Edwards and Turco Call on MBTA To Keep Point Shirley Bus Service

Special to the Transcript

Bus service to Point Shirley in Winthrop was slated to be cut in the MBTA’s proposed changes to the Bus Network. In the most recent iteration of the proposed changes the MBTA did restore service as far as Winthrop Landing, but not to Point Shirley. The most recent proposal by the MBTA would require Point Shirley residents to walk nearly a mile to the next stop located at Winthrop Landing.

“This cut in service is unacceptable, the MBTA seems to think that a 0.7-0.8 mile walk to the next closest stop, in the cold, snow, or rain is acceptable for elderly and disabled residents” said Senator Lydia Edwards (D-Boston) “Point Shirley residents are already isolated from the rest of the town; this proposal would only further isolate them.”

“Throughout the public comment period community members, and elected officials from Winthrop made clear to the MBTA that service to Point Shirley must be restored, I am now calling on the MBTA to restore bus service to Point Shirley”

“This is an entirely reckless and irresponsible decision. I vehemently disagree with the MBTA’s proposal of cutting bus service to Point Shirley in Winthrop. The outcome of the Bus Network Redesign would heavily impact those who are disabled or elderly just as we begin to approach the intense New England winter months that we are all so familiar with. This is unacceptable as many of the residents of Point Shirley depend on Bus services as their primary form of transportation. They are just as important as any other part of Winthrop, and we must take a stand against this proposal because they deserve the same access to public transportation as everyone else.” said Representative Jeffrey Rosario Turco (D-Winthrop).

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