Winthrop’s Song: Another Reason for Pride in Winthrop

If you weren’t able to get the Winthrop Cultural Council’s annual celebration Tuesday night, you missed a great rendition of Winthrop’s “song” that was performed by the Winthrop High School Vocal Vikings to the delight of those in attendance. We understand that Joanne Hillman – who does such a fine job as the leader of the Cultural Council that awards grants to Winthrop organizations each year – intends to put the performance on the Council’s Facebook page.

We like the suggestion put forward by Superintendent of Schools John Macero – who proudly watched the high school students, including Kelly Russo, who’s done so much for the advancement of music in our high school – that maybe Winthrop football fans should sing the song after each touchdown is scored.

We’re sure that Town Historian Dave Hubbard knew about the Winthrop song, but for those of us who don’t have his historical knowledge, it was nice to be surprised by the Vocal Vikings with such a nice tribute to our town.


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