Police Blotter 04-20-2017

Monday, April 10

Caller states he was driving by and witnessed a man walking his two dogs on River Road. He then stated a loose gray Pit bull fame onto the street. He gave the man a ride home Officer searched the area for the dog and found nothing showing.

Officer in doing an investigation on Central Street reports they searched a female party and her belongings and there were no weapons.

Party reports that his home number has been used to Spoof people. He would like this on record as he has been getting call backs from people alleging he has called them One party is known to this department to have ongoing harassment issues.

Party came to the station along with her husband to report ongoing noise issues. Party states police have responded multiple times and this matter has been reported to the landlord. 908 contacted the landlord who informed her that he has taken action regarding the noise. The parties also sought copes of all calls to the building regarding the noise.

Report of a dead dog at the Deer Island public landing access. State Police were notified and they reported that they had called DCR about the animal. 92 reports himself and ACO are clear. Party from the MWRA will return on Tuesday to remove the deceased animal.

Two Hispanic kids near Export Auto attempted breaking and entering on a motor vehicle. 93 reports the vehicle was locked. no damage and units continued search of the area for the suspects. Units report an intensive search on the area was negative. Unable to locate the subjects in question.

Caller on Winthrop Street states that there is party going on and it has been going on since noon and she would like someone to check it out because she says there are underage kids there and they keep pulling up in carloads. She is afraid it is going to get out of hand. Units report the party has been cleared. People were advised if they receive another call there will be different consequences.

Party states that he went down to check on his boat at the Belle Isle Boat Yard and his batteries had been stolen.

Caller on Bowdoin Street states that he has called several times in regard to dog barking all day long. 94 reports that upon his arrival, the animal in question was back in the house. 94 advised the owner and the owner will be more considerate in the future. The peace was restored.

Report of a large pothole before Beacon Street on Shirley. Message left with DPW.

Cars parked the wrong way on the street at the playground on Pond Street. Owners of the vehicles are in the playground with their children. 93 reports vehicle parked in the wrong direction was to prevent children from running onto the street. They were playing in the park attending a Boy Scout meeting. Calling party apparently argued with the operator of the motor vehicle in question before calling the police. Operator of the vehicle in question has correctly parked the vehicle in the correct direction.

Four young adults with a white truck playing loud music between Tewksbury Street and Perkins Street. The parties left the scene.

Unwanted person is trying to break down door on Winthrop Street. Peace was  restored and the units cleared.

Caller talks to his cousin every two days on Johnson Avenue and he is not answering his phone, nor calling him back. This is not like him at all and they would like someone to check and make sure he is okay and to get in touch with the caller. Involved party was transported to MGH on March 39 and is still in the hospital. Caller was notified.

Report of a dog at Belle Isle Boat Yard. 94 reports the dog was found and the owner was found. Dog reunited with owner.


Tuesday, April 11

Two individuals were reported loading a vehicle at a close auto body shop. Unit stated it was the owner of the vehicle donating the vehicle to the auto body shop. Unit verified ownership.

Party on Shirley Street stated that a dog on the second floor will not stop barking and this has bee going on for over half an hour. Unit stated this has been an ongoing issue. Seems like no one is home. Unit advised to speak with the landlord regarding the issue.

Motor vehicle hit a parked car on Shirley Street. Medical aid enroute to check out the driver. 92 reports operator unconscious. Medical aid on the scene. Very minor damage to parked vehicle. Son is on the scene and will handle any damage to vehicle that his dad struck at a later time. 69 year old male enroute to MGH.

Assisted State Police Boston on locating a male party on Cottage Park Road, driving a black vehicle who was involved in a hit and run on Sunday. Message left with party and he will contact the State Police.

Female on Governors Park with suicidal ideas. Called in by a mental health employee at East Boston Schools. Female party was transported to hospital voluntarily via ambulance with her mother.

Minor motor vehicle accident at Winthrop Marketplace Caller would be more comfortable with police there. Police assisted with the paper exchange.

Two young girls came into the station to report that an unleashed Pit bull was o the grass behind the Arthur T. Cummings School barking and being threatening to the kids in the area. ACO notified and responded.

Heavy traffic near Twist & Shake with a couple of cars obstructing traffic. Motor vehicles were moved and unit cleared.

Reporting party wants to remain anonymous but states approximately seven youths are partying in the backyard on Waldemar Avenue with loud music. Music was turned down and the people were very cooperative.

Party on Jefferson Street states that he woke up and his wife took a whole bottle of muscle relaxers. One female party to MGH.


Wednesday, April 12

Report of a turkey in the middle of Revere Street. Reporting party states that the turkey is not moving but is alive and someone is going to hit him. Unit stated he is till there. The turkey will not move out of the street and he is getting vicious when a unit tries to move him. Officer finally moved the turkey and will leave a note for ACO.

Caller states a male party seems altered lying on the beach on Donovan’s Beach. Medical aid requested. Subject transported to nearby hospital.

Caller on Woodside Avenue states a landscaping company is blowing leaves. Does not want to leave a call back information and his name. Does not want to speak to an officer. He just wants the police to speak with the landscapers because it is before 8 a.m.

Several calls of turkey causing traffic jam on Pleasant Street. 93 stated the turkey is on the side street. He is finally off the roadway.

Party on Franklin Street stated there is a deceased animal in the middle of the street. She also would like to speak about vicious dogs on the street. ACO will respond.

Caller on Shore Drive states that a man in a gray vehicle is driving on her property attempting to hit her house. He is arguing with her husband. Area cleared, and 92 stayed in the area monitoring for future erratic operation.

Walk-in to report rom a MAPFRE Insurance investigator in regards to a past stolen motorcycle. Stolen status was removed due to an erroneous report from an Agency in California. MAPFRE is now considered the owner and would like the motorcycle re-entered as stolen.

Assisted a citizen to gather belongings from house on Winthrop Street. Owner of the residence is not home. 93 advised to come back at a later date but reach out to the station to clear.

Minor two car accident at Walden and Main Street. Officers helped with exchanging paperwork.

Party on Johnson Avenue states there is a female walking up to people’s porches and taking things. Area search proved negative with nothing showing.

ACO checked WYC area for a raccoon. Nothing showing and they cleared.

Party at Fort Heath Apartments reports that she gave her debit card to a friend who was helping her. She later discovered that the individual charged more to her card than she agreed to. She wants this on record.

Assault and battery on party on Winthrop Street. Officers requested once detective to enact them. One being transported to MGH. Mother called in and stated that her son was attacked by two individuals with a handgun in the vicinity of the above address. Two males. The son knows who attacked him. Spoke with the brother of the victim. He was veery uncooperative. Spoke with suspect’s grandmother and she has no idea where he is.

Thursday, April 13

Female party on Kennedy Drive called the business line making suicidal statements. One to Whidden for an evaluation.

Party on Main Street who wanted to remain unknown, but stated that his sister was yelling. It was a verbal argument and peace was restored.

General disturbance on Main Street. Daughter sent on her way and staying with a friend for the remainder of the day.

Caller at Governors Park states that he believes that his vehicle was stolen. He was advised to call management and other towing companies. Management contacted to look at their cameras. Vehicle is possibly stolen. The owner was advised of proper steps to take to file a stolen vehicle report.

Transfer from State Police of a child with a head injury from Pico Playground. On a callback, spoke with the father who states a 16 month old fell twice and struck his head. He has a bump on his head and was transported to MGH.

Calling party on Dolphin Avenue reports a neighbor is on the floor in his apartment. ME notified. CPAC notified.

In the course of an investigation, subject responded to the station and was placed into custody for a warrant for two counts of aggravated assault and battery, and two counts of armed robbery.

Party on Terrace Avenue called regarding being concerned of another’s well being. Party was not sure where her location was and she may be in her motor vehicle. Party found and transported to MGH.

Four to five teenagers riding bikes on Lincoln Street and banging on doors and running away. Area is quiet. It is across from Ingleside Park.

Second call from reporting party regarding kids back on Lincoln Street. Reporting party feels they may be casing a house and would like to speak to an officer. Officer spoke to the homeowner, got a better description. Four white males, clean cut, well dressed, will stay in the area. This was also close to the East Boston line and these kids could be going to the wrong house.

Party on Woodside Avenue states that people are outside his window smoking and being loud. Unit stated that the employees are closing up. They were there, right before this call came in. Party has called a couple of times. Officer wanted to speak with the party as each time nothing was showing. When we tried to reach the caller back on the phone, he did not answer.

Friday, April 14

Motor vehicle stop at Dunkin Donuts on Main Street. A citation issued to female for being unlicensed and speeding. A citation was also issued for female party for allowing an unlicensed driver to drive.

Motor vehicle stop on Main Street. Citation issued for driving without a license. A licensed operator came and took possession of the vehicle.

Well-being check on male and female party driving vehicle with Virginia plates. Found at Coughlin Park. Parties checked out and they will be on their way.

Calling party on Pebble Avenue states that her neighbor has cones in the street so people cannot park there. No units were available due to a domestic. Unit reports that the traffic cones are covering a hole in the road.

Party came to the station to report that on a certain date, he came in to bring bail money for his wife after an altercation. He wanted to report that while talking to dispatch, he argued with someone who is unknown at this time. He stated that he made some threats and it was hear by dispatch and wants it on file. Dispatch was contacted and they played back their tapes to determine if threats were made and recorded. Dispatch stated that all that was heard was yelling. Party was called back to relay this information. He wants a log entry with this information and he may go to East Boston Court on Tuesday.

Turkey going in and out of the road on Shirley Street. 92 reports that turkey left prior to his arrival. Area search negative.

Party on Sewall Avenue state there is a male and female inside a vehicle that is parked. Other cars pull up and jump inside for a few minutes and get back into their own cars and leave. Caller thinks they are selling drugs. This has been happening on a daily basis.

Female came into the station to report finding a cell phone at Coughlin Playground. Contact was made and phone belonged to child. The father was notified and he will pick it up or have his wife pick it up.

Report of extremely loud music at Governors Park. Calling party reports that as soon as the police leave she turns it back up. Units report they are not hearing any noise. Calling party called back and she will open her door so officers can hear the noise. Units spoke to the offending party and the music has been turned off and peace restored.

Owner of the Kasbah states a few former employees still have keys to his business. One of them has been entering after he closes and unplugs his security system and moves things around.

Unit stated that this vehicle was speeding at the intersection of Main and Pleasant Street.He blue lighted him, and when the unit turned around, the driver drove away.


Saturday, April 15

Party on Harbor View Avenue state that the house behind him is supposed to vacant. Caller knows the owner who lives out of town. The house has lights on and people inside. Unit stated a party in house and they live at the address.

Calling party stated that he was driving around and saw a female crying and she looked like she needed help. This was at Shirley and Washington Avenue. Female is on the sidewalk. Units drove up and down the whole vicinity and nothing showing at this time.

Party states there is a woman that comes around the store on Revere Street and asks for a ride and money. She has been told not to come back around but she still does. Unit stated that the clerk said he never called. The call taker called back the calling party and the caller then stated he was at the Seven 11 in Winthrop, South Carolina.

Reports of an intoxicated male at Precious Pets on Crest Avenue. Party sent on his way and if he returns he will be arrested.

General disturbance on Main Street. Peace restored and the party will be leaving town shortly.

Caller states a man is panhandling walking towards the beach from Crest Avenue. Caller stated that the subject said he had cancer and was looking for money and was there yesterday. Party left and BOLO given out.

Manager at hotel on Shirley Street wants parties removed from the hotel. Two female parties will take an Uber and leave the property. Manager was satisfied.

Elderly female requests we do a well being check on party who resides in Winthrop. She only has a post officer box number. The most current address is Trident Avenue. Party is fine and will call mother.

Report of an erratic motorcycle operator in the area of Walden Street basketball courts. Officers spoke to the party and advised to call police if it happens again.

Party states that the individual he alleges stole his dog in Revere may be residing in Winthrop. Officer repots going to the residence and speaking with the owner who reports that he bought the residence in October and that nobody by that name resides there any longer.

93 off on a follow-up investigation on North Avenue. Party does not reside there any longer. Reporting party can take it to court to pursue any further.

Motor vehicle accident on Winthrop Street. Party states that someone hit a pole, no injuries but pole is about to go down. Pole has a transformer on it. Unit will be  blocking off from Jefferson to Buchanan Street. Pole leaning and wires arcing. National Grid requested. Engine 2 stood by waiting for National Grid.

Assisted citizen on Walden Street. Male in a wheelchair that is not working unsure if male is in the street or sidewalk. He is unable to speak. We have Action coming from Wakefield with a chair car for him. Unit stated that the male party got his wheelchair up and running. Action was canceled.

Caller at Honey Dew Donuts is in a mechanical wheelchair and the battery has died. Uint stated there is a couple of people helping to try and push the wheelchair to his home. They were able to get him home.

Report of a loud party on Amelia Avenue. Music going on.It was a loud party of four. Unit went by and told them to bring it inside.


Sunday, April 16

Calling party is from a monitoring facility in another state. He reports that a female they monitor on Court Road is in need of a well being check. He also reports the last message received was that she had passed out but they did not want an ambulance dispatched, only police to do a well being check. Units report daughter was at the house and everything was okay.

Report of loud music waking up people at Hermon and Atlantic Street. It reports that the people in the car are going into the house now.

Wellbeing check on children on Hawthorn Avenue. The father ended up coming in with the two children and they were okay.

Officer was flagged down by a citizen stating there was a disturbance on Pearl Avenue.  Nothing showing and spoke with a few people who reported they did to hear or see anything. Officer stated that he spoke with a few ore people in the area and they stated they did not see anything or hear anything. Officers also did another lap around the area with nothing showing.

A walk-in to report damage to car tires on Pleasant Street. Officer took a report about the past incident.

Fight on Winthrop and George Street between five girls. It was a verbal between high school students. Students have been advised of their rights.

A neighbor dispute on Cliff Avenue.

Unit stated that two vehicles were moved from Hanford Park.

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