Arbor Day Success: Cummings School Students Shine

Those of us who attended the Arbor Day program at the Cummings School Friday afternoon could not help but be impressed with our students at the school. The program was led by Town Public Works Director David Hickey, who delivered an informative talk about the importance of trees and all the uses they have for the betterment of the environment.

The students were well behaved and were totally engaged with their questions and their intelligent responses to his inquiries about the many uses of trees.. Our favorite response to one of the questions was, “Maple syrup!”, to which Mr. Hickey replied he likes it on his pancakes.

What also struck us was that when Mr. Hickey announced the winners of the essay contest, the students respectfully applauded their classmates. Even though the weekend was just minutes away, the students remained attentive and seemed to appreciate the seedlings that were given to them so they could plant a tree.

We commend Principal Brian Gill, the teachers, and students for being so hospitable and nice during Mr. Hickey’s visit.  If the students in the Cummings cafetorium Friday afternoon represent the future of our community, country, and world,  we will be in good shape.

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