What does this mean?  I will explain in a bit.  First, let me introduce myself and this column.  I am Roseann Trionfi-Mazzuchelli, Veteran Service Officer for the Town of Winthrop, MA.  I am an Army Veteran with over 21 years of service – both Active Army and the Army Reserves.  My primary position was that of law enforcement/investigations, however, I also wore the hats of Family Readiness, Mobilization and Movement Officer, and Equal Opportunity Representative.  I currently live in Winthrop, but grew up and still have family in Revere and the North End of Boston.

Several times a month, I will be writing articles relating to the Military.  Not just the Army, but, ALL services.  I will also be writing on Benefits/Entitlements/Compensation, etc…  Each city and town in the Commonwealth of MA has a Veteran Service Officer (VSO).  You will find that person listed on city’s and town’s websites and on Mass. Dept. Of Veterans Services website as well.  They are there to help YOU – the Veteran, and/or the family of the Veteran!

Now, getting back to HOOAH (pronounced: “HUA”) – this term relates to all Services, however, the Marines use “Oorah”, the Navy and Coast Guard both use “Hooyah”, while the Army uses “Hooah”.  This term is widely used throughout the Military and taught when you enter Basic Training.   It means an expression of high morale, confidence, motivation, spirit and “can do” – so an “all-purpose”  expression.  There’s no specific reason why the services spell it differently either!  I was once told it meant I Hear you, I Understand you, and I Acknowledge your statement, hence the acronym, HUA (the military is full of them!).  So, take it for what it’s worth!

Roseann Trionfi-Mazzuchelli, Town of Winthrop VSO, [email protected]

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