Police Blotter 12-05-2013

Monday, November 25

Party on Cottage Park Road reports finding a hypodermic needle. Officer will dispose of same.

Caller on Floyd Street reports they took down a telephone wire while removing a tree. WFD notified.

Party on Putnam Street reports someone hit a signpost, knocked it down, and left the scene. She does not see anyone around. DPW notified and will check out the damage done. Party came into the station and reported she struck it while backing out of her driveway.

Town Code Enforcement, Health Inspector and Fire Inspector condemned property on Lincoln Terrace, but were unable to secure the building.

Off. Armistead reports following up on a possible domestic violence situation on Cutler Street. Officer gave verbal trespass notice to subject. No victim coming forward at this time.

Health Officer reports she needs male subject at Metcalf Square removed as he is drunk and needs assistance. Party was transported to Whidden.

Party on Banks Street reports an injured hawk.

A white Iphone with blue/black cover found at Ingleside Park was turned in to the station. Left at front window wrapped in white paper, with call information.

Party came into the station to report a past domestic, which occurred last night. She was advised of her rights and Off. Racow will seek charges.


Tuesday, November 16

Caller on Walden Street reports she can hear her upstairs neighbors fighting. Units report a verbal argument.

Party on Revere Street believes her neighbor has been in her apartment and soiled her clothing. 93 report no evidence of any break and advised the caller appropriately.

Complaint of male taking pictures of children at Revere Street and Kennedy Road. 93 Armistead also reported several other parents complained to school.

Male on Overlook Drive flagged down officer regarding harassment from neighbor. All parties were advised to stay away from each other and contact housing or the police if necessary regarding noise complaints.

Party on Sagamore Avenue requesting an ambulance for his wife. Transferred to Action EMD.

Party on Franklin Street reports a male fell outside and is injured. WFD notified. Both units tied up on a domestic call.

Father on Shirley Street wants his 19-year-old son out. 93 Armistead, 92 Ferullo and detail Off. Carter report that the son will leave.

Party came in to report that he was working at Nick’s Place and was involved in a physical altercation with another male. Victim/Witness form provided and completed. He was advised of his rights and wanted the matter placed on record only.

Lifeline call for man down on Revere Street. Transferred to WFD and they will handle.

Units off with an intoxicated male at Winthrop School of Performing Arts. Party was picked up by his mother and left the area.

Party reporting a verbal threat over the telephone regarding the termination of an employee at Terri’s Little Pumpkins.

Caller on Brewster Avenue reported to Lt. Scarpa a scam suspect was coming by her residence and he is apprehensive. Party was reassured that caller is more than likely calling from another country.

Female on Washington Avenue reports that while she was walking home, a silver sedan stopped next to her and asked her if she needed a ride. She stated no, and the motor vehicle drove off. She stated nothing was said or done, but as she did not know the male driving, she felt it was suspicious. She states it was dark, and she could not give a description of the male. Units notified to BOLO.


Wednesday, November 27

911 transferred from State. Woman on Read Street states that her father needs an ambulance. Fire, Action notified.

Party reports an abandoned bicycle behind Viking Cleaners. Boys RIP orange bicycle placed in the Sallyport.

Two calls on Somerset Avenue of a basement fire. WFD notified. Electrical fire detected. Units assisted with street closures.

Party on Mermaid Avenue reports smoke alarms sounding. No smoke or fire showing. WFD notified.

Call from Town Hall of a man having pain in his head. Medical notified. 92 report one male to the Whidden.

Medical call for female on Bartlett Road. Transferred to medical.

Party at Dunkin Donuts on Revere Street reports a motor vehicle struck a pole. WFD notified. Caller called back to report that the vehicle fled the area on Revere Street toward Magee’s Corner. She was unable to provide a number plate. She described the vehicle as a tan or gray being operated by a light skinned black male in his twenties. Units report a pedestrian crosswalk sign was struck.

Caller on Bayview Avenue reports that her mother isn’t breathing and cold. Fire, medical notified. Officer reports 81 year old to MGH by Action EMS.

Party on Argyle Street reports that she was taken with a fake check from Craig’s List. No money was taken. She was told to cash the check and take her payment out and send the rest back. Bank caught the check as bad.

Off. McCarthy received a report of a shoplifting suspect at CVS.

Male reports male wearing black clothing and white hat trying car doors on Fremont Street and Buchanan Street.

Deputy Harbormaster came in to provide notice that there is a capsized boat at the Atlantis Marina and they are aware of this and have notified the owner. No environmental hazard reported. WFD also has been notified.

WFD requests an officer to check on a lockout resident on Sea Foam Avenue. 93 McCarthy confirmed residency.

Female on Sewall Avenue report barking dogs for three hours. 92 Brown will take a ride through the area to locate noise. Cannot locate dog barking.

Female on Quincy Avenue reports loud stereo noise from another apartment. 92 Brown will follow up on it. He spoke to caller who denies she called. House is in darkness and is quiet.

Party reported to Lt. Scarpa a disturbance on Pearl Avenue. 91 Racow located three youths walking home.


Thursday, November 28

Female located barking dog on Grovers Avenue. 92 Brown reports owner was asleep and will bring the dog in.

Party reports that her son’s ex-girlfriend is outside creating a disturbance trying to get his attention to go with her. 92 spoke with all the involved parties and restored the peace.

Caller reports he hears an argument going on in the area of Banks Street. W91 and W93 check the area and find nothing.

Caller on 911 reporting that she is being followed by her boyfriend. She feels unsafe and believes he may do harm. While on the line, she arrived at her residence and he approached and punched her mirror before fleeing. W91 and W93 arrived and stopped departing vehicle on Tileston Road.

T&T manager reports broken glass door at Paesan’s. 91 Malacaso and 93 McCarthy will check the interior. Owner will respond. Nothing appears disturbed inside, might have been done by the wind as no other source present for broken door.

Female on Cutler Street reports smoke in the basement. Transferred to WFD and 93 McCarthy reports burner blowback. Will clear shortly.

Requests service for male in Marblehead for a 209A/ERO. If not served try to serve at Revere address on Friday.

Female on Ocean Avenue complained of a nail gun and construction noise. 91 Malacaso reports homeowner will shut it down.

Mother on Sunnyside Avenue reports she received a call from her daughter and is requesting the police to assist her with a male who appears to need assistance. Units requesting EMS for the medical evaluation. Party resides at the group home on Pleasant Street. Subject was returned to his residence and turned over to the custody of a caretaker.

Party on Locust Street reports that her husband fell and needs medical attention. WFD notified.

Detail officer brought in two keys on a purple hook that were found at the football game. Placed under the front counter.

Woman called to report a syringe on the sidewalk on Lincoln Street at Walden Place. W93 responded and located the item for disposal.

Caller on Governors Drive stated the apartment upstairs is having a loud party and do this all the time. She would not give name or apartment number. She also stated she would not let the officer in the building as she was afraid the people would know she called. She was told that in order to help her, we would need to be let in the building and told what apartment is at issue. She stated she would think about it and call back.


Friday, November 29

Caller on Locust Street reports loud music, yelling, screaming and moving of furniture next door. Officer reports the house is in darkness and very quiet.

Call from another agency to notify us that they will be trying to serve a warrant on Paine Street in case we get any calls.

Party on Nevada Street reports a basement fire. WFD notified. Units repot an issue with the oil burner.

93 will stand by in the area for a landlord/tenant matter on Shore Drive.

CVS manager reports a shoplifter. Units report female issued a trespass notice and will be summoned for shoplifting.

Caller on Walden Street reports that she has fallen and needs assistance getting up. W91 reports female transported to the Whidden via Action.

Caller on Grovers Avenue reports that her daughter is non-responsive/not breathing. Fire notified.

Chief Delahanty request units for medical for a situation at the Youth Center. W93 reports an 83-year-old female refusing medical attention.

Female came to the station to report that the defendant in a EBC matter in which she is the victim is using subpoena to obtain personal information about her.

Female on Wilshire Street called to report that another female called her home and she does not want her calling the house. We called subject and advised her not to call the house on Wilshire.

Male on Pauline Street came to the station to report that he went out early to shop and came home with two bags containing presents valued at $500. When he came home, his roommate was there and he left his packages and went out again. When he came home, he went to bed and when he awoke, his packages and his roommate were gone.

Party came to the station to report that after placing photographs for sale on Craig’s List, he received some strange e-mails. Some of the e-mails were looking for his personal information and bank account numbers. Recently he received what looks like a company check via priority mail in a large amount. His landscape photos are listed for $4.00 each. Party was advised to bring us the e-mails he received as well as his ad and NOT to give anyone online or the phone his information.


Saturday, November 30

Caller on Atlantic Street reports a loud bang. She believes it to be a motor vehicle accident. Unit 93 reports damage to a retainer wall.

W91 approached by a cab driver that had a fare envader. Party identified and ordered to pay, which he did, and sent on home.

Attempt to serve summons to female on Golden Drive. Units report nobody home at the address.

Caller on Temple Avenue reports being chased by a pit-bull off a leash. ACO notified.

Party on Triton Avenue reports receiving over 20 calls at his home over the past two days from various people claiming to be returning his call. His home phone number is appearing on their called ID’s and they are calling him back. He would like it noted that he has not been contacting anyone from his home phone requesting various types of information and he believes that someone is using his number to perform some type of scam.

Off. Chapdelaine of GPD called to request we make a courtesy check at Kasbah Restaurant for NH vehicle. Owner of the vehicle went to GPD to report that someone was authorized to test drive a car they were selling. They have not purchased the car yet and have been “test driving” the vehicle for over a month. They would like their car returned.

Party on Dix Street called to report that her husband fell through the porch and his leg is struck. WFD notified and W91 responded and reports party transported.

Male on Harbor View Avenue requesting an ambulance for his father-in-law who is not feeling well. WFD notified. Transport to Melrose Wakefield Hospital.

Father on Putnam Place came to the station to report that his 17-year-old son was due home at 10:30 p.m. and he is not home yet. He called a few friends and one friend said he was there on Putnam Place and then acted as though the phone went dead. W92 and W94 responded and report speaking with one of the males there who said he party was at the address 45 minutes ago. The units spoke with the mother who checked the house and the 17 year old was not there. The dad was informed and returned home and will call back if the son returns. Units BOLOed a description of the son to check for on their patrols. The dad called the station to report that his son is home and all is well.


Sunday, December 1

An ongoing neighbor dispute on Revere Street and caller is suspicious of upstairs tenant. Officers spoke with the caller, conducted area check and put her to rest that all is well.

Motor vehicle pulled over on Bartlett Road with backseat passenger under the weather. The driver is okay.

Unit 91 off with motor vehicle on Pleasant Street. Vehicle came back active, owner and operator of vehicle comes back with an active WMS. G&J has been notified and units coming in with one male under arrest for lights violation, speeding, possession of Class B drug, and possession of Class D drug and outstanding warrant.

Caller on Locust Street reports a suspicious male dressed in black walking up and down the street. Units report unable to locate anyone matching the description in the area.

Woman on Floyd Street reports chest pains. Transferred to WFD, Action.

911 transferred from State of report of a stove fire on Winthrop Street. Fire, units report fire put out. It was a grease fire. All clear.

Caller on Walden Street reports some smoke coming from upstairs apartment. W92, W93 and WFD notified. Small outside fire extinguished. WFD made forced entry into window of back door.

Female called to report that her father attempted to make a withdrawal at the ATM at Winthrop Marketplace of over $600 and the money never came out of the machine. They have since checked the amount and it shows the withdrawal for the full amount of money that was never dispensed. They will call the bank in the morning.

Caller on Nahant Avenue called to report that her neighbor is lighting leaves on fire and around her house and that he is constantly spraying things. She also claims that he enters her house continuously to store his cans. A while back she reports that she found a fuse that she believes her neighbor was using to light things on fire. When asked why he would do this, she claims that he is a pyro and does not like her. She was asked why she did not call when each of these events happened and she said that her neighbor would probably blow her up. W92 brought some leaves with black dots to the station and caller was satisfied.

Male came to the station to report that he discovered today that someone gained access to his Eastern Bank account leaving him with a zero balance. There was activity/charges at Wal-Mart and Office Max that he did not incur. These unauthorized uses of his funds occurred on 11/29. These are only the known unauthorized uses at this time. There could be others. Reporter did not lose his bankcard. This was reported to Eastern Bank.

Call of a male outside on Douglas Street yelling. W91 and W92 responded and request Viking for a male going to Wakefield. Party has cash to pay for Viking and they were called.

Daughter at Fort Heath Apartments called to report that her mother has fallen and they can’t get her up. Transferred to EMS.


Monday, December 2

W93 off with disabled motor vehicle in middle of Revere Street. Officer giving lift to party to obtain a gas can.

Caller on Revere Street worried about a séance in the basement. W91, and W93 report the caller is distraught and wanting to go to the hospital. Contact made with the party’s sister who is enroute to help with the children.

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