T-Mobile Brings More Connectivity to Town’s Students With Project 10 Million

The Winthrop school district will be on the receiving end of Project Ten Million, a program that was launched by T-Mobile to close the homework gap. The mobile telecommunication company saw the struggle that many remote learning and hybrid students were having with their home internet access and they made it their mission to open up equal connectivity for all.

T-Mobile granted 150 hotspots to Winthrop students in need. By plugging a gadget into their computer, students will have better connectivity so students log on and stay connected, without getting bumped off throughout the school day. Mi-Amore worked with the school to help identify students in need of hotspots. The gadgets will be distributed as soon as possible.

“We have many homes in town where three of four students are working off one router, and this will help those students stay connected,” said School Superintendent, Lisa Howard. “They don’t need to sign in, they simply plug in the gadget.”

Due to COVID-19 many schools are completely online, so T-Mobile stepped up, offering school districts low-cost options to increase monthly data plans to provide connectivity to students for free.

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