Police Blotter 07-10-2014

Monday, June 30

Detail officer requests WFD and EMS for a fallen bicyclist on Dolphin Avenue. EMS already on the scene. The patient refused treatment.

Reports of a motor vehicle accident at CVS parking lot. Party says they were hit very hard. Fire notified.

Woman on Court Road reports a medical aid for a woman who was passed out but is now awake.

Group playing soccer at Governors Park and keeping people up.

Male on Pearl Avenue called to report a loud group in the back yard. The group went inside upon the arrival of the units.

Tuesday, July 1

Reports of someone yelling in the street on Putnam Street. Officer report a woman yelling for her dog. The dog was located and the party went in for the night.

Caller on Bartlett Road requesting an ambulance for her mother. Fire Department has been notified.

Several reports of a motor vehicle crash on Revere and Almont Street. Officers report no injuries. One vehicle towed by G&J.

Lifeline fall activation alarm received on Lincoln Street. WFD notified.

Party came in to report that she lost her CAC U.S. Army military ID card sometime over the last couple of days.

Visiting Nurse is requesting EMS respond for her patient with pain on Bowdoin Street. Call transferred to WFD and EMD for service.

Party on Prospect Avenue reports she was involved in a dispute with the landlord and her boyfriend.

Party brought in a woman’s wallet he found in town. No identification located.

Lifeline activation for a 90-year-old female who has fallen at Governors Park. WFD notified.

Caller reports an individual stuck in the elevator on the ground floor at Winthrop School of Performing Arts. WFD notified. WFD arrived and the party was able to get out.

Hotline reports female at Executive Apartments is looking for help. WFD and EMS notified. Officer reports the confused female was assisted by EMS. Her home healthcare workers were notified and she will be under her care.

Caller on Waldemar Avenue reports a dog attacked a lady and her dog. Unit 92 reports he spoke to both owners and peace was restored. No injuries to report.

Caller on Somerset Avenue reports that her house key was stolen from her house, along with a personal check with her address. The key had her name on it and the caller would like the police to keep an eye on her property until she can change the house locks.

Caller on Locust Street reports that her husband and son are fighting. Units report they spoke with all parties and peace was restored.

Caller on Beacon Street reports that his girlfriend’s roommate is drunk an acting up. The roommate called on the other line stating the boyfriend is bothering her. Units report peace restored and the roommate and boyfriend left for the night.

Party on Main Street called to report that her husband is walking to the Heights to go to work and a male from a previous incident is harassing him. Officers spoke to both parties and a hearing has already been set up. The parties advised to stay away from each other.

Wednesday, July 2

Caller on Sunset Road reports that his neighbor is yelling and swearing at his kids. Unit spoke to all parties and they have been advised of their rights.

Report of a hit and run on Pleasant Street.

Party on Temple Avenue reports receiving numerous harassing phone calls from an individual relative to a computer she knows nothing about.

Request for an ambulance on Sagamore Avenue. Transferred to Action EMD.

Party on Summit Avenue reported to officer that her keys were taken by the letter carrier off of her table. The keys were located and officer assisted the resident.

Caller on Edward Street states having an ongoing issue with his neighbor. 91 responds and reports going to speak with the caller and neighbor. All parties advised of their rights.

Woman reports that her 23-month-old child is locked in her car at Winthrop Market Place. Fire notified along with G&J. Fire was able to gain entrance to the vehicle. The child was released. Everyone okay.

Party came to the station to report that she is in fear of her former roommate because she was told by a third party that the former roommate was making threats toward her.

Reports of a large tree limb down on Court Road. 93 responds and reports that the tree limb is also blocking the sidewalk. DPW notified.

Woman on Somerset Avenue called requesting an ambulance for her mother who is dizzy. Fire notified and transferred to EMS.

Reports of fireworks going off on Banks Street. Units respond and report speaking to the subject.

Grandson requested well-being check on his grandmother on Cross Street. Off. Jaworski spoke with female and all is well.

Female given trespass warning on Charles Street. She left via Viking Taxi.

Thursday, July 3

Caller on Fremont Street said a female, late teens/early 20s came to his door crying hysterically looking for a male. She then left the area driving a white Saab.

Motor vehicle with two occupants sent from Hanaford Park by W93.

Woman down in lobby of Pond Street Apartments.

Detail officer reports being told by a motorist that heading into Revere, there is possibly an impaired driver that just hit a curb and blew out a tire. Vehicle described as a convertible. Referred to State Police.

Mother on Winthrop Street came to the station to report that her daughter ran away again. Missing person report filled out. DCF notified and Revere Police also contacted. Revere will check the residence of male as he is also missing. Missing Person report sent out.

An attorney called to report that her client was locked out of his room he rents at the sober house on Shore Drive. The father would like to retrieve his belongings later today with a police escort to keep the peace.

Party on Beal Street came into the station to report that her PayPal BillmeLater account has been comprised again. The fraudulent activity was in the amount of $1,054. She has closed out the account and was advised to report to her local police department.

Female ran into the station yelling there is a “problem” at Brown’s Drug. Officers and chief report a dispute over a prescription. The male ran off before the officers arrived.

Male came to ask if we could go with him and pick up some of his belongings as he was thrown out at the sober house. Officer reports he has what he needs and an arrangement has been made to get the rest. All okay.

Female called to report that she was just in a road rage in Revere and the male in the truck is following her into Winthrop. While speaking to her, the truck pulled down a side street. All okay. Nothing happened in Winthrop.

Officers will try to serve a 209A on Argyle Street. They report no one is home and will try later.

Call of people arguing on Washington Avenue. Officers report one subject took off. We found and spoke to another subject and all should be quiet this weekend.

Report of an employee fallen inside Energy To Go. WFD notified. W91 reports female may have broken her wrist.

Party reports he located two cases of beer stashed in the marsh area of Corinha Beach. Officers report locating two subjects who arrived and picked up the beer. Officers seized the items from the two.

Tow Company has removed motor vehicle from Governors Drive for trespassing. No sticker.

Wife from Governors Park called to report that her husband is on the floor and needs help. Action and WFD notified.

Report of large fireworks in the vicinity of Siren Street. Officers report the area is clear.

W100 reports they are off with a group near the Handicapped parking spaces on Shirley Street. Officers report they cleared a small group.

They are with a male subject and W93 will bring a 209A to the area of Shirley Street for service. They report that he was served in hand and explained the order, which he stated he understands.

Party reports kids shooting fireworks off from the jetty behind the Delby’s block.

Report of a small child being injured by a dog at Donovan’s Beach. Officers requested EMS to treat the injury. The injury appears to be caused by a scratch.

Party on Beal Street reports people leaving a house in the area drunk and urinating on his property. Officers report locating the party and having everyone go back inside the house. The original parties had left the area.

Officers requested WFD for a bonfire on Yirrell Beach. WFD notified and the fire was extinguished.

Friday, July 4

Party on Lincoln Street reports kids shooting off fireworks near his home. He asked them to stop but they continued. Officers report speaking with the calling party who reported they have left the area.

Caller on Undine Avenue reports neighbors playing loud music and being noisy. Officer reports speaking with the homeowner and advising them to cease the loud music and noise.

Officer observed kids lighting off fireworks on the beach on Shore Drive. They spoke with them and it has ceased for the evening.

W98 requested Sgt. Crisafi to respond to his location to transport two juvenile females he found on Argyle Street to the station. The juvenile were transported and the parents notified.

Caller on Coral Avenue states that she has not heard from her son and would like us to contact her if we come across him during the shift. BOLO given to all units.

Report of a group of possibly orphaned baby raccoons on Winthrop Street.

Female came to the station to report that there are baby raccoons on Winthrop Street. She was told that an ACO officer would respond. Minutes later the lady came in with a basket full of some baby animal. Animal Rescue League was called and they requested a photo be sent to them to determine what kind of animal. They reported they are possums and he will try to find someone to take them. The Rescue League called back and they are on the way. W91 will meet them at the Heights.

Male caller reports they are working with heavy machinery at the Dalrymple site. It is a holiday. Officers report one worker moving a few machines to a stronger area to prevent them sinking with the heavy rain coming.

Party on Cutler Street requesting EMS for a woman who fainted and is unresponsive. WFD notified. Units report female became overly excited and fainted after the outcome of the World Cup event.

Party on Shore Drive reporting a possibly impaired driver. She last observed him parking in the vicinity of Pearl Avenue and did not wish to identify herself and stated she was going home when asked to stand by and speak with the responding officers.

Caller on Morton Street reports a group of kids vandalizing cars. Units report two vehicles with damage and no kids in the area.

Owner of Lucky Garden called for two men fighting in the bar area. One in custody with active warrant for OUI.

W91 off with suspicious motor vehicle in the area of Halford Beach.

Saturday, July 5

Caller on Shore Drive reports funny odor coming from neighbor’s apartment. W100, and W93 spoke with the resident who will open windows.

Two calls for loud and continuous fireworks in the area of Walden and Lincoln Street. W94 and 93 off in the area.

Caller on Winthrop Street states that someone entered his unlocked motor vehicle that was parked in his driveway and stole money. He stated that his wife’s car may have been entered also, but will confirm in the morning when he returns from work.

Caller on Bowdoin Street requests a well-being check on a relative. Fire and officer report that she is going to MGH.

Report of a found purse on Shirley Street. W92 reports returning item to rightful owner.

Off. Armistead reports an elderly female has passed out on Shirley Street. WFD notified.

Male caller reports the American flag has fallen from its mast and is on the ground at Massa Playground. He tied it so it’s off the ground but it needs to be fixed. DPW will handle.

Caller on Walden Street reports that his girlfriend is acting irrationally and would like her evaluated.

Report of a fallen tree on front lawn on Court Road.

Report of a vandalized vehicle on Tewksbury Street.

Report of a large tree branch down on Atlantic Street. DPW notified.

Party came in to request an officer accompany him to pick up his personal belongings pursuant to an active 209A. Officer spoke with the homeowner who was fine with it. He stood by while he picked up what he could and may need to make another trip at a later date.

Caller on Walden Street reports a motor vehicle was on the wrong side of the road. He told the driver and the driver gave him the finger and drove off. Last seen by the police station. Two or 4 door silver car. Officers BOLO.

Caller on Faun Bar Avenue reports that his neighbor has a loud DJ and the party is too loud. Officer reports the party was on the Edward Roe Snow Path. They cleared the party and tagged three vehicles that were parked wrong.

Request for an ambulance for a relative who fell in the yard on Summit Avenue. Transferred to Action EMD.

Caller on Buchanan Street reports that someone may have broken into the apartment while she was away. She thinks it was the ex-roommate. Officer reports he spoke with the caller and advised everything was civil.

Party on Tewksbury Street reports a loose pit bull in the area that came running up to her and is concerned for her safety. ACO notified and will meet with her.

Party reporting fireworks on the Jetty. State Revere notified.

Caller reports a loud party with very loud music on Somerset Avenue towards the center.

Party on Harbor View Avenue requesting EMS for a stomach issue. WFD notified.

Caller on Shore Drive reports that his brown 6-year-old dog ran away during the fireworks. The dog has tags.

Party reports a large amount of fireworks in the area of Wyman Street. 91 report they have ceased and report approximately a couple of hundred people in the area.

Caller on Lewis Terrace reports a large group in the street yelling threats and getting ready to fight. Officer reports a small group moved.

Auxiliary Police reports a person fell and hurt his head on Mermaid Avenue. Medical notified. Officer reports 16-year-old male fell of the wall while walking. Mother notified and he is on the way to the Whidden by Action EMS.

Sunday, July 6

Caller reports loud group in basketball court on Walden Street. Officer reports moving seven.

Lifeline activation for shortness of breath on Walden Street. WFD notified.

Party on Lewis Avenue reports a loud party and fireworks being lit and thrown from the porch. Units requesting additional units for subject(s) throwing fireworks off the porch. One male placed in custody for disorderly conduct, assault and battery on a police officer and resisting arrest.

94 initiate a motor vehicle stop for traffic violation on Wave Way Avenue. One male under arrest for OUI, open container of alcohol in vehicle and improper operation of motor vehicle.

Multiple callers about fireworks going off on Brewster Avenue. Units respond and report they spoke to subject.

Caller on Winthrop Street states that they are locked out of their home. 93 and 98 respond and referred to WFD. Subjects are friends of the homeowners and will look elsewhere to stay. 98 will escort to Extended Stay.

Caller on Summit Avenue states that she was just in an altercation with her boyfriend who has left the scene in a vehicle with a friend. Units respond and report they will do an area search of the subject. Area search negative.

Female on Locust Street called for an ambulance. Action and fire notified.

Female states that she is in fear of her ex-boyfriend in Maine and is seeking a temporary restraining order. While filling out the form, she stopped and stated “forget it, I’ll go to Court this week”, and then she left.

Caller on Coral Avenue reports smoke coming from her neighbor’s second floor porch. WFD notified. W92 reports a small fire and it was put out.

Female on Atlantic Street called to report that she might have broken a leg. Fire will handle.

92 will attempt to serve an emergency 209A issued today to party on Winthrop Street. Officer reports he is not there.

Party reports an unconscious male in a white motor vehicle on Terrace Avenue. WFD notified. Party checked out and was resting.

Officers report a large amount of fireworks going off on Winthrop Street. Party shut down and all is quiet.

Chief repots a dog running in and out of traffic on Wave Way Avenue. ACO reports the owner came out and took the dog inside.

Officers will try to serve subject on Winthrop Street a 209A issued by the Peabody Court. They report not one is home or in the garage. The defendant was served in hand at the Public Landing.

Neighbors on Winthrop Street are complaining about constant fireworks. W92 officer is addressing the issues with the homeowner as the call came in.

Report of fireworks interfering with airplanes landing in the area coming from Shirley Street. Report from the chief and a call from Mass Port stating that there are large and high fireworks going off and they are interfering with aircraft landing at Runway 27. Officers report explaining and warning the party attendees regarding the fireworks. They have stopped.

Reports of large and high fireworks going off in the hill on Hale Avenue area. Officers report they spoke to several people to get the word around and they seem to have stopped.

Officer reports someone is down in front of liquor store on Washington Avenue. Fire and Action notified and they report the subject going to the Whidden.

Caller reports continuous fireworks on Shirley Street. W92 spoke to the group near the golf course.

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