Police Blotter 08-23-2012

Monday, August 13

Party on Circuit Road reports being harassed by another neighbor in her building.

Detail Officer Dalrymple reports a motor vehicle was damaged by the car wash while traveling through. Reported to the attendant on duty at the car wash.

Officer is attempting to serve a 209A for subject on Shore Drive to stay away from the female subject at her Mansfield address. Party was served in hand but appeared to be under the influence. Officer requested WFD and EMS for an evaluation of the party. WFD and EMS notified. Subject was transported to the Whidden via EMS for evaluation.

Party on Winthrop Street reports someone entered her motor vehicle Sunday a.m. and took a Garmin Nuvi 200 GPs valued at approximately $200. Entrance was gained through an unlocked vehicle door.

Caller reports a party in glasses and dark baseball cap looking in the area of Pleasant Street. The person lives there and goes outside to smoke.

Female caller from Ft. Heath Apartments called to say she thinks her husband may have had a stroke.

Caller from Belcher Street reports she thinks someone is in her house. Then she reports it is someone she knows playing a joke on her.

Call of group tagging beach wall near Nevada Street. State notified and will respond.

Report of an eight year old having an asthma attack at the pool at Governors  Park.

Several calls of a distraught female in her 20’s walking around Overlook Drive. Officer reports female looking for property that she lost in the area and is upset.

Several calls of girls fighting in the area of Kathy’s Place. Units report settling dispute for now. They also cleared out a group in the center

Tuesday, August 14

Caller reports that the change machine appears to have been broken into last night at Center Laundromat. W91 reports no sign of forced entry into machine and appears the owner may have accidentally left it open. Money secured and returned to owner.

Mother on Shirley Street reports her daughter is on heroin and she wants her out of the house. Units report coming in with one female for domestic assault and battery.

Officer will try to serve male on Somerset Avenue a harassment order issued by the Lynn District Court. He reports no one is at home.

911 wireless caller reports receiving two voicemails from female on Brookfield Road claiming that she has decided to commit suicide and has ingested an entire bottle of valium. Units report voluntary transport to MGH for evaluation as she did ingest valium.

Female on Pleasant Street called to report she is being harassed by the father of her children. Father lives in Revere and she does not know the address. She will go to the EB Court in the morning.  If he comes by the house or keeps harassing her, she will call us.

Female came to the station to report that her Ipod and other items were missing from her motor vehicle while parked in front of her house on Bowdoin Street, possibly Sunday night to Monday morning. She found her Ipod in an envelope on top of her mailbox on Monday. She then realized that her Magellan GPS valued at $70 and her cable charger valued at $25 were missing from her vehicle. These items are still missing at this time.

Call from Pico Avenue about calls from a foreign voice asking about UPS deliveries and personal information. Female gave them neither.

Report of a sewer backup at CVS Pharmacy. Racow notified Steve Calla.

98 Jaworski, Racow along with M. Aguilar of Mass Parole arrested male at the Alcohol & Drug Free Lodging Home on Shore Drive for parole violation. They took him directly to their lockup.

Father called to report his daughter was injured as a result of a fight reported last night. Caller reports his 15 year old daughter is currently at the MGH and they will be in to make a full report upon her release which he expects will be tonight. Mother and alleged victim came to the station and were given victim/witness forms to complete and return to the station. Information will be given to Officer McCarthy.

Someone from Wheelock Street called to report a male identified as John came to his home and said he was from Comcast and he was there to pick up equipment. Caller said he contacted Comcast who said that they don’t send employees out to pick up equipment. Suspect is described as in his 40’s with dark hair and wearing an Infinity T-shirt.

93 Brown and 91 DeCarlo report they stopped  three teens inside Dalrymple School. Verbally warned to stay away.

HPO needle on street at D&T Variety. 91 DeCarlo picked it up and disposed of it.

Wednesday, August 15

Burglar alarm activation on Cliff Avenue. W92 reports audible alarm silenced upon arrival. All access points secure.

Mental Health case worker called to report he is on Winthrop Street and a family member has a very severe cut on her leg. Officer and fire report female going to the Mass General.

Apartment owner on Grovers Avenue called to report someone is in there and he does not know who it is. Officers report first floor rear door open, apartment searched and no one there. All looks okay. Second and third floor are secure. Owner will come home and check to see if anything is missing.

Female came to the station to report she fell a few weeks ago on Washington Avenue at Pleasant Street as a car came too fast. She said a yellow pedestrian sign was there and it is missing now. Call to the DPW and Eric will obtain another one and replace the missing one. When I went to the window to tell the lady it is being replaced, she was gone.

Caller reports there are two dogs in a car on Main Street and the windows are all closed. Officer reports the dogs look okay and the windows are down.

Report from Sgt. Hickey stating that a pit bull is on Fairview Street and that last week it went after the postal person. Today it ran after caller’s daughter. He has notified ACO and Mark will handle this Thursday.

Female called to report that two Elizabeth Warren election signs have been stolen from in front of 19 Ocean View Street and 292 Winthrop St. As local manager of that campaign, she would like this noted at this time.

Call from Linden Street asking for a police officer to keep the peace as clothes are needed. Officers Brown and Gergerian repot the mother will not allow her in or to get clothes. Female was told by mother that she could not come in. To prevent any problem, daughter was told to get paperwork from court. She agreed and will go to court Thursday.

Report of a male down and bleeding at Viking Gardens. W93 responded along with fire but could not locate anyone outside there. A check with the caller located a male on the grass.

Rottweiler reportedly picked up on Almont Street by a female. A few minutes later a woman called from Locust Street reporting her dog missing. A minute later a male called on 911 also reporting his dog missing. He was told 911 was for emergencies. Dog belonged to female on Locust Street. Dog finder returned the dog to the owners at their residence.

Report from 7/11 store on Revere Street that one of his employees was touched by a male who came into the store last night at approximately 8:30 p.m. The male is said to have come behind the counter and tried to hug and kiss a female clerk and put his hands on her. Officers are reviewing the tape.

Male called to ask if we had his uncle at the station. He reports that no one has seen his uncle since 9 this morning and this is unusual. After checking the log, he was informed that we had no contact with the uncle. We checked with fire as well. Caller reports that he will have his cousin make a report later if the uncle does not return.

Thursday, August 16

Caller reports there is work being done on the second floor on Washington Avenue. The workers are yelling to people to “get out of the way” as they throw bags of trash out the window. Officer reports they were told to take the stuff down and not throw it out the windows.

Call from EB Health Center in East Boston to report a patient of theirs on Cross Street needs to be seen. Fire notified.

Caller reports being threatened while walking on Shore Drive. State notified. 91 and Lt. Perrin report speaking to caller who now states the disagreement was just a misunderstanding.

Woman called to report receiving a strange call and when she called the number back the male said that he had not called her. He also informed her that he had received other calls as well reporting calls from his number. What was described was “spoofing” which are computer generated calls using numbers from a computer so that the caller can not be identified and they can call people that are on no call lists and not be fined for doing so while trying to solicit.

Female caller reports she saw a syringe on the sidewalk on Cross  Street. Officers responded and report securing the syringe.

Female caller from Bay Cove Human Services on Winthrop Street requests help as she is harming herself. Fire and W94 notified.

Call from Johnson Avenue to request an ambulance as her 14 year old may be having an allergic reaction. Transferred to fire.

Kids reportedly drinking on public walkway on Buckthorn Terrace. Officers respond and report clearing the fleeing group.

Visitation and custody issue with ex-partner on Court Road. Father has paperwork for visitation rights on weekends. Mother of child refuses or makes excuses. Mother of child makes threats to get a restraining order to prevent future contact.

Friday, August 17

Female caller reports man screaming at her on Harbor View Avenue. Units report civil matter. All parties advised. Peace restored.

E911 transfer from Boston EMS stating that a young child was reported to be having a seizure on Woodside Avenue.

Caller reports male is in her apartment on Golden Drive and has an active trespass order. Units report male had fled prior to their arrival, but had made statements that he would harm himself by jumping in front of a train. Name and description transmitted to all the units and the Transit Police to BOLO for him. Party located and sectioned to Whidden for evaluation.

Detail Off. Bonavita reports a citizen having an unspecified medical emergency in the area of Magee’s Corner. Fire and EMT notified. One male to MGH.

Amarl & Associates called to report vomit on scene and in a car. Asked to keep an eye on the area.

Caller from previous call reports her son is back in her apartment on Golden Drive. Unit requesting fire department. Son has made comments to harm himself. Unit 93 reports male will be transported to the Whidden again.

Mother on Court Road called to report that her son is intoxicated and she does not want him on the premises. Units report one in custody for domestic assault and battery.

Arlington Police called reporting a runaway juvenile from their town is in Winthrop near the high school. Unit report they have a female in custody for a Chin warrant. Arlington Police have been notified.

Walk-in from Revere to report a stolen credit card that was used at CVS in Winthrop.

Female caller from Bay Cove Human Services requests an ambulance stating she needs to see a doctor because she feels like harming herself. W92 reports female to Whidden.

Caller reports someone put a jersey barrier in the street on Strand Way. This is hampering fire access. WFD will respond. Capt. Moses reports he will call G&J to have the barrier removed. 92 stood by while G&J towed the barrier away. All clear.

Female called from Revere PD stating she has an abuse prevention order to be served at the Kasbah. The defendant works at the Kasbah. W93 reports subject has not arrived yet. Will call the Police when he arrives.

Saturday, August 18

Report of a couple fighting in the back yard on Sturgis Street. Unit report a disagreement between male and female. Female will leave for the evening.

Two calls of loud disturbance on Quincy Avenue. Units report two parties left before their arrival. All quiet for now.

Caller from Sturgis Street reports his girlfriend is threatening to harm herself. Fire, Action units report one to the Whidden.

Party called to report she believes the subject wanted for the breaking and entering on Grovers Avenue was a prior cashier at the CVS in East Boston. She reports he was very polite and had seen him there approximately three weeks ago. She stated she saw his photo on the WPD Facebook page and believes if we bring a photo to CVS of suspect, they would be able to identify him.

Caller reports someone threw a rock through his windshield late last night on Shirley Street.

Female walked into the station to report her motor vehicle stolen by her ex-boyfriend. She has no contact number for him, but alleges that he told her that he has no intention of returning the new vehicle. She believes that the vehicle is in Somerville where he resides with his current girlfriend. We contacted Somerville PD and Everett PD where his mother lives. Everett located the vehicle, parked at the mother’s house. It was towed.

Caller reports a male and female are selling makeup in the center area. Units spoke to both parties and advised them of the by-laws.

Possible subjects attempting to get into a white motor vehicle at La Siesta Restaurant. Officer reports domestic assault and battery. One female in custody.

Party reports possible 94C violations from person fishing off the pier at the public landing. Officer reports no violations.

Sunday, August 19

Call of someone trying to break down the front door on Main Street. Male arrested for breaking and entering in the nighttime and malicious destruction of property.

Caller on Shirley Street reports his daughter was just released from the hospital after being in a car accident. She doesn’t feel well. Fire and ambulance notified.

Domestic between mother and daughter on Johnson Avenue.

Caller reports semi-conscious female in alley next to church at Metcalf Square. Officer request ambulance. Female transported to Whidden.

Party reports that his brother, who is homeless is driving around in a white Ford F250- threatening to harm himself. He might also be in Everett or Revere. Brother has notified those departments as well. All units notified to be on the lookout. Cancel BOLO for brother. He has been found and is okay.

Monday, August 20

Caller reports her neighbors at Fort Heath Apartments are arguing and also sounds like they are fighting. Officers report one female under arrest for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

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