Woman Looking for Lost Cat



Winthrop resident Eriel Benyishay Ofek is seeking to locate her lost cat, who went missing on Oct. 7 in the town.

Ofek said that her two-year-old cat, Halissi, fell off the third floor porch and the cat disappeared soon after.

“I have been searching for him all over town ever since and have even left food for him but there’s been no sign of him,” said Ofek.

Ofek contacted the Winthrop Police and Animal Control Officer Van Buskirk, local animal shelters, and veterinarians in the surrounding area but there have been no sightings of Hallissi.

Ofek is offering a substantial reward for the return of her cat.

“I hope people will help me find my cat,” said Ofek. “He is a tabby with grey and black stripes on his back, white paws, white belly, white nose, and white-tipped tail and was wearing a blue collar when he disappeared. Please feel free to call me (917-455-5049) with any information.”

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