Playground Communication Board Installed

If you’ve walked by the playground at the Arthur T. Cummings School this fall, you may have noticed something new on the wall.  Winthrop Advocacy, Resources, Community (WINARC) donated a Playground Communication Board.  Students with autism and other cognitive delays often struggle in social settings. A Playground Communication Board offers a structured, visual aid for communicating, assisting in a normal exchange of information between a verbal and non-verbal child.  The board is made up of simple pictures along with the written words for common games and activities along with needs a child may struggle to express. The board includes over 100 symbols including Slide, Climb, Swing, Teacher, Slow, Fast and all the letters of the alphabet. WINARC’s hope in providing the board is that it will decrease anxiety in those students who struggle to communicate, increase inclusivity on the playground, and raise awareness and acceptance of social differences in the community.

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