Yacht Club to Expand Dock Footprint

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

The Conservation Commission has approved a notice of intent from the Pleasant Park Yacht Club, 562 Pleasant St., to move around some docking areas at its marina.

Jim Prendergast, president of the Board of Directors for the club, said since the club’s expansion eight years ago the opening for boats coming into the boat slip area is not wide enough and moving the slips will create more space for the boaters to maneuver. The club will also be removing a fueling dock, freeing up a 120 feet once used for tying up. The club will also add three “finger” floats and an 8 feet by 8 feet float. The work will also entail moving 17 existing pilings, made of 12-inch pressure treated pilings. Once completed the new area will be able to accommodate 25 boats.

“I walked around down there. Moving eight feet over doesn’t effect anything,” said ConCom member Norm Hyett.

ConCom member Mike Rinaldi said the project increases the footprint over the water surface. The footprint over the water is increasing 64 square feet.

Prendergast said the Army Corp. of Engineers have been notified of the project. The Department of Environmental Protection requires the project to be completed within five years and the Winthrop Conservation Commission requires it to be done within three years.

Prendergast said they can probably start the project while the boats are out of there, probably the fall. He added that it will take about three days to complete the work. The Conservation Commission will be issuing an order of condition.

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