are not usually this high. DPW was notified. The tide is extra high and that might be the cause of the problem.

Officer thought he heard arguing in the parking lot on Crest Avenue. They were advised to be on their way out of town.

Report of a disoriented male party on Siren Street. Male party taken to the Whidden.

Follow-up investigation on Somerset Avenue. P/O was able to speak to the parent.

Follow-up investigation on Shirley Street. 94 states he haas gotten in touch with the party who will in turn transfer the message.

Calling party states about 15 kids lighting off fireworks in Pico Playground. Units checked the area and there were no groups of kids or fireworks being set off.

Large party on Putnam Street making very loud noises. Officer spoke to the resident who was advised to keep the noise down for the night. Peace was restored.


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