Police Blotter 10-10-2013

Monday, September 30

Two motor vehicles that were previously given a verbal warning on September 16th about obeying the posted signs during school hours on Revere Street once again failed to comply. The owners of both vehicles were issued Town Bylaw Violations.

Party at Lewis Lake Park reported that she observed an older man talking to a young child on Saturday by the lake and the mother was not around. When she located the mom, she told her about the man who had left the area.

Party reports that while parked near the CVS, he backed into another motor vehicle parked directly behind him. Number plate unknown. He reports he cracked the number plate holder around it. The operator of the other vehicle was yelling at him regarding the damage. He just wanted to report it to the police, as she did not exchange papers with him.

Party on Main Street dropped off an abuse prevention order from Suffolk Probate and Family Court. Defendant was served over the phone and will pick up his copy at the station today. Defendant picked up his copy in the afternoon.

Caller on Shirley Street reports some prescriptions and jewelry were taken from her apartment. She believes it may have been painters that were in the apartment recently.

Party came in to the station making no rational sense. After further evaluation, party made statements to harm himself then fled the station with officer in foot pursuit down Hermon Street. 919 responded via a citizen’s assist and subject was detained on Hermon Street. He then was transported to the MGH for evaluation.

Fort Banks Elementary School called regarding one of the students who was supposed to be picked up. Party called back stating the child was located in the school.

Party reports being harassed by other youths at the Ingleside Skate Park.

Caller on Putnam Street reports fight in the driveway. Officer reports brothers fighting, both deny any physical assault, and neither wants to press charges.

Caller reported to Off. McCarthy that her 12-year-old grandson made threats to hurt himself. Grandmother taking child to the Whidden.


Tuesday, October 1

Party on Johnson Avenue reports a 15 year old having difficulty breathing. WFD notified.

Caller reports that he lost his Florida HP placard. If anyone turns it in please notify him.

Party on Shore Drive reports she just arrived home and a male who lives nearby states that he needs medical treatment due to a fall. Officer responded and reports the party will be transported to MGH.

Mother on Linden Street reports that her daughter’s father did not pick up the daughter as per court order. She reported it to the police for record keeping purposes.

Party on Buchanan Street reports that his son’s bicycle was stolen from his driveway sometime over the past weekend. Striker X – Avigo, bright orange in color.

Report of a car on Cottage Park Road with a suspicious male in it. Officer reports the vehicle left prior to his arrival.

Caller on Overlook Drive reports that someone is in the trash shed.


Wednesday, October 2

Caller at Ingleside Park reports a shirt or something on fire on one of the benches located on the Walden Street side.

Very concerned party reports a dead raccoon in the area of St. John’s Evangelist Church lying on top of a barrel. Message left for ACO.

Party on Governors Drive would like to speak with an officer regarding her 11-year-old daughter. Officer requests EMS and WFD for an evaluation of the girl. Patient was transported to the MGH via ambulance.


Thursday, October 3

Party on Banks Street reported to a female that his friend was supposed to meet him this morning but has not shown up. Officer responded and reports he cannot gain access nor is there any answer at the door. WFD contacted and did a forced entry on the address. Officer reports that the party is deceased and has been pronounced by the paramedics on the scene. CPAC notified as well as the ME’s office. ACO notified to remove a loose parrot flying around the home.

Caller on Orlando Avenue requests EMS for a family member experiencing pain. Call transferred to EMD and WFD for service.

Party was in contact with Winthrop Housing Authority and made a statement relative to her killing herself. The female party was evaluated by paramedics and has no intensions of harming herself. She refused EMS transport to the hospital.

Caller on Revere Street reports that she has her 17 month old locked in her vehicle. WFD notified.

Party on Waldemar Avenue reports that her tenant is 90 years old and is not coming to the door. Officer reports the landlord is not on the scene and he cannot gain access to the apartment at present time. Officer did speak with the tenant who is fine and refused medical transport.

Multiple calls of a motor vehicle crash on Shore Drive. Officer reports three vehicles involved with possible injuries. MSP Revere notified. WFD and EMS also notified and responding. Officer reports the state police arrived on the scene and will handle the crash reports, etc.

ACO requests an officer respond while Animal Rescue League enters the home to remove the parrots. (See above paragraph)

Harassment Prevention Order was issued on a male on Main Street to avoid all contact with the minor son, 93 completed service in hand.

Caller on Fairview Street states that his wife is calling and making statements about shooting him and other off-the-wall statements. He said that she has not been feeling well and has been sick. He would like us to check on her well-being. He stated that she does not own firearms, but her father might. Subject advised of his rights.

Party on Hermon Street claims that a female acquaintance verbally harassed her at T&T Convenience and then physically attacked her boyfriend. She also reports past harassment via Facebook over the past year. WHS was notified by her and Off. McCarthy advised her of all her pertinent rights. She declined any further action by us at this time.

Caller on Cross Street reports that his 16 year old daughter did not return from school today, did not go to work, and shut off her phone after making remarks about hurting herself. All units notified and missing persons report entered into CJIS.

Party on Pauline Street reports a verbal harassment by a neighbor on Hermon Street. He was informed of his rights to a harassment order, and will contact us the next time it happens.

Caller on Shore Drive reports a woman on the beach screaming and a man chasing her. SP notified and is responding.


Friday, October 4

Party on Hermon Street reports being threatened/harassed by a former tenant. W92 reports speaking to all parties involved who agree to stop contacting each other.

Male on Revere Street came to the station to report that a female tenant of his just made threats to him and has threatened him and other tenants in the past. He was told to wait a minute and officer would give him a Victim Witness Statement Form, he was gone. Off. Carter checked the area on Revere Street and no one came out. After waiting and this man did not call or come back, the call was closed.

Officer will try to serve a summons on Winthrop Street issued by the Suffolk County Courthouse.

Officer will try to serve a summons issued by the Woburn Court to subject on Golden Drive. He reports speaking to the person living there and they stated that the person we were seeking moved out a year ago.

Officer will try to serve a 209A issued by the East Boston Court to Cottage Park Road. He reports the house is abandoned.

Male reports that he stepped off the bus on Hermon Street and was called a scumbag from residents in the area. This is his second report from that same location.

Report of a barking dog on Triton Avenue and the owner refuses to take it in. 92 Ramadini/Curran report checking and no barking or dog around.

Another call from Hutchinson Street of a dog that will not stop barking. 92 Ramadini/Curran report owner was now home. He was contacted and will return and quiet the dog.


Saturday, October 5

Female on Beal Street complains of a loud party behind her house on Marshall Street. 91 Freeman and 93 A. Hickey report adults are in the yard and will now go inside. Very cooperative.

ME inquiring about an overdose last night on Quincy Avenue. WFD made no response to that address. Later determined that this was the victim’s former address. Incident occurred in his home in Brookline.

Loud music complaint on Douglas Street. W91 and W93 spoke with residents about ending their party for the evening.

Caller on Beacon Street reports trapping two large snakes.

Female on Revere Street came to the station to report that another female who lives upstairs has been harassing her and today made threats to “kill me”.

Call of a problem in the parking lot at Nick’s. Officers report the owner of a car locked her keys in it. Off. Curran will stand by to assist and reports with the help of workers across the street, she is in the vehicle.

Caller on Trident Avenue reports that across the street there is a lady lying on the porch throwing up. Fire and officer report there were two females. They both refused medical help. Officer checked the apartment to see if anyone needed help and all was clear.

Off. Feeley reports going off with two subjects on Grandview Avenue taking pictures of planes/airport. He reports they are college student working on a project.

Male on Johnson Avenue reports a kid with a toy gun aiming at passers by. 91 Curran and 92 Ramadini report speaking with some 10 year olds playing with air soft red tipped toys and advised them to stay on their own property.

Report of kids drinking on Bartlett Parkway. W98 Lt. Scarpa and Off. Jaworski responded.

Reports of noisy group by the bench on Kennedy Road. Officer sent a group out of the area.

Call from Quincy to report that the subject we obtained a warrant for is now home. Quincy PD notified and will attempt service. Quincy called back and confirmed he is in custody on the warrant.


Sunday, October 6

Female on Revere Street reports there is a dead possum in the street and she doesn’t want to see it there when she comes out in the morning, as it will be squished. Caller was told that this was not an emergency and that we would make note of it and even though it is the weekend, we would notify ACO in the morning. W94 checked the area and the animal is deceased. DPW or ACO please remove.

Woman on Willow Avenue called to report that there has been a dog barking in the area for over two hours and she is concerned that something might be wrong. Officer reports he could hear no barking dog in the area.

Female caller on Irwin Street states that her drunken ex-boyfriend is banging on her windows. Units report speaking with the female. She does not want to seek an ERO. W91 sent both male parties out of the area with a warning about returning.

Report of a vicious skunk fight in a backyard on Read Street. ACO notified.

Young lady came to the station to report that a snake was in the left side parking lot at the Kennedy Road Cemetery. ACO was called on this earlier.

W91 requests assistance as he is on a foot chase. All units notified that subject has active warrants. Subject arrested for two warrants.

Woman on Shirley Street reports that a male is trying doors along the street. All units responded and located a male on the bus that turned out not to be involved. 98 Jaworski and Bonavita report a political flying regarding a hearing on water rates at Pt. Shirley Assoc. is bring dropped in the area by a political candidate

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