Police Blotter 09-26-2019

Monday, Sept. 16

Lost dog located in the area. Small black and white terrier. Will wait for officer to pick up.

Party came into police headquarters to report that she believes she has been scammed out of $1,600.

Assisting fire and medical with party possible altered mental.

Male refusal of going to his day program. Mother is taking him to primary care.

Report female passed out in motor vehicle. Police searched area didn’t find female party.

Male party banged his elbow while bus took a turn. 53-year-old male enroute to Mass. General by ambulance.

Female party is calling stating male party is threatening to hurt himself by lighting himself on fire. She stated she is going to be calling all night.

Tuesday, Sept. 17

Male spoke to units, no intent on harming himself.

Party states someone rang her doorbell. Wants in officer to come by and make sure no one is out there. Unit drove up and down the street several times. Clear.

Caller concerned white car blocking sidewalk, caller is afraid someone will get injured walking around car in street.

Female party was assaulted between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. would like to speak to an officer and file a report.

Party states two female parties in the backyard with flashlights. Could not get a description. Will speak to an officer. Units report woman lives at that address, she was looking for her cat.

Wednesday, Sept. 18

Well-being check. Party sleeping behind the wheel. Units report party was waiting for a friend.

Caller reports there is a cease-and-desist order for work being done on Shore Drive.

Caller stated he poisoned himself. Enroute to MGH by ambulance.

Shoplifting at 7-Eleven.

Caller states vehicle parked for 10 days. It is also partially blocking the road.

Male party came onto the CP property making weird statements. Then drove off the wrong way down Harborview towards Crystal Cove.  Male party handcuffed for safety.

Male in his 40s, red baseball cap headed towards Odyssey into Winthrop with a bleeding nose, looks distraught stated the caller. Male party was picked up by an unidentified motor vehicle and left the area.

Party came into report that party that was hired through the app WAGS to walk his dog used his car and got into an accident as there are scuffs and scratches down the passenger side of his car.

Caller states she hasn’t heard from her aunt in 10 days would like a well being check.

Caller stated he saw a male climb into a window of house. Units report they did a walk through of the vacant house. No one was in there. Will check next door.

Male party near golf course driving erratic driving over curbs and speeding. Heading towards Elks.

A male party came into the station to report someone sent him a text threatening his life unless he gave him money.

Party came in the check if someone turned in his wallet as he was walking around on Monday night.

Friday, Sept.19

Caller believes there are people who keep coming onto his porch and then leaving before he can see them. Requesting officer to check.

Party came in to retrieve his lost wallet.

Party reports her dog has gone missing. She described it as a five-pound Yorkshire terrier with dog tags last seen in the Pleasant Stret vicinity. Dog located on Adams St.

Assist medical with mailman who found party on ground in house. Transported to MGH.

Party reports her neighbors are harassing her.

Caller states he can hear a female party yelling from the Chase Condominiums. Caller states the female party was screaming “Help I do not want to die.” Units checked apartment and spoke with other parties. Nothing showing.

Grandmother called in stating she has been trying to get in contact with her granddaughter all day and has not been able to. She did try by and attempt to speak to her and the daughter’s boyfriend would not come out to speak to her. She is concerned for her granddaughters well being.

Saturday, Sept. 21

On the beach by the green bars for people being loud. Group was moved along.

Motor vehicle got hit by another car, fled scene towards Winthrop Center.

Party called and stated that he was concerned for his friend’s well being. He did not know where his friend is at the moment. The family stated they did not want police at this time.

Caller stated he is trying to retrieve his vehicle from his ex-girlfriend. He would like an officer to assist to avoid an argument.

Male party in the dumpster beside the Yacht Club on Shirley St. Party checks out.

Sunday, Sept. 22

Person stated he hears a weird noise in his backyard – it sounded like someone drilling something. He would like an officer to come by. Officer searched and nothing showing.

White Honda parked on the street with doors open caller is concerned it may have been broken into. Spoke to owner whom stated she came home late and left the door open.

Squirrel’s head stuck in shopping cart wheel since last night on the porch. Off duty fire fighter helped assist getting squirrels head out. Cleared.

Male party spraying aerosol out of his window and staring at it with a mirror. Officer spoke to all parties involved. Peace restored.

Walk in at station reported that their parent with Alzheimer’s left the house 20 minutes ago. BOLO was given to surrounding cities and towns. The reporting party called back and report they have missing family member.

Person states a male party tried to gain entry of a house. Climbed up a fire escape and fell. Male party possibly under the influence. Male being transported to the Whidden. Was not breaking and entering party got permission from his mother.

Monday, Sept. 23

Party being loud around a fire pit. Unit spoke to parties, they will be wrapping it up for the night.

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