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 Hours after attending Boston Police Commissioner Bill Evans and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh’s New England Gun Violence Summit, the Winthrop Police Department was hard at work taking illegal guns off the streets of Winthrop.

On Thursday, November 19 based on intelligence gathered during an investigation, Winthrop detectives and uniformed officers executed search warrants for illegal weapons.

One of the search warrants was executed at 94 Lincoln St. Apt. 1, and an illegal firearm and ammunition was recovered.

Angelo Ramos, 19, of 94 Lincoln St. Apt. 1, charged with possession of a firearm without FID card, defacing serial number from firearm, improper storage of a large capacity firearm, possession of ammunition without an FID card, possession of a large capacity firearm, and distribution of Class D substance (marijuana) within a school zone. 
Ramos was arraigned in East Boston District Court.

The Winthrop Police Department was assisted by the Revere Police Department Criminal Investigation Bureau. Other regional partners, along with the ATF, will assist in tracing where this firearm came from and why this individual illegally possessed it.

As stated yesterday by Mayor Walsh “our goal is to strengthen the regional approach to reduce gun violence in our communities”. With this weapon off the street our community is safer, the region is safer and police officers are safer.

Safety tips when ordering gifts online and receiving delivery

As the holiday season rapidly approaches, Police Chief Terence Delehanty and Winthrop Police Department would like to remind residents to be vigilant when ordering gifts online by following several easy steps to prevent doorstep theft.

FedEx and UPS offer services to assist customers. To ensure packages are not stolen, also follow these tips:

• Request a signature on your deliveries, especially those of high value, so they are not left unattended. You can also give specific instructions on where to leave a package so it is not left in a visible spot.

• Sign up for an email alert that will notify you when your delivery is set to arrive.

• Choose an alternative destination — either at work or at a family member’s, friend’s or neighbor’s house where someone will be home to receive the delivery.

• Re-direct packages, even if they’re already on their way. Send them to your closest FedEx or UPS office, or another secure location.

• Setting up a vacation hold if you’ll be away during the holidays so gifts will not be delivered to an empty house.

If you arrive home to find your package has been stolen, immediately report it to police. However, if the item was not insured, the chances of receiving it back are unlikely.

Residents should NEVER accept a surprise package or gift where a payment is required. Additionally, do not give out any personal information when retrieving a delivery if you initiated the purchase.

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