A Smart Compromise

There were no easy solutions concerning the Gorman/Fort Banks School access road

Council President Jeffrey Turco made the right decision when he opted for a compromise proposal for the construction of an access road for the Gorman/Fort Banks School. Turco’s proposal to have the road built, but only to be used for emergency situations,  was the best and safest solution for all involved at this time.

We know the original plan was to alleviate the traffic problems associated with parents dropping their children off and picking them up from school, but everyone can agree that there has to be a quick and safe entry and exit from the site in the event of a real emergency.

For 10 years, town officials have tried to solve the traffic problems at the Gorman/Fort Banks School. Jeff Turco finally put together a plan of action that he ultimately was willing to restructure for the betterment and safety of the Gorman/Fort Banks parents, schoolchildren, and the residents of Governors Park and the nearby areas.

He deserves a lot of credit for his compromise proposal that the Town Council will be voting at tonight’s special meeting.

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