Police Blotter 05-02-2013

Monday, April 22

Caller from Revere Street reports that two cars are in the street and one car is attempting to push the other. W91 and W93 responded and report a disabled motor vehicle. G&J notified by the owner and us to tow.

Caller reports the plates covering the road construction in the area of Donovan’s Beach appear to have shifted and are creating a public safety hazard. Lt. DeLeo notified DPW.

Male caller reports a pickup parked in a “No Parking” area at Otis and Brewster. Officer tagged vehicle.

Party reports graffiti on park benches at the John Joseph Kilmartin Memorial Pathway on Revere Street.

Officer Feeley reports being off with two suspicious youths on Revere Street.

Female on Revere Street reports that her husband is lying on the floor and may have injured his arm.

Male on Shirley Street called to report that trash has been left for several weeks in front of a house that the trash truck did not pick up. Call said that the house in empty. Message left for attorney that may be in charge of the property to arrange for a pickup.

Caller on Main Street reports that a male subject is attempting to gain entry to the first floor apartment through a window. Units request medical for evaluation. Voluntary transport to Whidden. W93 will follow up with the landlord and Boston Housing given the ongoing disturbances between roommates and unauthorized tenants.

Lt. Scarpa reports that the excavation where the DPW was working at Governors Park and Revere Street has sunk and needs to be addressed. Calla notified and will take care of it ASAP. Off. Jaworski assisted the DPW while they plated the hole for safety.

Caller reports a male party having trouble walking and fell over into the bushes on Lincoln Street. Units report subject located and requesting medical assistance. Subject transported to hospital.

Tuesday, April 23

Female on Somerset Avenue reports a male going through the trash. 92 Oyola and 91 Gergerian searched for male with grey sweatshirt. No one around.

Party on Main Street requested we check on his girlfriend who will not answer him. Officer reports that the female is fine. No further action is needed at this point.

Visiting Nurse requesting EMS for a lethargic resident on Winthrop Street. WFD notified.

Party on Beach Road reports a black SUV type motor vehicle operated by a black female approximately 18 to 20 years of age just pulled up in front of her home playing loud music. She then proceeded to roll and smoke a “what she believes to be” a marijuana cigarette. Officers advised and will watch for further civil infractions by the motor vehicle operator.

Caller from Sewall Avenue reports that two males out front in a navy blue cube type van possibly shooting up drugs. Officers report stopping the motor vehicle near Nahant Avenue. The passenger has an active warrant. Subject was placed under arrest and transported to the station for booking. Drug paraphernalia was located, but not drugs.

Party reports motor vehicle crash with injuries near Main Street and Walden Street. Both vehicles towed. Both operators transported to the hospital.

Female reports that she struck the curb at Revere and Hutchinson Streets and the airbag(s) deployed. She stated there are no injuries. 93 reports speaking with the party and refused any assistance.

Male on Shirley Street reports an ongoing issue with his neighbor in another apartment. He was advised of his rights and requested it be placed on record.

Officer requests EMS for an evaluation of a male party at Energy To Go, who is requesting medical aid.

Officer investigated reports of threats being made by another teen on Pleasant Street.

Officer attempted to serve ERO issued by Waltham District Court to subject on Shore Drive. Officer reports he is unable to make service on the male subject.

Party came to the station to report he has been receiving multiple obscene and harassing phone calls from a private number. He has contacted Comcast Security and they have traced one of the calls. He believes he knows who the culprit is, and wants to seek complaints against the perpetrator of these calls if they continue.

Caller reports being in a minor motor vehicle accident while parked at the Deane Winthrop House. It took out his mirror. He wanted it logged but states he is handling it without insurance company interaction. He wanted it logged, in case the other party reneged.

Wednesday, April 24

Male on Walden Street reports that his girlfriend is having some medical issues. Fire notified and 92 responded and reported a 52-year-old female to the BMC.

Shamrock called reporting they have towed a motor vehicle per property owner that was obstructing the entrance to 30 Main Street.

91 reports receiving a report of a white Honda traveling at an excessive rate of speed in the area of Washington Avenue and Pleasant Street.

Party on Walden Street requesting an ambulance for his wife who is experiencing chest pains. WFD notified.

Lt. Scarpa reports National Grid truck parked on sidewalk totally obstructing it on Washington Avenue. Officer spoke to the workers who will be digging and have requested an officer for traffic safety.

Constable came in to notify us that he would be at a Shirley Street location for a shut-off execution.

Party on Grovers Avenue reports that she was away for several months and returned home to find that her home was broken into.

Report of a fire on Hermon Street on the second floor. WFD notified.

Party on Wave Way Avenue is requesting EMS for his 52-year-old girlfriend with a diabetic reaction. WFD and EMS notified.

Caller reports an unleashed pit bull lunges at people who pass by on Revere Street. ACO notified and will respond to investigate.

Male on Woodside Avenue requesting EMS to be transported to a local hospital. WFD notified.

Party on Shirley Street requests to speak to an officer about an ongoing problem with a roommate.

Thursday, April 25

Received a faxed copy of a repo order at approximately 2:35 a.m. for a motor vehicle on Cliff Avenue. Unable to determine whether or not it was actually towed or not. No follow up call or visit to the station was made. Attempted to call the RI number to no avail.

Party on Somerset Avenue reports that she has noticed the area on the stairs to the ocean end was littered with empty beer cans over the last several weeks. She requested an officer check the area during patrol operations. She was also advised to call if she sees anyone in the area, as it is visible from her residence.

Female on Shore Drive was picked up on a warrant of apprehension docket that is staying at the above address. Officer reports subject in custody and being transported by W93.

Party from Governors Drive came in to report that her neighbors are interfering with her quiet enjoyment. She specifically reported second hand smoke issues and noise complaints. She was advised to file a report with the Condo Association and the Management Office and to call when the noise issue is occurring.

Caller reports motor vehicle crash at Pauline and Walden Street with possible injuries. WFD and EMS notified. Officer reports all parties refused treatment and one vehicle was towed from the scene.

Requesting an officer respond to Moore Street to speak to father regarding his son being bullied and picked on near his home. Officers reports W92 will be taking the teen subject home and speak with his parent.

Party reports her mother appears to have taken a stroke and is pulled over at the side of the road on Lowell Road. WFD and EMS notified and will respond. Officer reports elderly female approximately 80 years old, being transported to MGH via ambulance.

Female on Highland Avenue reports fraudulent use of her Northeast Credit Union Visa debit card for approximately $600 in charges, which were conducted in St. Lucia, Florida. She has reported this to her bank and they are investigating.

Mother – son domestic on Siren Street. Verbal only. Parties separated and advised of their rights.

Walk-in to report that on April 19th at 4 p.m., he was the victim of harassment by a man at the Mobile Mart. The male went over to him and told him to “bump him.” The man then followed him around the store telling him to stay away from his wife. Reporting party then left and as he drove away, the male threw a can at his car. He was advised of his rights.

Caller on Shirley Street reports that her mother pulled her hair. Units report settling matter for now. All rights given.

Friday, April 26

Caller states there is a carload of kids causing a disturbance with loud music and throwing trash from the vehicle in the parking area of Franklin Street. 92 responds and reports the area is clear.

Woman on Shirley Street reports that someone is trying her door. 91 Freeman/Oyola and 92 DeMayo report that female checked out. Taken to station for protective custody. Matron notified.

Received faxed copy of warrant issued by Chelsea District Court for service on male on Nahant Avenue. Subject is not home and may be on vacation.

Party requested officer attempt to contact a parent for a child at Gorman School who is not feeling well. 93 was unable to make contact. School notified.

Report of a syringe on the sidewalk near the cemetery side of the street at Cross Street. Officer reports.

Received a copy of abuse prevention order issued by East Boston Court to be served to male on Marshall Street. Party served in hand at the station.

Party on Overlook Drive requesting an ambulance for resident having difficulty breathing. WFD notified.

Officer reports that a party on Fairview Street states two individuals from East Boston assaulted him.

Caller on Quincy Avenue reports that his landlord shut off his heat.

Mother on Circuit Road reports that she does not want her 31-year-old daughter in her house. Units report dropping off daughter in Beachmont. All settled for now.

Saturday, April 27

Neighbor on Washington Avenue complaining of a fight going on in the apartment above. Officers spoke with male subject who agreed it was time for bed.

Male called to report someone playing a guitar on his front porch on Edward Street and it is disturbing him. Officer Carter asked if he could not play until after 9 a.m. and man said okay.

Officer will again try to serve a harassment order issued by Chelsea Court to male subject on Nahant Avenue. He reports party is on vacation in Florida.

Officers will try to serve a 209A issued by the Waltham Court and arrest male subject on Shore Drive. He has several warrants for his arrest. They report checking the apartment, roof, and basement. He is not there.

Tenant on Quincy Avenue reports that his landlord has shut off his heat in his apartment. Advised that the incident will be noted in journal, and advised of his rights.

Caller from Bowdoin Street requests ambulance for his sick wife. Transferred to Action EMS.

Caller reports that she found a resident from Nahant Avenue outside and she needs an ambulance. Transferred to Action MS.

Officer Feeley reports going off with two individuals on Harvard Street.

Call of a sewer backup on Lorean Terrace. Eric Esposito notified.

Store on Revere Street reports disturbance involving a customer. Units report speaking to all involved parties and issuing a trespass notice to the involved customers.

Caller on Trident Avenue requests ambulance for her sister. Transferred to Action EMS.

Party reports that a young female may have injured her arm in the gym at Fort Banks School. Fire/ES and W92 dispatched. Family refused medical and will transport.

Caller on Shore Drive reports that a male in the basement is injured and disoriented. Fire/EMS and W93 dispatched. Male located. Voluntary to Whidden. W93 will do property check of apartment.

While on previous medical aid, Officer Feeley discovered damage to above property caused by patient.

Male on Shore Drive called to report finding the property of the party involved in the above situation. W91 responded and took custody of the property consisting of a wallet containing $55 and a watch. W91 brought property to the station where it was secured.

Caller on Locust Street reports finding a dog, possibly a Llaso Apso on his lawn. Dog has been with him a while. Caller reports that he also left a message with ACO earlier. Dog walker in charge of the Shitsu on Summit Avenue reports the dog missing. Information for the person who found the dog on Locust Street given to the owner and two messages left for the original caller.

Auxiliary unit reports sending an 18-year-old from the area of Hannaford Park. W91 responded to keep the area clear.

W91 sent a group from the area of the extension on Temple Avenue. He also reports finding a trek bike on the beach. Bike was brought to the station and tagged with log entry.

Mother on Sunset Road reports her 14-year-old son is not home yet. She reports that he hangs around at 7-11 and on Douglas Street and Edwards Street. W93 located the youth and brought him home to his mother who may have been a bit under the weather.

Sunday, April 28

W93 and W91 reports being off with a party on Halford Beach. W93 transported one male for PC to the station. Charges: Protective custody.

Anonymous caller reports trash left out for collection before the time set forth in by-laws on Siren Street. Code enforcement officer notified.

Doctor from MGH called to report that she received a call from a patient on Walden Street stating that her husband was assaulting her. Units report no domestic. 61-year-old female to MGH for mental health evaluation.

Caller reports two plastic drink containers containing a “suspicious” liquid on Bartlett Road. Items disposed of without incident.

Male came to the station to report that he is being threatened by a relative.

Female caller reports that kids lying in the street on Shirley Street and one of the kids mooned her. Officer reports two eleven-year-old kids. They were told to leave the area.

Caller from Belcher Street called to report that a male wearing a red sweatshirt and jeans and cap is carrying a butcher knife. Caller reports that the male first had it in his shoe and then took it out and put it in his pocket. Caller then reports that the male was looking at himself in the reflection of a motor vehicle to see if the knife was visible. W93 Officers S. Hickey and Off. Bonavita responded. Officers located the juvenile and brought him to the station where his mother was contacted.

Caller from Bates Avenue reports that property is missing from residence, possibly by someone known to her.

E911 call requesting poison control on Locust Street. Transferred to Action EMS. W91 responded and parties had already left on their own to the hospital.

Monday, April 29

Group moving from Beacon Circle to new location. Officer will speak with them. W91 request a cab respond. Viking Cab notified. Five individuals sent out of the area via Viking to East Boston, Chelsea and Everett.

Officer reports a car there running with no one in it at Belle Isle Cemetery. Located the owner who was visiting her grandmother.

Caller on Lorean Terrace reports a suspicious suitcase left on stairs leading to beach. W92 reports item appears to be some type of flotation device that came loose from a boat dock and poses no threat.

Male from Enterprise Rent A Car reports that one of their vehicles was stolen from in front of 16 Woodside Avenue on or about April 26. All information entered in CJIS/NCIC.

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