District Launches Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Website

Teachers, students, and parents will have another tool for accessing resources to better the community. A Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) website, launched this week, is packed with tools designed to build cultural competence in the district.

The website was created due to an overwhelming amount of feedback from staff members, who requested more tools to prepare and nurture students for the world. Answering the demand, the DEI team stepped in to build a site that includes resources that can be read, watched, or listened to by all members of the community.

The site is broken down into different sections based on the needs of the viewer. Parents have access to tools that will equip them to step into the arena of anti-racism and be prepared for age-appropriate conversations with their children. A section dedicated to educators will offer lesson plans and content that can be accessed for the classroom.

The site’s resource library is packed with informational topics titled White Privilege, Talking About Race, and Anti-racism.

“Instead of simply talking about it, we are supplying teachers with the tools they need,” said Katie Miller, School Adjustment Counselor at WMS.

Miller worked alongside fellow School Adjustment Counselor, Michael Kearney, to launch the detailed website. Part of the process was learning new terminology related to diversity, equity, and inclusion and providing teachers with language surrounding racial literacy.

“We want teachers to feel confident having these conversations, and while we created this for parents, educators and community members, there is a space for students who identify as marginalized groups.”

To access the website, please visit: https://sites.google.com/view/wpsdei/dei-statement?authuser=0

The Winthrop Public Schools DEI Mission Statement:

As a district, we are committed to building inclusive learning environments where all BIPOC and marginalized members within the community feel heard, safe, respected, and valued. We acknowledge that this work won’t always be easy or comfortable; yet it is crucial and necessary. Our hope is that you approach this work with an open heart and mind, and with a student-mindset that helps us grow and learn together as we actualize this shared vision.

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