Teacher Highlight: To Know Winthrop Is to Love It

While fourth grade teacher Shannon Beaton has only been teaching for two years, she always knew that she wanted to teach. After working as a recruiter in downtown Boston, the Bates graduate and field hockey player decided to go back to school to get her Masters in Elementary Education. Soon after she started her graduate degree at Merrimack College, she was selected into the Fellowship Program, where she was placed at the Francis T. Bresnahan School in Newburyport. She worked primarily in a first grade classroom, while also assisting in  grades pre-K through third.

“I truly believe that attending classes and simultaneously gaining experience in a classroom was an invaluable experience,” said Beaton.

What do you love about teaching the 4th grade?

In my second year teaching 4th grade, I am loving it more and more. I love the connections and relationships that I am able to build with the students. It is so fun to observe a student’s excitement when they achieve their goals. I have previous first grade classroom experience, that being said, I enjoy the challenges of the 4th grade curriculum. 

Is there anyone who inspired you to become a teacher?

My mother and grandfather. I could go on and on. Both have had such a positive impact on their students and communities. Selfless is the first word that comes to mind when I think of my mother and grandfather. My mom is a teacher and coach at Pentucket and my grandfather taught and coached at Milton Academy for many years, he now volunteers his time as a coach at Pentucket. 

What do you love about working in Winthrop?

The first thing my Dad told me when I was hired in Winthrop was, “to know Winthrop is to absolutely love it.” I will never forget that, because every day I have learned that more and more. This is such a special community and I really have loved being a part of it. After my first week of teaching here, my cousin and grandfather were playing/coaching football against Winthrop. I went to the game and very quickly realized the pride and sense of community that Winthrop exhibits. I knew right away; this is exactly where I wanted to be teaching. 

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