Rink Management: New Team Will Be Put in Charge of Larsen Rink

Town Manager James McKenna announced at Tuesday night’s Town Council meeting that he will be bringing in a brand new management team to run the Larsen Rink.

The manager obviously has not been pleased that the rink has been showing a deficit and he wants to change the way things are done at the rink. It is a bold and decisive action by our town manager who has brought such a refreshing and optimistic outlook to his administration.

Look for brighter days ahead for Larsen Rink and its financial picture with James McKenna steering the ship and working in coordination with his upcoming choice to manage the rink’s operations.

McKenna’s decision is in no way a reflection of the job that Sean Driscoll did as the overseer of rink operations.

As is well known, the skating rink (though there was a $1 million renovation project) has not been 100 per cent sound structurally and mechanically. Sean was hampered by not having a consistent opening day each year and schedule, and thus the revenues were not maximized.

Sean will continue in his role as the director of our outstanding Parks and Recreation Department and of course, as head coach of the Winthrop football team that came so close to winning a championship this season.

We thank Sean for stepping in and filling an important role when the town needed someone to oversee the rink. He did it without fanfare.

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