Police Blotter 05-07-2020

Monday, April 20

0748: A caller reported that a family member’s dog was struck by a truck at Read and Lincoln Sts. and that the truck took off toward Donovan’s Beach. The investigating officer will file a report.

1144: A caller reported that construction work was being performed on Circuit Rd. The officer informed the person doing the work that such activity is not permitted on a holiday.

1532: A caller reported that there was an unwanted female party in her apartment on Grovers Ave. The officer provided assistance and the unwanted party left the premises.

1658: An Ingleside Ave. resident reported that two fraudulent charges for Apple earbuds, totaling $348, were made to his Citizens Bank account. 

Tuesday, April 21

0623: An officer responded to a report of a disturbance involving a verbal altercation and a loose dog at an apartment building on Nevada St. The situation was resolved.

1227: A caller reported seeing a suspicious-looking backpack, containing a machete and another weapon, in the vicinity of Lewis Lake.  The officer took the backpack to the station and will file a report.

1251: Duxbury P.D. called to confirm that a motor vehicle that had been reported stolen out of Winthrop was now operating on Route 3 in Kingston. A state trooper was falling the vehicle.

1500: A caller reported that a neighbor may be abusing her dog. Officers responded and the dog owner was transported to the Mass. General. The dog, which was in good health, was left in the care of the neighbor.

1935: A caller reported that two persons appeared to be passed out in a parked motor vehicle in the 600 block of Shirley St. Both persons were cleared medically and sent on their way.

Wednesday, April 22

1435: An officer spoke to a contractor working on Upland Rd. about the need to hire a police detail if the contractor needs to direct traffic in the area.

1710: A caller reported that a dumpster in the middle of Washington Ave. was blocking traffic. The officer stood by until the dumpster was loaded and informed the driver that he cannot do this in the future.

1725: An officer told the operator of a moped on Woodside Ave. that he cannot drive on the sidewalk.

2213: A landlord called to report an incident with a tenant. An officer will file a report.

2230: Officers responded to a report of a disturbance on Amelia Ave. They directed one of the parties to leave the premises.

Thursday, April 23

0941: An officer responded to a report of a group of a dozen persons in the parking lot of the Dunkin’ Donuts on Revere St. in violation of the physical distancing by-law. The officer moved the parties along.

0957: An officer responded again to Dunkin’ Donuts upon a report that the previous group had reassembled. The officer again dispersed the group.

1111: A Wave Way Ave. resident reported that his motor vehicle had been vandalized overnight. The officer will file a report.

1340: An officer responded to a report of a noise complaint between neighbors on Faun Bar Ave. This has been an ongoing issue between the parties.

1516: A caller who reported that she was told to buy Bitcoin or photos of her would be released was advised that this was a scam and to inform the police if she noticed any funds missing from her bank account.

Friday, April 24

0807: An officer issued a parking ticket for a motor vehicle parked in the 200 block of Shirley St. in violation of the time restrictions on that section of the street.

0951: A Fremont St. resident reported that construction vehicles have been going the wrong way down the one-way street, which led to a verbal altercation between the caller and one of the vehicle operators.

1206: A caller reported that a parked motor vehicle was partially obstructing a driveway in the 300 block of Revere St. The officer made contact with the vehicle owner and the vehicle was moved.

1554: An officer informed a Centre business of the need for its customers to wear face masks while inside the premises.

1749: A resident who reported that she had received a phone call asking her for medical information was told that the call was a scam.

2109: An officer moved along a motor vehicle at the Public Landing after informing the operator that vehicles are not allowed in that area.

2119: An officer responding to a report of a motor vehicle parked on Main St. with three occupants arrested the operator of the vehicle, Thomas F. Henderson, 20, of East Boston for a probation violation and on a charge of illegal possession of a Class C controlled narcotic substance. The father arrived on the scene to take possession of the vehicle.

Saturday, April 25

0943: An Ocean View St. resident reported a breaking & entering into his motor vehicle.

1159: A Hermon St. resident reported that a person on a bicycle was going through his vehicle and those of his neighbors at 3:00 AM this morning. The officer will investigate and file a report.

1424: An officer respond to an ongoing family dispute on Johnson Ave.

1531: An officer dispersed a group that had gathered at the skate park inside Ingleside Park.

1549: The owner of a motorcycle who had left it parked in a friend’s driveway earlier in the week on Read St. reported that his motorcycle now was gone.

1553: An Ocean View Way resident reported the theft of her mountain bike from her driveway.

1558: An officer once again dispersed a group from the skate park.

1940: An officer directed the owners of five motor vehicles parked illegally on Grand View Ave. to move along.

2108: A Wilshire St. resident reported a breaking & entering into her motor vehicle.

2201: Officers advised the resident of an apartment on Veteran’s Rd. to turn down the volume on his television.

2335: A resident in the 1000 block of Winthrop St. reported that a male party was banging on doors. Officers responded and the male was transported to the Whidden.

Sunday, April 26

1142: A Cora St. resident reported a breaking & entering into his motor vehicle. 

1426: Officers responded to a report of a disturbance at 1000 Governor’s Drive. An officer spoke to both parties and advised them  to have no further contact with each other.

2241: An officer responded to a report of a group of persons causing a noise disturbance in the foyer of a building on Golden Drive. The officer directed the group to take it inside for the night.

2342: An officer responded to a report of trash and recycling bins impeding traffic in the middle of River Rd. The officer moved the bins to the sidewalk.

Monday, April 27

0444: An officer responded to a report of a loud radio playing on a porch on Bartlett Rd. The office located the radio and unplugged it.

0523: An officer responded to a report of a motor vehicle parked at a hydrant on Sea Foam Ave. in which a male party was sleeping. The officer located the owner of the vehicle, whose cousin was the person sleeping in the vehicle, and directed the owner to move the vehicle away from the hydrant.

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