Deleo and Petruccelli in Revere

Our two legislators on Beacon Hill, Speaker of the House Robert A. DeLeo and State Sen. Anthony Petruccelli, were in Revere Friday night for the grand opening of the new Harry Della Russo Stadium as both men were featured speakers in the program headed by Revere Mayor Dan Rizzo. Both the Speaker and the Senator received outstanding ovations.

The Speaker’s allegiance and support of the Winthrop High School program is well-known, but he did offer kind remarks to Revere at this auspicious event and we expect to see the Speaker at Miller Field several times this season cheering on Sean Driscoll’s Vikings.

Petruccelli actually delivered one of the best quotes of the night when he borrowed a page from Patriots owner Bob Kraft and said, “Tonight we are all Revere Patriots.”  Petruccelli has also been a supporter of Winthrop teams and is a former high school and college football player himself.

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