The World Cup Ends

The World Cup ends this Sunday with the championship game to be played in Rio De Janeiro. It’s been an exciting, well-played event that has been watched by billions of fans world-wide. Soccer is a huge sport on the international level, but it hasn’t surpassed baseball, football, hockey, and basketball in the United States in terms of attendance and national interest.

We hope the World Cup will further enhance the excitement of this sport and we look forward to the United States team making a strong run in the 2018 World Cup.

With Mike Eruzione living in our town, Winthrop residents understand how a victory by a U.S. national team can capture the hearts of people everywhere, just as Mike and his teammates did in 1980 in Lake Placid.

Maybe it will be the U.S. soccer team’s “one shining moment” on the world stage four years from now that will bring soccer to the level of interest here that exists in every other nation around the globe.

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