School District Now Hiring for Hybrid-Learning Positions

During Monday night’s school committee meeting, Superintendent Lisa Howard discussed a few factors involved in reopening the schools. Recruiting and hiring classroom monitors is at the top of the list. The district is in need of three monitors at the middle school and five at the high school. The role of the position is to assist students who are learning in the classroom from a teacher who is remote. Due to family circumstances or health concerns, a number of teachers have opted to stay remote. Classroom monitors will be responsible for engaging with students when questions arise and directing them to the nurse’s office if they experience symptoms. The employee will be required to undergo training, including safety protocols, prior to starting. Howard is hopeful that they will be able to fill the positions prior to January 4th when the buildings open for hybrid learning.

Interested candidates can contact the applicable school principal.

High School Principal, Matt Crombie: [email protected]

Middle School Principal, Brian Curley: [email protected]

With the enhanced safety protocols, additional positions are required to maintain social distancing. Only one student will be allowed to occupy the bathroom at a time, and students must remain six feet apart in the cafeteria during lunchtime. The Arthur T. Cummings School is in need of three lunchroom monitors and two bathroom and hallway monitors to ensure that students are following safety protocols and directing them accordingly. The Gorman Fort Banks School is hiring two bathroom and hallway monitors and the Middle School is hiring three.

Interested candidates should contact the following:

ATC Principal Norah Grimes: [email protected]

GFB Principal Ilene Pearson: [email protected]

WMS Principal Brian Curley: [email protected]

In the event that these positions do not get filled prior to January 4th, school administrators will be responsible for covering them until qualified candidates are hired.

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