A Proper Process: Boncore Pointed Council in the Right Direction

The ADA compliance issues at the Norman Siefert Ferry Terminal Building have for the most part been resolved and the building has been reopened thanks to the leadership of Town Manager James McKenna, who stepped in and resolved the situation so the building could reopen quickly.

While Councilor Nicholas DelVento proposed a large-scale investigation by the Council into what caused an error in the construction process — and we don’t fault Mr. DelVento for wanting to review the matter — we feel that Councilor-at-Large Philip Boncore had the right approach in toning down a full-fledged inquiry into the situation. Boncore didn’t want to see the issue become a quasi-judiciary hearing with different individuals being called before the Council to answer questions about the construction of the building. Relying upon his judicial expertise and training, Boncore, a  long-time attorney, understood that a matter like this would best be handled in a less public and grandstanding manner. Town Manager James McKenna also recognized the best possible process would be to have someone with expertise in these matters take a look at the ferry terminal building process and produce a comprehensive report that the Council can review and comment on.

Councilor Boncore has been a voice of reason and authority in this town for years. We feel confident that he and our town manager have come up with a  review process of the ferry terminal building matter that will answer everyone’s questions.

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