Police Blotter 09-17-2015

Monday, September 7

Party at Executive Apartments reports possible heart attack. EMS notified. Units report one male party to MGH.

Officer helping truck that is lost at Energy To Go.

Caller at Lucky Garden Restaurant states there is a woman passed out in the car and he cannot get into the car. EMS notified. Cleared by EMS. One female under arrest for default warrants and operation of motor vehicle with revoked license.

Medical aid for elderly female on Willis Avenue. Transferred to EMS.

Party called and stated a former student of his that lives in Winthrop called his phone at 3 a.m. stating she was going to take a lot of pills and kill herself. Female party transported to hospital along with her father.

Burst water pipe flooding house on Wilshire Street.

Caller on Locust Street reports motorcycle speeding up and down the street. No motorcycle in the area. Officer will monitor the street during the rest of his shift.

Tuesday, September 8

Caller states suspicious activity in Ingleside Park. Units respond and report group of three dispersed from the area.

Party states an almost naked male acting suspiciously at Short Beach. Unit responds and report the area search negative. The call was unfounded.

Caller on Buchanan Street called to report that his house was entered last night and several items were stolen. He is at work and will be in later to fill a breaking and entering report.

Party on Underhill Street called to report that the people that live behind her house are putting up a fence and it is right up against hers. Also, the worker is throwing things around and being very rude. Officer reports a dispute over boundary lines. The Building Inspector will respond and they report that all parties were told what they can and cannot do. The matter was settled.

Call for medical aid at East Boston Neighborhood Health. Transferred to EMD.

Caller on Crest Avenue reports finding a needle. Officer will dispose of it.

ACO officer went to Winthrop Street address due to numerous complaints of a barking dog. ACO meet with the mother-in-law of the dog owner. He will return later this evening to try and resolve the ongoing issue.

DPW called to report that one of the DPW storage areas has been tagged with graffiti.

Party came to report a stolen motorcycle from Upland Road.

Report of a small dark hatchback screeching tires on Lowell Road. 91 Ramadani reports the area is clear.

Several 911 calls from the same person on Kennedy road. Unable to converse with subject. Fire and ambulance notified and W91 reports male party going to Whidden for an evaluation.

Wednesday, September 9

W94 Carter reports the pedestrian lights are out at the intersection of Herman and Main Street. DPW notified.

Female on Overlook Drive called to state she is on the floor and needs help. She was not sure of her apartment number. Fire notified and will assist.

E911 transfer from Boston to report that a female called to report that her mother on Emerson Road is not feeling well and can’t walk. EMS notified.

Party on Cliff Avenue called to report that a former employee has threatened him. He will come in alter with the person’s DOB and address.

Daughter called to repot that her mother on Winthrop Street is not feeling well. EMS notified.

Male on Bartlett Road called to report that his wife needs to be transported to the hospital. EMS notified.

Safety Off. Bonavita has had several people stop and tell him of a smell of smoke. ACO reports leaves are being burnt on Bowdoin Street. Fire will respond and put it out.

Caller reports that a dog on Circuit Road has been acting aggressively towards people passing by the property. ACO officer reports no one is home at this time. He will follow up later this afternoon.

Male caller repots a vehicle blocking the hydrant on Pearl Avenue. Officer reports the vehicle is completely blocking the hydrant. G&J will tow and vehicle tagged.

Party on Shore Drive came to the station to report that while she was away this weekend, someone tried to enter her basement apartment by bending back the security bars. She took photos and will e-mail them to Off. Gergerian.

Caller on Wave Way Avenue requests medical. Transferred to EMD.

Party on Thornton Park requests a cruiser. Says homeowner is giving him a hard time. Officer reports a civil matter and all parties advised.

Caller reports a woman has fallen at Crest Avenue Park and is not getting up. Medical/fire notified. Officer reports 60-year-old female to the Whidden.

E911 call from East Boston Neighborhood Health to request an ambulance.

Report of a lock out on Hermon Street. Fire and officer report that she is in.

SRO reports youths in Ingleside Park and they look like they might be getting ready to fight. Officers report the area is clear at this time and the youths they spoke to are okay.

Party on Bay View Avenue came in to report that someone stole his handicapped placard.

Caller on Banks Street reports an infant rolled off the bed. Fire and ambulance notified and report party transported to Whidden.

Person at Governors Park called to leave some information on a gun crime.

Caller on Walden Street is requesting an ambulance for her mother after a reaction to medication. Fire and ambulance notified and will respond.

Female at Governors Park reports smoking mulch. 93 Hysa and WFD responded and took care of it.

Thursday, September 10

Party came in to report an ongoing dispute over property with an ex-girlfriend The issue is a civil matter and the individual was advised to go to EB Court and speak with a judge regarding the issue with the belongings.

Party on Bowdoin Street came to the station to report that he had been a victim of fraud. Someone had used his information to start a fraudulent account.

Caller on Banks Street reports that someone came onto the property and has taken 5 air conditioners from the property. Witness gave the officer the plate of the truck that was used.

Party on Banks Street reports that there was no attempt to break into her residence over the past weekend.

Caller on Loring Road came to the station to report the theft of one his weapons.

97 Chief Delehanty reports a major water break at Winthrop and Centre Street. DPW and WFD on the scene. A detail officer is on the scene. The area was cordoned off.

Panic alarm going off on Dolphin Avenue. 91 Ramadani and 93 Guerra report a malfunction on service. They spoke to the owner.

Friday, September 11

Male nurse from The Arbor called on the 911 line to report that someone fell on the 2nd floor and needs medical attention. Call transferred to fire.

Caller at Winthrop High School states he chased two suspicious subjects to the construction site of the new WHS that appeared to be B&E to his and his neighbor’s vehicles. Units respond and report the caller left the scene and an area search of those subjects was negative.

Party on Golden Drive states that a neighbor below her is calling for help. Units respond and report that the subject is bedridden but okay.

Caller on Moore Street states there is suspicious m ale outside of her home and she is afraid to go outside to her vehicle. Units respond and report speaking to all parties. One male subject appeared disoriented but was a resident on Beacon Street.

Party on Highland Avenue came out to go to work this morning and realized that someone ha stolen his motorcycle. He was advised to get all the information pertaining to the motorcycle and come up to the station to report it stolen.

Report of a large flooded area on Sturgis Street. DPW notified.

Report of a town tree that fell on property on Franklin Street. DPW notified.

Several calls from Plummer Avenue regarding no water. Officers report an issue with a pipe and it was being worked on.

Caller on Enfield Road reports that she was speaking with her friend via the telephone. The friend began having difficulty breathing, so the calling party hung up with her friend and called 911 on her behalf. Unit 93 and WFD responding. Unit reports the female is all right, and refusing medical attention at this time.

97 reports two suspicious males in the area of Revere and Deane Avenue. 98 and Units 91 and 93 responding to the area. Subjects checked out. Detectives have their information.

Safety Officer Sgt. Hickey reports he needs medical help for a citizen on Harvard Street. EMS notified and the subject was checked at the scene.

Party on Lowell Road called to report that a house on that street has been vacant for months and there is a truck in the yard. Detectives and officer report a contractor working for the estate. The attorney called to inform us that there would be activity at the house by her contractor.

ACO officer is responding to Bowdoin Street to help resolve an issue between two neighbors over the construction of a fence. The neighbors will work it out.

911 call from Fort Heath Apartments to report that a woman fell. Transferred to EMD.

Report of water leaking from a pipe that was repaired last night at Winthrop and Atlantic Street. DPW notified and called back to say that this was a small leak and not to worry.

Several calls from residents on Woodside Park to report that they have no water. DPW notified.

Unit stopped a male on a dirt bike in the rear of the car wash on Main Street. Units report the male took the bike off a truck for wash and drove it on the lot. Bike put back on the truck and subject sent out with a warning.

Report of a truck tires being slashed at Governors Park. It happened sometime last night.

Agency in Lynn called to inform us that if we come across a particular female who might be staying with someone in our town, that they have issued a Section 12 for her. The social worker will fax a copy of the Section 12 to us. The caller reports that the party left their offices earlier today and seemed very agitated. W91 responded and located that party. EMS notified. The female was transported to the Whidden and the Lynn agency was informed.

Caller on Overlook Drive reports that she fell on the floor and needs assistance getting up. Fire and ambulance notified and will respond.

Caller at Governors Park wants her ex-husband removed from her home. Units report the party has left the premises and will not return.

Saturday, September 12

Party on Golden Drive reports that her neighbor downstairs appears to be yelling for help. Officer requested WFD and EMS respond to assist the subject. The officer reports that the subject refused any further treatment.

Caller on Willow venue requested EMS for her brother. Call transferred to EMD and WFD for service.

A report of a Honda motorcycle parked against a tree on Cliff Avenue and has been there for more than a day. W93 reports this motorcycle is the same one stolen on 9/11. Message of the recovery left for the owner. Officer reports the wires to the cycle have been cut. G&J notified.

Party called to report that a dog left in a car on Crest Avenue and he appears to be in distress. Car was listed out of Chelsea. Officer located the owner and advised him of the consequences of leaving the animal in the car.

Party came in to the station to pick up his Samsung I Phone that was turned in here a week ago.

Excited male reports that someone on Shore Drive was swimming and now seems to be missing. W91 reports the caller said the woman was swimming and she disappeared and did not come out of the water. Her belongings are still on the beach. Fire notified and responded with the launch. Harbormaster was also notified along with the Chief. State Police was also notified and responded with units and a boat. Message was left for Coast Guard response unit. Female party was located and all is okay. The party was still swimming and walked out of the water.

Party called to report that his car was hit at the Cumberland Farms. No one available to send due to the ongoing previous call. No one is hurt. The party came to the station with the plate number of the other driver who he claimed would not exchange paperwork. Both parties exchanged paperwork at the station. Very minor scratches.

An individual came into the station to report water coming from the street on Winthrop Street. DPW reports that is okay and they are aware of the situation.

Caller reports intoxicated male stumbling into traffic at Revere and Summit Avenue. Party was located by units at Demitri’s. EMS notified.

Paul Revere bus driver came into the station to report the male that was off with the officer punched another bus passenger in the face at the Governor’s Park stop. He was put off the bus. The victim was met at her stop by her family. Fire not to respond to the victim’s address. The victim’s family then went looking for the subject on bicycles. One under arrest for disorderly conduct and disorderly conduct on a public conveyance; also assault and battery.

Woman caller reports a strange dark skinned male on a bike at Mobil Mart taking the covers off the barrels there and he has a backpack. W94 responded and checked the area and spoke with the clerk. Unsure if the party had anything to do with the call involving the Paul Revere bus. Officer reports the clerk is familiar with the party and all is okay.

Several calls of a woman riding around in the area of Pleasant and Sunnyside Avenue with a young child on the back of a moped.

Residents on Read Street are leery as to whether town assessors would be canvassing the neighborhood on a Saturday afternoon, after receiving a card asking for access into their home.

Received a call from Boston 911 reporting they had received a call, but the caller hung up, but gave the address on Lowell Road. When the number was called back, the caller was evasive, but then said that someone had fallen. WFD notified and K-9 and 94 responded. Party fell off a bottom step and refused any medical.

Reports of loud music on Shirley Street. Calling party wondered how long it would last. K-9 checked the area and reports Millie’s Kitchen and Crystal Cove Marina sponsored an event. They are no wrapping up for the night.

Reports of group at Ingleside Park yelling and carrying on and yelling racial slurs.

Party reports he and another are stuck on the middle breakwater due to the tide. WFD notified. Officers report WFD will launch their boat and pick up the subjects. Parties were picked up and transported to the beach at Shore Drive.

Cell phone caller on Wilshire Street reports a female is screaming outside. Officers checked the entire area for the subject to no avail.

Party on Somerset Avenue repots a dog has been barking all night inside the home. Officer reports the windows are open and the dog is barking loudly. No answer at the door. No activity in the home.

Caller at Seal Harbor called regarding his wife who is on the floor and needs assistance. Call transferred to EMD and WFD for service.

Party on Otis Street reports that someone is floating a hot air balloon bag. Officer located the source and the wedding party will be ending shortly.

Caller on Banks Street reports loud party and music. Officers report speaking with the homeowner who will turn off the music.

Sunday, September 13

Party reports that Pratt Street is blocked by parked motor vehicles. Officers report the street is completely passable.

Boston dispatcher reports they received a call for a female crying and shouting walking along Saratoga Street in East Boston. She is believed to be heading into Winthrop. Officer located the female who is fine and heading home to Main Street.

Officer requested another unit respond to Main and Pleasant Street. Officer reports speaking with the subjects who live in East Boston and putting them in a taxi to take them both home to East Boston.

Party on Shirley Street reports that his mother fell and he cannot get her up himself.

Caller reports a spicket spewing water at the cemetery at Cross and River Road. DPW notified and advised that he already attended to this situation. It appears that someone may have backed into it.

Party reports that his 76-year-old mother has fallen at Fort Heath Apartments and struck her head. Transferred to EMS.

Reports of a needle in the area of Short Beach. Revere barracks notified.

Father on Pearl Avenue called to report that his young daughter observed a neighbor urinating in public. W92 and W91 responded to the residence and spoke with a woman who stated that two males living there had already left for work. Female was advised to have the male fitting the description call us. The male called and denied the incident but would not give the information on the second male claiming he did not know his name. The party was advised to stop by the station when he returns home tonight to speak with us. The original caller was notified of the outcome to date.

Caller on Johnson Avenue wanted on record that she is not abusing her dog as a neighbor has claimed. Most recently, the dog ran out of the door and the neighbor began yelling.

Party at Governors Park reports that they may now a party who has stolen some items. Officer asked for a check on a motor vehicle and the party lives in the complex. Officers spoke to the party and will follow up with the alleged victim.

Caller on Winthrop Street reports that his elderly father has fallen and needs assistance.

WFD requesting an officer to respond to Winthrop Street to scene for previous medical aid call.

Party on Shore Drive reports a male down having difficulty breathing. WFD and MS notified. Officer reports 38-year-old male transported to the Whidden.

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