Drug suspect loses in run-in with cops

Accused of trying to run over officer during escape attempt

By Joseph Domelowicz Jr.

A suspected drug dealer, who has already been charged by Winthrop police once and is awaiting trial on those charges, got more than he bargained for during a visit to Winthrop on May 16.
According to police reports, Ruben Ortiz, 25, of 969 Salem Street in Malden was spotted by detail officer Tim Callinan last Wednesday as he drove through town. Callinan, who recognized Ortiz from a March 28 heroin bust on Trident Avenue, called in the plate to police headquarters and was told that the driver was operating with a suspended license.
A short time later when Ortiz allegedly made his way back along Pleasant Street, Callinan tried to get him to pull over, at which point Ortiz immediately accelerated the vehicle and swerved around the officer in a getaway attempt, waving to Callinan as he drove away.
“A short distance away, two other detail officers (who were working at the intersection of Main and Pleasant streets) and a patrol officer heard Callinan’s radio call for assistance,” said Lieutenant Detective Brian Perrin. “Officers Giulio Bonavita and Dave Brown and Sergeant Steve  Rogers all responded to help stop the suspect.”
As Bonavita attempted to pull the vehicle over, Ortiz allegedly turned his vehicle toward Bonavita, nearly striking him. At that time, the vehicle was finally stopped by all three officers and Ortiz was arrested and charged with operating with a suspended license, failing to stop for an officer, assault with a dangerous weapon to wit a motor vehicle and operating to endanger.
After he’d been arrested, officers observed Ortiz fidgeting in the back seat of the police cruiser. A search of the vehicle at police headquarters uncovered a quantity of a substance believed to be OxyContin, which has been sent to the state police crime lab for testing. Ortiz was the charged with possession of a class A substance as well.
Detective Dennis Hickey was also instrumental in the arrest and booking of Ortiz.

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