The Honorable Justice Albert Conlon: First Justice Has a Local Connection

We were in attendance at Law Day program in Lynn for one of our sister publications and it was great to see the Honorable Justice Albert Conlon, who presides over the Lynn District Court, taking such a key leadership position in the program that educates Lynn students about the legal system. When Justice Conlon took the podium at the reception, you could sense the tremendous respect and high esteem in which he is held by all the lawyers, probation officers, court personnel, city officials, and school administrators.

Of course, our private conversation with the Honorable Justice turned to his wife, Gail, the beloved principal of Winthrop High School, who is retiring at the end of the school year. Justice Conlon’s position of prominence in the legal profession made us realize that our administrators and teachers have lives that are separate from their professional responsibilities here and we thank Justice Conlon for being so warm and gracious to us during our visit to his court.

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