Police Blotter 09-18-2019

Monday, Sept. 2

Calling party on Undine Avenue states there is a lot of construction work and powering tools making a lot of noise in the area. 91 states a homeowner and contractor are doing work, Both parties were spoken to and they were very cooperative and were going to wrap it up for the day.

Party found an iPhone on Yirrell Beach.

Caller on Sagamore Avenue states a neighbor called her at work and stated an old tenant is roaming around the home and she is scared he may try to get in. Unit reports the tenant has all their stuff on the sidewalk and was waiting for a moving truck.

Party from Washington Avenue came into the station to report being verbally costed by her downstairs neighbors. She states they are squatters and are being evicted by the landlord. She wanted this logged in case of future occurrences.

Watertown PD is trying to get in contact with a male party at Governors Park. An officer is asking for their assistance and wanted a unit to go see if that male party is home. Unit reports they did not speak to the male party. They could hear a TV and tried to call the party. A note was left with the number and officer’s name in Watertown.

Tuesday, Sept. 3

Noise complaint on Myrtle Avenue. This is an ongoing issue between neighbors. Very minimal noise coming from the back yard of the home but party was advised to take it inside for the night.

Party states that there is a car parked in the high school parking lot on the middle school side with its hazard lights on. Caller finds this suspicious. Vehicle is unoccupied, but possible mechanical issue.

Party came in to report her 14-year-old daughter missing. BOLO given to all units, surrounding towns and cities and the State Police. Units off on multiple streets checking for whereabouts of missing girl. Coast Guard helicopter is on the scene, as well as Environmental Police to assist with a tracking dog. 95 and 93 spoke to employees of Cumberland and 7-Eleven and they did to see anyone with the description. They will review the cameras. 94 spoke to tree workers. They said about an hour ago, they saw someone that looked similar to the description walk through (River Road side). They stated the person was possibly wearing a dark shirt and jeans.

Party came in to retrieve her iPhone which was turned in yesterday.

School called to report a white male in the area that they had asked to leave but is still loitering in the area. 91 spoke with the subject who resides in the area and advised him of the school’s concerns.

Party came in to report receiving a call from Social Security regarding her SSN and requested money. She was advised it is a scam because Social Security would not call asking for money.

Dispatch called with possible information regarding the missing juvenile. Sgt. Dalrymple forwarded the information to the Chief and Lt. Det. Rogers for follow-up.

Wednesday, Sept. 4

Party found a Commonwealth of Massachusetts Disabled Persons Parking Identification Placard and turned it over to Detail Off. Freeman. 91 will attempt to locate the subject t the local address. 91 reports party no longer resides in town.

Report of a small black dog with pink collar running around Trident Avenue. BOLO given to units.

Party called to report a known female party is harassing her by calling the WPD and the WHA requesting a well being check. She report she is drug and alcohol free and doesn’t require anyone checking on her. She was advised of her right if the issue continues.

Report of a black motor vehicle running with keys and is blocking female in on Crest Avenue. The vehicle is being moved.

91 came across a motor vehicle accident at Revere andLocust Street. It was a minor accident and papers were exchanged.

Caller on Putnam Street states that her debit card has been gone and money has been drained from her account. She believes it to be her nephew. The subject is not on the premises, but a criminal complaint will be issued against him for larceny.

Parties at Short Beach parking lot have been notified that the parking lot is closed upon sundown.

Female on Hermon Street called to report threat but does to want an officer to come by her home. She stated she would go to headquarters in the morning and speak to an officer.

Thursday, Sept. 5

Units off with two female individuals who seemed drunk. Units spoke to parties whom just returned from the Red Sox game and are returning home to Lincoln Street.

A passerby at Shore Drive and Moore Street called to state a male, extremely drunk, on the side walk beach side. State Police also notified and will be responding as well. Units checked the entire length of Shore Drive and the surrounding streets as well as the beach itself with nothing showing.

Boston Pd requesting unit to assist in serving a warrant to subject on Maryland Avenue. Boston unable to make contact.

Caller onHarvard Street states that his wife is moving out of her parents’ home and they are throwing out her belongings. He states an officer had come down before and told them they could not throw out her property. He requests an officer. Party received their belongings back and are going to leave the area.

Party on Sea Foam Avenue states that her husband’s motor vehicle’s back window is shattered and believes it to be vandalism.

Caller at Morton and Read Street states that teenagers are vandalizing the new gazebo. Teenagers are not vandalizing but are hanging out under the gazebo and found 94C. Units will notify DPW about trespassing. 91 will secure that entrance with tape.

Unit off with one individual at the gazebo at Morton and Read streets. Juvenile was advised to head back home.

Demetri Brothers Liquor is holding a female back from driving and she is drunk. A courtesy ride was given to her back to her house on Shirley Street.

Report of a female screaming inside house on Cottage Avenue. Also dogs are barking. 91 confirms that the screams are coming from Prospect. Screams for help was confirmed by the husband who said his wife saw a mouse in the house.

Tow company is trying to tow a vehicle from Main Street, but the car owner is lying in the street hanging onto the vehicle. The individual finally allowed the repo, but claims to have been injured on his right foot during the repo. The party was offered EMS but refused.

Friday, Sept. 6

Caller on Veterans Road states that he hears yelling from a woman saying, “get off of me.” Units made context with the caller and will enter the home to make sure everything is in order. It was a family disturbance over a recent death. Peace was restored.

Report of a construction company cutting cement sending dust in the air on Winthrop Street. 94 spoke to the male who will cease cutting the cement. He was informed that the next time, cover it.

Party on Shirley Street states that the apartment below her has the door open and she knocked but no answer. She is concerned for whoever lives there. Everything is fine. The resident is inside.

Report that a motor vehicle is going in and out of traffic at Revere Street and Kennedy Road. 91 could not stop it. He will send a citation via the mail.

Unit off with  party on Woodside Avenue. Party is all set. He was on the phone getting their friend in Revere an ambulance.

Neighbor at Governors Park states another neighbor is banging on the ceiling. Officer spoke to the party.

Banging continues at Governors Park. Units attempted to knock on the door multiple times, no answer.

Ac all came in and a fax for a probation warrant for temporary custody to detain subject on Ocean View Street. Subject failed to keep his GPS tracking device charged.

Caller on Seal Harbor Road states she would like officers to come and search the building for a friend who has previously harassed and assaulted her. Unit was asked to check the well-being of the caller. Unit also advised the caller she has no concrete evidence of the situation.

Party on Harvard Street is requesting an officer retrieve illegal fireworks from her home. 91 retrieved the items.

Saturday, Sept. 7

Units off attempting to serve RO to subject on Ocean View Street. 91 stated the subject isn’t home. They spoke to the girlfriend and she does not know where he is at this time. She was advised to let him know that unit tried to serve.

Report that a male party is drunk an causing a disturbance on Atlantic Street. Units spoke to caller and she stated it was her boyfriend that showed up drunk. He was driving a blue Honda. She was advised to call back if he returns. Units will check the area for that motor vehicle.

Caller on Loring Road reports that a town tree came down and landed on his car. This happened over night. DPW notified.

Report of a breaking and entering in progress on Quincy Avenue. Subject has came hoodie and black backpack. He hopped into house through back deck. This was called in by neighbor. Units clear. Party resides at that address and forgot his keys.

Female party banging on the ceiling at Governors Park. Units clear. Units did a walkthrough and attempted to make contact with the party. No answer and building appears to be quiet.

Transfer from Boston. Female party yelling asking for help. Units off in the marina on Shirley Street. Units clear, unable to locate the female party. Units checked the boats and spoke to property manager. Nothing showing.

Report of loud music on Banks Street. Female states this is an ongoing issue. Reports possible 94C as well. Units clear, music has been turned down and peace restored.

Female from Buchanan Street came to the station to report that her sister is missing. Missing persons report was filed through NCIC.

Caller on Revere Street states that three males were sitting out front of his business. The owner asked them to move along. They are now calling his business line and harassing him. Unit unable to locate the subjects.

Sunday, Sept. 8

Fire and medical requested for an intoxicated male party on Pearl Avenue. This is the second time this subject has fallen asleep in their hallway. This is an ongoing occurrence. Fire on the scene and 91 checking that address to see if anyone is home. Party declined medical. Units will help the party to his address. The family was made aware and will take care of the party.

Unit assisted fire/medical with female party who fell at the Public Landing. Female fell going from the sidewalk to the grass. No defects on the ground that she could have fallen from.

Calling party on Summit Avenue has a disturbance with his two roommates. Peace was restored between the roommates. Parties will go their separate way for the day.

Caller on Myrtle Avenue states that her neighbor’s dog has been barking for several hours. This is an ongoing issue. No signs of a barking dog in the area.

Report that at the bottom of Upland Road there is a no parking here to the corner sign. There is a black pickup truck with no plate obstructing the view to make the turn.

Caller at Governors Park stated that the landlord’s wife is in the apartment harassing the caller. Caller stated that his landlord (male party) and the landlord’s wife are now in the parking lot. Units clear, peace restored. It was a dispute over some damaged items.

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