Experience Counts: Phil Boncore’s Wisdom Always Impresses

Maybe it’s because he’s an attorney and he’s used to reading the small print, or maybe it’s his years of experience as a public official, but Attorney and Councilor-at-Large Philip Boncore always impresses us with his ability to look beneath the surface and do what’s best for the town of Winthrop.

Tuesday night, as Town Manager James McKenna was unveiling a key proposal (a good one we might add) to hire a part-time auditor, Boncore noticed that one of the firms that will be vying for the auditing contract for the town had a number of clients on the Cape, but few, if any, on the North Shore. Would the firm charge us on an hourly rate for their travel from their offices or would they charge for the gasoline mileage? That may not seem like a lot of money, but it can certainly add up.

Boncore is the man responsible for those town ordinance changes that at first glance may seem mundane, but which are vital to the operation of own town government in the proper manner. His experience in the legal profession and town government is a huge asset to the Council.

Count us among those who believe, as our late, long time publisher Andrew P. Quigley used to say, “There is no substitute for experience.”

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