An End in Sight: Council to Take Action on Polling Location

The issue of moving the polling location from O’Connell Hall on Golden Drive to the Winthrop Senior Center had another airing Tuesday night in front of the Town Council and the solution appears to be in sight. The Council has set May 1 as the night they will hold a public meeting and then vote up or down on the matter,  thus ending the controversial issue.

Carla Vitale, our town clerk who has waited patiently as the Council has weighed in on the matter, presented documents to the Sun-Transcript that show the issue first came to light more than two years ago. The Council eventually  voted to make the change last summer and the new polling location at the Senior Center will be used for the first time for the Massachusetts Presidential Primary on March 6. There is not expected to be a large turnout for the primary, but it will give town officials an opportunity to see if the Senior Center is a suitable location for voting to be done in an efficient manner.

We understand that one of our seniors, Dottie D’Onofrio, is starting a petition drive to get the polling location moved back to O’Connell Hall for the fall elections, including the Presidential and U.S. Senatorial elections in November that will draw a massive turnout in this town.

So stay tuned for more on the polling issue as the Councilors gather information and seniors prepare their case for the May 1 meeting.

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