Town Clerk Processes Several Petitions

Secretary Bill Galvin’s office has 19 petitions that were circulating around the Commonwealth the last few months. In the Town Clerk’s office of Winthrop all deadlines were met and clerks processed 723 pages of signatures that yielded 1,426 good signatures from the residents of Winthrop.

The Petitions that were very popular in Town were Petition F (healthcare). Petition A (tax) and Petition O (farm animals). This has been a very busy fall for the town clerk’s officer. There was an election, signatures to be certified and now the office is in the middle of licensing every business, restaurant and cab driver in Winthrop. Also the new Dog Tags for 2016 are in and can be purchased through the mail by downloading the form at or residents can find a mail in form at the bottom of the annual census which will go out the first week of the new year.

The town clerk’s office is also working on having our dog tags and vital records be available to be purchased online next month.

 The petitions circulating around the state are listed below.

 Petitions in VRIS: All of the petitions have been entered into VRIS.  There are currently 19 circulating.  The letter designation for each petition appears on the bottom right corner (both on the front and back) of each petition sheet.

Here are the list of petitions with their Pet/Nom ID #s:

135821: PET A: Income Tax (Constitutional Amendment 2018)

135822: PET B: Ending Marihuana Prohibition for 21 and Older (Law)

135823: PET C: End Common Core (Law)

135824: PET D: Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana (Law)

135825: PET E: Fair Scheduling for Workers (Law)

135828: PET F: MA Fair Health Care Pricing (Law)

135829: PET G: Equitable Health Care Pricing Act (Law)

135830: PET H: Renewable Energy (Law)

135831: PET I: Public Funding of Abortion (Constitutional Amendment 2018)

135832: PET J: Animal Shelter Record Keeping (Law)

135833: PET K: Reduction in Euthanasia in Animal Shelters (Law)

135834: PET L: Public Records (Law)

135835: PET M: Eliminate Double Taxation on Tobacco Products (Law)

135837: PET N: Expanded Gaming (Law)

135838: PET O: Prevent Cruelty to Animals (Law)

135839: PET P: Allow Fair Access to Public Charter Schools (Law)

135841: PET Q: Solar and Renewable Energy (Law)

135842: PET R: Corporations are Not People (Constitutional Amendment 2018)

135843: PET S: Studying Radiation Health and Safety Risks (Law)

Please note that both Petition R (Corporations are Not People) and Petition S (Radiation) were not certified by the AG’s office and are currently before the court, which ordered us to print the petitions while the issues are litigated.

 Please note that Petitions A, I and R are for constitutional amendments and therefore are listed under the 2018 election.

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