Police Blotter 12-19-2019

Monday, Dec. 2

Person states packages were taken from her front door. She will give a call when she returns home from work.

Caller states her neighbor is pushing her small Yorkie dog out the door, screaming at it and cal also hear her neighbor breaking things.

Party came into the station to report that package delivered to her home at 10:27 this morning, containing a pair of Air Force One sneakers worth $100, was stolen from her front porch.

Party locked out of an apartment from within the house but was able to contact a locksmith.

Brother is concerned about his sister. Her brother stated he hasn’t talked to her since yesterday, which is unlike her as they talk every day. He would like an officer to go to the home. Sister was asleep just woke up and will call her brother.

Caller states a male party wearing dark clothes was looking into houses then tried to get in one when he saw the person, he fled towards Ingelside.

Party came in to report a co-worker at the Arbors has created a hostile work environment for him. He has reported it to his supervisor but it has been continuing. He was advised to go higher up the management chain for the matter to be resolved.

A2 states Short Beach water is coming over the wall into one lane. It is starting to cause traffic.

Walk in report of a very minor motor vehicle accident involving a bicycle and car. The bicycle lost control and hit the car causing damage. No injuries. The bicycle owner agreed to take care of the damages.

Citizen reports she was stopped at a stop sign at Walden and Lincoln. When she was almost through the intersection, a bicycle hit her car on the driver’s side fender area minor damage.

Calling party reports that a light skinned male, 5’7”, brown spikey hair, black jacket slipped a note under her door that read, “I don’t mean to be creeping,” but I would like to have a relationship with you, I’m willing to pay. Please answer yes or no and slip note back under door. Officer spoke to person he read the note, nothing criminal, just asking to be in a relationship. Advised if it happens again or if he comes back to contact police immediately so they can speak with him.

Party called and wanted it noted that he spoke with councilman regarding parking outside of his residence it’s a 3-family and all units are handicap. Party explained to me that the councilman spoke to chief if police and got permission for vehicles to park in front during the s now emergencies. He has no paperwork stating this and just wanted it noted.

Tuesday, Dec. 3

Woman can’t get into her house, may be intoxicated. Homeowner forced entered into her own home, no issues.

Man turned in cell phone to manager at Larson Rink.

Daughter called wanting a wellness check on her mother due to poor living conditions and altered mental status. Unit spoke to party they are fine. Party stated sometimes their daughter over reacts.

Wednesday, Dec. 4

Party called to report stolen delivery item: Power Smokeless Grill – Tristar Product (approx. value $130.00). Ordered it late October; when she contacted company looking for delivery date, was told it had been delivered. Resident was told to contact FedEx.

White Male out front wearing blue sweatshirt stocking hat trying to get into the building. One in custody for disturbing the peace.

Alpha 4 enroute with male party in Action ambulance to the MGH. Cruiser will be following in the cruiser.

Caller can hear his female neighbor screaming and throwing things around the home. Has been going on for some time.

Party came into to report a hit and run which occurred this morning.

Caller states there is a big red pickup truck parked on the sidewalk causing all the kids to walk in the middle of the street no plate given. Unit reports the truck is blocking the driveway and not the sidewalk.

Caller states her ring doorbell is showing a bald male in a blue jacket with a red stripe going in people’s back yards in the area. She is not home but is getting video feed from her doorbell. Units report they checked the area. Male party is not there.

Party reports being harassed by an acquaintance from 20 years ago.

Person stating over$100 cash was taken from the Children’s Area. Would like an officer to come down. Report to follow.

Caller states his sister got sick in CVS earlier and she fell ill from the fumes they were using to clean a rug, he called CVS to get so me info and they would not give him any info.

Party came in about her daughter who is living with her. She wants her removed from the home. She was advised of her rights to seek her eviction through the court. Party also reports her daughter struck her son as she was watching him while she was at work. She would like to seek a hearing against her daughter.

Caller states a vehicle a small red car was doing circles with a party on top of the hood. They parked the car next to a white van. Just wants officer to check it out. Nothing showing motor vehicle as its engine cold and no one outside. Units Clear.

Friday, Dec. 6

Person stated he pulled a car over by flashing his headlights because he believed they may have been drinking. He would like a police to response to assist. Individual driving showed no signs of impairment just tired from a long day at work.

Saturday, Dec. 7

Party called from possibly Boston stating there was a domestic occurring inside the apartment. She was not on scene, would not give any names and said she was told this at a bar. She sounded intoxicated. Units report male party is there alone, no problems. Ongoing issue.

WPD was flagged down by a party regarding a past incident of a party walking his dogs off leash in the Deer Island area.

Sunday, Dec. 08

Party came into report his motor vehicle stolen.

Barking dogs, ongoing issue. Parties did not answer the door but a citation was left for the dogs. While on scene the dogs were let back inside but not contact made with the homeowner.

Party came in seeking assistance scheduling a time with his estranged wife that he could be escorted to pick up some belongings. No answer, message left for her to call the station so they can facilitate a peaceful process.

Monday, Dec. 9

All quiet.

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