Bertino is Doing It: Finance Director Always is Knowledgeable

Long-time Winthrop residents will remember fondly Town Counsel Joseph Harvey (for whom the meeting room at Town Hall is named). When the Winthrop selectmen would need an immediate legal or parliamentary clarification on an issue, Mr. Harvey would step forward and eloquently provide the answer and the meeting would continue.

We see a lot of that same professionalism, vast knowledge, and instant brilliance from Town Finance Director Michael Bertino routinely at Council meetings. Tuesday’s Council meeting was a case in point as councilors discussed the municipal parking issue and the amount of funds being generated before asking Mike Bertino a number of questions.

It was great to see Mike respond instantly to the councilors and provide the information they were seeking. Many times he is called upon for his financial expertise in the middle of a council discussion and he delivers the goods, as they say.

It’s no easy task to break down the complicated funding processes involved in a $45 million budget, but Michael is able to do that for the benefit of the councilors’ knowledge. He is a credit to this town, as  Town Manager James McKenna and he have helped to steer Winthrop out of the financial crisis that it faced just a short time ago.

We’re fortunate to have  Mike Bertino, with the assistance of the multi-talented Michelle Karas, working so dedicatedly on our behalf to make sure that Winthrop is conducting its financial and budgetary affairs at the highest level of excellence.

We remember Mike way back when he was a standout student-athlete at Winthrop High School. He clearly loves Winthrop and enjoys being a part of town government in such an important position.

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