Phyllis Fluet

The passing this week of Phyllis Fluet marks the end of an era for those of us who are long-time residents of Winthrop.

For more than three decades, Phyllis was an active citizen of our community. She served as a member of the School Committee and Town Meeting and was involved in countless civic endeavors. She and her husband, Roland (who also served as a School Committeeman prior to Phyllis’s tenure), operated a local printing business, Winthrop Mimeo and Offset, in which they often gave of their time and resources to local causes.

Phyllis blazed a trail for women in business. She not only was a highly-involved member of the Chamber of Commerce, but she also was the recipient of the Rotary Club’s Paul Harris Fellowship, the highest award that can be bestowed upon a Rotarian.

For our part, we’ll remember Phyllis as an outspoken individual who never was afraid to speak her mind and who aways injected an element of common sense into every discussion in which she partook. Regardless of whether you agreed with her on a particular issue, no one ever doubted Phyllis’s sincerity and her desire to make Winthrop, the town where she raised her family, a better place for everyone.

We know we join with all of our readers in offering our condolences to Phyllis’s daughters, Michelle and Renee, and her other family members. May she rest in peace.

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