A Win-Win Project Development will give Veterans Road a Boost

The proposed development plans for the Temple Tifereth Israel site would give the area on Veterans Road a tremendous boost. The plans call for the construction of 43 units of senior housing on one part of the property and the total renovation or rebuilding of a new temple on the other.

The Chelsea Jewish Foundation is partnering with Temple Tifereth Israel to do this project. Those of us who have seen the great work that Chelsea Jewish Foundation has done in Chelsea know that this project will be a great addition to the Town of Winthrop. Their state-of-the-art assisted living and specialized care centers in Chelsea (which are open to people of all denominations) are national models of excellence.

The immediate area would benefit greatly from the beautiful landscaping and appearance that one can see at the Chelsea facilities, and also would serve to provide an economic boost to the Shirley St. business area.

Members of the Congregation Temple Tifereth Israel, led by President Sandra Pellegrino, seem excited by the prospect of a new temple, which will serve to maintain a Jewish presence in the town for years to come. Though the project would begin at the earliest in the spring or summer of 2012, it gives residents of the area a jolt of optimism.

We commend Councilor Linda Calla and her colleagues for reaching out to the Chelsea Jewish Foundation and for providing two public forums this week to discuss and ask questions about the plans.

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