Gilbane Is Leading Contender for SBAC

Winthrop’s School Building Assistance Committee (SBAC) has narrowed the field of construction managers for the school building project down from four to one.

The Construction subcommittee of the SBAC conducted interviews with four pre-qualified construction management firms on Saturday, March 1 for the school building project.

The full SBAC, after hearing a description of the interviews, voted on Monday, March 3 to have Project Manager, Skanska, negotiate terms on its behalf with one of the firms, Gilbane Inc.  Skanska will bring the SBAC up to date with negotiations at its next meeting scheduled for March 17 and if negotiations are finished the SBAC hope to have representatives from Gilbane at a  meeting scheduled for March 31.

“We on the School Building Assistance Committee are excited to be reaching this milestone in the school building process – to be selecting a Construction Manager,” said SBAC Co-chair Mary Lou Osborne. “I am grateful for the efforts of the Construction Subcommittee, Skanska and HMFH in conducting such a smooth process for RFQ, RFP and interviews for construction managers.”

Superintendent of Schools John Macero said if all goes well the School Department hopes to confirm Gilbane as the project’s construction manager by April 1.

Gilbane Inc., based in Providence, Rhode Island, is one of the largest privately held family-owned real estate development and construction firms in the industry. Gilbane is a three-time member of the “Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For” list for 2009, 2010, and 2011.

Gilbane Inc. comprises two operating companies–Gilbane Building Company and Gilbane Development Company. These two often work jointly as one company to provide expertise in finance, property development, and planning and commercial construction.

In October the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) voted to approve the town’s plans to build a new Winthrop High/Middle School.The plan is to tear down the existing high school and build a brand new facility that would house both a high school and middle school that would operate independently of one another.

Last January the SBAC voted 14-4 in favor of building a new Middle School and High School during a joint Winthrop School Building Assistance Committee/Winthrop School Committee meeting.

The cost of the project would be 82,950,000. The projected cost and cap set by Winthrop would be 42,975,000.

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