Letters to the Editor

We Need A Strong, Fair Contract

Dear Editor,

Public schools have long been a hallmark of New England society. Our Commonwealth of Massachusetts possesses both the oldest law in North America requiring children to learn to read and write, and the oldest law in North America requiring that a municipality hire someone to educate them. Our public school system has long been ranked at the top of any list of the best in the United States. Despite this legacy of educational excellence, our schools are at a crossroads. The increasing cost of all levels of education and changing licensing requirements for teachers have thinned the ranks of professionals. Persistent lack of funding has limited the opportunities for students. 

The Winthrop Teacher’s Association, cognizant of our historical lineage and our vital importance, strives to provide the best education possible for all the children, past and present, of Winthrop. We seek equity in treatment, professional discretion in our planning and scheduling, and long term security for our members and their families. It is our opinion that these items are also in the interest of our students. A strong union binds strong educators, who help to create strong students. Strong students are the key to our future, both as a town and as a nation. We urge the Winthrop School Committee to settle a strong, fair contract as soon as possible, allowing us all to continue to the important work of building Winthrop’s next generation.

We appreciate the continued support of Winthrop Public Schools and by extension, the people of Winthrop.


WTA Executive Board

Thank You From WINARC

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank Roberta DiPierro and the Winthrop Elks for hosting their 40th annual WINARC Christmas Party. As chairperson for the event, Roberta and her events committee did a fantastic job in planning and preparing the party. Our special thanks go to Chris Daly, the Elks Exalted Leader, for securing funding for the event. Kudos to the Elks Emblem Club Ladies, Otto the cook, and the WHS football players for preparing and serving the food. Mr. and Mrs. Claus made a cameo appearance delivering gift bags for all, and Mojo entertained the crowd with his spirited singing and dancing.

Speaking as a board member of WINARC and a parent of a special needs child, I can’t begin to tell you how much Winthrop participants appreciate the fine work that you do. This is evidenced by the smiles on the faces of our members who were up dancing to Mojo’s singing, enjoying the tasty dinner, and delighting in the gifts in your Christmas bags.

The Elks Christmas party provides a venue where the WINARC participants can meet their friends, socialize, and dance together during the holiday season. It also gives an opportunity for parents, guardians, and group home workers to get together and communicate. Your party is considered a significant event in our calendar of activities, and we all look forward to it every year.

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish the Elks members a happy holiday season. This event captured the essence of the “Christmas Spirit”. The good will and joy that you brought to our group members and their families yesterday represents to me what Christmas is truly about.

Thank you,

Ralph Tufo

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