Police Blotter 06-04-2015

Monday, May 26

As a result of Saugus PD BOLO of a subject, Off. Curran developed information, which lead officers to revere Street in an attempt to locate the suspect in a domestic assault and battery. The suspect was located and placed into custody. It was a courtesy booking. Saugus PD picked up the prisoner.

Caller on River Road reports newly planted trees were ripped out and tossed in the middle of the road. W93 moved them off to the side of the street and DPW was notified. W93 patrolled the area looking for possible suspects.

WFD requested assistance with a lockout on Marshall Street.

Female called to report that she is having a hard time obtaining some of her property from another person’s house. They will not cooperate with her. She was advised to seek the proper advise from the Court.

Report of vandalism to a car at Governors Park.

Report of a dirt bike racing up and down Lincoln Street. Off. Carter stopped the vehicle just before this call came in and had the young male operator bring it home.

Party on Court Road requesting ambulance for a female who is not feeling well.

W93 reports he is off with WFD with alarms sounding on Kennedy Rive.

Report of a branch that came down after a truck hit on Buchanan Street. DPW notified.

Another report of a dirty bike going up and down Beal and Lincoln Street. Officer reports the area is clear.

Party on Morton Street called to report a larceny from his room.

Call for a motor vehicle obstructing the sidewalk on Bellevue Avenue, which caused an elderly man with a walker to have to walk into the street. 91 reports the vehicle is tagged and then moved.

Reports of a landscaper working at Bank of America and making lots of noise on the holiday. 92 Ramadini had them stop and observe the holiday.

Emergency center reports activation of medical alarm on Golden Drive. Female fell down and needs assistance. Fire and ambulance will respond.

Unit reports a motor vehicle pulled over for headlight violation at Revere and Crest Avenue.

93 Hickey has a male sleeping on the sidewalk on Trident Avenue. 92 Curran will take him home.

Party from Governor’s Park reports banging doors. 92 Curran reports with 91 Freeman assisting. It is a feud between tenants.

Tuesday, May 27

91 reports going off with a motor vehicle and group at Halford Beach. 93 and 94 respond on the scene to assist. The group was dispersed from the area.

Caller on Shirley Street states that her husband is having trouble breathing. Transferred to WFD.

Calls of construction vehicles obstructing the street on Veterans Road. W93 reports all work being done on private property. No trucks obstructing the street at this time.

Det. Carter and Code Enforcement Off. VanBuskirk serve an administrative warrant and initiate an investigation on Shirley Street.

Officer has motor vehicle stopped for speeding on Veterans Road. Citation issued.

Sgt. Dalrymple reports a hole in a water valve on Sunnyside and Pleasant Street. It is large enough to have someone get hurt. DPW notified.

Officer has motor vehicle stopped on Main Street for speeding. Citation issued.

Officer has motor vehicle stopped on Bowdoin and George Street. He is requesting another unit and they report issuing a citation for a stop sign violation.

Party on Walden Street called to report an odor of gas in the hallway. Fire will respond.

Male reports that his wife is yelling at kids throwing rocks at swans at Lewis Lake. 92 Ramadini reports it was not rocks, they were feeding bread to the swans.

E911 call of a motor vehicle and person in the harbor at the public landing. Fire notified. Ambulance notified. Harbormaster notified. G&J notified. Units report male assisted out of the water by passerby. Male party checked out and refuses medical treatment. WFD checked with area departments for a diver to assist the tow company. Fire was unable to locate a diver. Officer reports the tow has been hooked on the car and may not need any more assistance. Fire was informed.

Wednesday, May 28

Fax was received for an order of repossession of a motor vehicle on Bellevue Avenue.

Party at Governors Park reports that his motor vehicle was damaged overnight. Officer reports damage to every panel.

Female called seeking information regarding speeding fines. She then started talking randomly about federal agents who got speeding tickets and one is her sister who has custody of her child. The party was not making too much sense and has called in the past.

Daughter called requesting medical for her father on Sunnyside Avenue.

Very upset resident on Sunnyside Avenue called to report that the crew doing work for National Grid have a large pile of dirt and sand in front of her driveway. She is quite concerned about being able to get her sick mother out of the address. She also claimed they keep coming onto her property and she wants them to stay off. Detail Off. Freeman will respond and check the situation out. He spoke with the caller and informed her that they are working on the gas line in front of her house. She feels better now knowing this and is no longer concerned.

Detail Off. Lt. Scarpa reports a Winthrop taxi was observed speeding outbound along Revere Street onto the Winthrop Parkway at an excessive speed. He identified the driver and reports speaking with the operation manager for the taxi service regarding his poor driving habit s.

Party on Summit Avenue came in to report the theft of cash from her apartment by her landlord.

Party came in to report being the victim of identity theft.

A complaint was received relative to the trucks and equipment entering and exiting the site being directed by construction workers on Veterans Road. Officer responded to the area and observed three trucks obstructing the lane of traffic. He reports tagging one of the trucks for obstructing traffic and the other truck drove off. The job site manager contacted the station and was advised that the trucks were obstructing the lane of traffic, which caused vehicles to go in the one single lane. He was also advised that it is an unsafe condition and could not be allowed to continue.

Several reports of a dirt bike tearing up the area in Ingleside Park with children inside the park.

Office reports youths with air soft guns playing in the marsh at Sea View Avenue. It is no crime

Thursday, May 29

Caller on Shore Drive repots her roommate is under the weather and causing a problem. She is afraid. One in custody for outstanding warrants and assault and battery.

Party reports a man ran up to her and said call the fire for an odor of gas near Short Beach. WFD notified.

Party at A1 Auto Repair reports that he is being held hostage and basically cannot leave. After questioning, he reports he is having a disagreement there. Officer reports it was a disagreement between an appraiser and the shop owner. The calling party went on his way.

Caller on Hermon Street requested EMS for her husband who is not feeling well. Call transferred to WFD and EMS for service. Officer reports a 29-year-old patient to the MGH via ambulance.

Party on Franklin Street reports losing her wallet that contained her driver’s license, employment ID card, BOA debit card and approximately $40 in cash.

Caller on Tafts Avenue reports he is observing via video camera, someone walking onto his property and pacing back and forth out front. The subject got out of a pickup truck parked nearby. Officer report no truck in the area or person/s. When the caller was contacted, he stated the truck let just prior to the officer’s arrival. He was advised to call back if he sees it return in the future.

Party on Beal Street reports a male operating a dirt bike up and down the street. The dirt bike was towed by G&J and a citation was issued.

Detail office requesting a unit for a vehicle he stopped for speeding at Crest and Hutchinson Street.

Visiting Nurse requesting EMS for her patient at Nick’s Place. WFD notified.

Party came in to request an officer accompany him to pick up some clothing on Shore Drive. Plaintiff resident contacted and has no problem with it.

Party came in to report being the victim of identity theft. 92 reports the crimes alleged occurred in Canton. The party was advised appropriately.

Caller at Governors Park reports that her motor vehicle has been keyed. Officer reports speaking with the party and will file a report on the matter.

SRO Armistead reports a missing female juvenile in Odyssey Grill. Officers report the party left prior to their arrival. Boston PD reports being flagged down by a relative of the missing female and they have her stopped on Saratoga Street. They are requesting an officer on the scene. Officers have the female along with a missing juvenile male from Revere and are bringing them to the station. Revere PD notified and location was sent out. Female’s mother was notified. Off. Armistead will bring her home. His parents picked up the male juvenile at the station. Party request transport to MGH for an evaluation of her daughter.

Party on Pleasant Park Road filled out a victim/witness statement regarding threat made to her by her boyfriend’s cousin via Facebook.

Driver came to the station because he has not received payment from the incident last week. Fare was contacted and she said she had tried to contact him. She will bring the money to the station to be picked up by the cab driver on Tuesday of next week. All satisfied.

Reports of music coming form the yard on Myrtle Avenue. Unit reports the music has been turned off.

Caller repots a kayak in the middle of the ocean near Halford Beach. Units report they are unable to locate a kayak.

Friday, May 30

W93 requests an assist with several sitting on the wall there on Cliff Avenue. W91 responded and reports the parties involved earlier with the kayak. All okay.

Caller requested we make his brother give him his mother’s EBT card. When the caller was told we don’t do that he became abusive on the phone. He stated he would call the State Police.

Caller reports a white male sleeping in her basement on Trident Avenue. Units report they spoke with the caller and searched the property. Unable to locate the subject.

Party on Cottage Avenue requesting EMS for her husband. WFD notified.

Irate caller stated there is someone in the park riding a dirt bike with no helmet, etc. etc. officers check the area to no avail. W91 did speak to a man on Beal Street who was working on a dirt bike in his backyard. The officers observed no violations at that time.

Party reports a third grade student left the school in the rear by the cafeteria at the Arthur T. Cummings School. SRO notified and will respond.

Caller on Shore Drive reports a motor vehicle crash. No injuries reported. Officer reports he will assist them in exchanging information. State Police Revere not needed at the present time.

Party reports that she was exiting Winthrop near the town line and was signaling to take a left turn into the marsh park when she was tailgated by the first truck in a group of four heading outbound onto the Winthrop Parkway. The driver was blowing the horn and flipped her off as he went by. The DCR engineer was contacted and will investigate further.

Caller on Wave Way Avenue reports there is a SUV parked near with the radio blaring. There does not appear to be anyone around the vehicle.

Party reports a 209A violation by her ex. She followed him and would like to speak with an officer in the Ace Hardware parking lot.

Hang up call from North Avenue. When we called the party back he reports that he was robbed. It happened an hour ago. Officers report a deal gone bad.

Asst. Principal contacted the school to report an underclass members are at the back door to the high school and may be in need of assistance. Officers responded from the station to assist the vice principal. Fire was notified as well. One juvenile took off from the high school and was located at home and left in custody of his parents. Another juvenile was brought to the station. Mother contacted and took him home. One juvenile in protective custody.

Saturday, May 31

Reports of loud noise/party on Coral Avenue. Units all busy at this time. Officer reports youths outside waiting for a taxi. The taxi came and they left.

Caller on Ocean Avenue reports loud noise coming from a house on his street. Officers located group of middle-aged adults who will knock it off for the night.

Reports a warrant has been issued for a party living in Quincy but he has victims in Winthrop. His batteries are dead in his monitoring devise so they are letting us know of the warrant if we should come across him.

Very excited cab driver called. He was difficult to understand and get a location. Finally somewhere on Bartlett Road. Problem with a fare. Second call from a resident reporting a problem there. Officers helped to settle the matter. The fare was paid and the party walked the rest of the way home just up the street. All satisfied.

Report of a pickup truck on Morton Street driving erratically and fast. Caller reports a male got out and urinated and then took off towards out of town. While we were taking all the information as to what he was wearing, multiple calls came in for a motor vehicle accident on Pleasant Street.

Male caller reports a bad accident on Pleasant Street. A truck hit a house. Another caller reports that someone was lying in the street. The motor vehicle may have left. The caller reports multiple damages. First caller reports air bags deployed. Units diverted from Morton Street to Peasant Street. Fire notified as well as G&J. Three occupants in the truck.

W94 Off. Gergerian reports while at the active crash scene, two other motor vehicles had a minor crash near Pleasant and Court Road. According to the officer, both parties will be exchanging information.

Reports of a sewage backup into basement on Cross Street. DPW notified.

Party came to the station to report that his brother just left his home on Summit Avenue stating he wants to kill himself. He has not been acting right and left the area on foot toward the Crest Avenue area. Officers were dispatched to the area to search for the suicidal male. Officer located the subject at the top of Winthrop Shore Drive and Hawthorn Street. WFD and EMS were sent to the area to evaluate the subject.

Officer reports stopping motor vehicle and citing the operator for failing to stop at a stop sign at Shirley and Veterans Road.

Reports of vandalism to garage door on Siren Street.

Party on Willow Avenue requesting EMS for an overdose. WFD notified.

Chief requested a query on motor vehicle, which was being operator by a male subject known to the department. Query reveals his right to operate was suspended. Officer will check the area of Temple Avenue for the motor vehicle and the operator.

Party reports striking a pedestrian at Bartlett and Pleasant Street. 92 was approaching the area simultaneously and he reports party declining EMS.

Caller on Read Street requesting the police to remove her daughter’s boyfriend who does not reside there. Units report having the subject leave the area.

Party reports a male subject is inside Wyatt’s Mobile shouting and causing a disturbance. Officers report local party told to leave the store and given a trespass notice by the store clerk. The subject walked away down Main Street. He then contacted State Police via 911 and talked nonsense on the phone. Officers located him and attempted to take him to Morton Street. The subject would not comply and began shouting at neighbors in the area. He was then placed under arrest for being disorderly.

Caller on Shirley Street states that youths are possibly going through some boats that are on Ward Marine property. The caller states he spoke to the parents of the youths whom were at the Amvets and the boats were not disturbed.

Units request an inquiry on two individuals and a vehicle at Harvard and Revere Street. All parties were dispersed from the area.

Caller on Pauline Street states that her neighbor is causing a disturbance. 92 responds and reports a young child running around but will soon be in bed.

Party on Veterans Road states that kids are throwing the traffic cones in the middle of the street. Officer reports he spoke to the parents of the youths, which came from a function at the Amvets.

Party on Edward Street came to the station as a mandated reporter, about a minor who contacted her by phone on a well being of his mother. That minor also arrived at the station. DCF contacted and sending out a team. Officers did a well being check on the parent. Two DCF investigators arrived at the station and interviewed the minor and determined he will remain at his residence. DCF initiated a case file and have a team at the residence this week to follow up.

Detective units request assistance for a large group causing a disturbance on Hermon Street. 91 and 93 respond to assist. Units report one in custody for possession to distribute Class B drug and possession of Class B drug.

Caller reports a handicap parking violation on Cutler Street. Caller called back to report the vehicle moved.

Caller on Walden Street says a group of about 10 youths hanging out in front elderly neighbor’s home being very loud. All units tied up on Hermon Street. After clearing party on Hermon, W91 and 944 cleared the group on Walden.

Party states a large group causing a disturbance on Johnson and Bellevue Avenue. 93 reports area clear and observed one couple walking quietly on public way.

Sunday, June 1

Caller on Argyle Street states an erratic operation of motor vehicle. 93 responds and reports going off with that suspect vehicle. 93 request tow for vehicle and operator in custody for unlicensed operation of motor vehicle, marked lanes violation, registration not in possession and open container of alcohol in the vehicle.

Health care worker state client at Fort Heath Apartment is having chest pains.

Repossession company reports taking custody of motor vehicle on Beal Street.

Caller on Court Road reports an old neighbor is trespassing on his property. He is intoxicated and will not leave. Units requested EMS for the subject. He is being transported to the Whidden. Officer reports Section 12 being filed.

Party on Sturgis Street reports a 55-year-old female in respiratory arrest.

Call from Rowley Police to report they have recovered a Congressional Medal of Honor Plaque from an individual that has a breaking and entering, larceny record. The name on the plaque is resident of Winthrop. We will check with the cemetery people on Monday to see if it is ours and if it was stolen.

Caller on Read Street reports a possible domestic going on. Two women just fled in a SUV. Officers report a verbal argument between parties involved in a past relationship. Officers attempted to speak with the party that left the area, no luck.

Several 911 and 1212 calls of a marsh fire on Sunnyside Avenue. Fire notified.

Call of a man and woman running on the beach on Shore Drive and going into the water in their underwear. State Police will handle.

Male called from Fort Heath Apartments to report low blood pressure. Fire notified.

Party on Locust Street reports that his billfold type wallet was lost or stolen. It contained his driver’s license, his American Express and MasterCard. He was advised to contact all involved and get new cards and driver’s license.

Caller on Bellevue Avenue reports work being done on motor vehicle in a yard including painting. He believes the owner rented out the garages as a mechanic shop. Unit reports no work, no vehicles nor any painting.

Unit reports having a vehicle pulled over on Shore Drive. Operator acting suspicious. Units clearing for a domestic. Citation will be mailed.

Caller on Summit Avenue reports a tenant ran upstairs after being in a verbal dispute with boyfriend and requests police to escort her back to the apartment. Units report that matter has been settled and parties advised of their rights.

Party on Bowdoin Street reports that she wants her daughter removed from her home and believes she needs medical help. Medical refused and party sent on her way. The child was left with the grandmother at the request of the father.

Caller on Dolphin Avenue reports that her mother suffered an eye injury and requests an ambulance. Fire and ambulance notified.

Party on Shirley Street reports a fight from an apartment and a 94C violation. W94 reports no disturbance other than a loud TV turned down and no sign of 94C violations.

Officer on the scene for previous call reports a motor vehicle crash on Bowdoin Street involving parked ambulance.

Caller reports there is a group playing paint ball at Coughlin Playground. Unit reports three adult males will stop and advised.

Woman reports that she got a text message “I don’t want to hurt you” from an unknown person. She was told not to answer any e-mails or texts from someone she does not know. She will also speak with the SRO to see if it is related to a school issue. Request to check a 78-year-old female on Kennedy Road. 92 Curran reports a cell battery proble


May 28 – Joseph E. Driscoll, 59, 222 Shore Dr., Winthrop arrested and charged with two warrants, one from Revere State Police for negligent operation of a motor vehicle, and one from Winthrop Police for possession of Class D (marijuana).

May 31 – Michael Joseph Shine, 47, 157 Morton St., Winthrop arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

May 31 – Nikhil Derek Walton, 20, 119 Farrell Road, Lynn arrested and charged with possession with intent to distribute Class B (cocaine, crack, LSD, oxycodone, oxycontin, ecstacy, hydrochloride, amphetamine, methamphetamine) and possession of Class B.

June 1 – Candace C. Nicole, 26, 6 Argyle St., Winthrop arrested and charged with unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, marked lanes violation, registration not in possession, and possession of an open container in a motor vehicle.

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