Planning Board Continues Hearing

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

The fate of 15-17 Walden St. continues on as the Planning Board opts to continue a public hearing on the former property known as MuffinTown.

Owners of the property, which has an SDOD (Special Development Overlay District)  designation which is intended to rehab or reuse a property that no longer is serving its original use.

Owner Jack Anderson and his attorney David McCool came to the Planning Board again with plans for the site, but again the board and neighbors want more details, including plans that show the neighboring properties and setbacks. Plans show the 35,600 square foot with 16 units, two more units than allowed by right.

“Where’s the plot plan, the drainage plan,” asked Jim Soper of Read Street. “I am looking forward to having something done.”

“There’s no respect for my property,” said Ken Quist of Lincoln Street.

Anderson was last before the board in December.

Planning Board member Honor Merceret said the size of the building is an issue. There was also concern about people being able to walk by when the building is so close to the sidewalk.

“It’s too high and too close to the property lines,” said Luann Camarda of Lincoln Street.

One resident from Read Street said there is always a problem with the property and feels there is a lack of respect for the neighborhood.

“Build something with not as many units. Be respectful of what we are saying,” said resident Leanne Silverman. “We also don’t want it to sit empty.

Real estate broker Jim Polino said the town is trying to revitalize and there is a strong economy.

“Now is the time to develop,” he said. “We have to think of Winthrop as a whole.”

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